What Color Temperature Is Best For Garage Lighting

What Color Temperature is Best for Garage Lighting?

If you are planning to overhaul your garage, then playing around with the lighting helps yield satisfactory results. Choosing the right color temperature for your garage depends on how you want it to look. But it all boils down to its kelvin range. Ideally, a range between 5000 to 7000 kelvin is best suited for garages in today’s time.

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There are plenty of ways to light your garage. And setting the temperature is the icing of the cake to create an atmosphere. If you are looking for tips and tricks about all things garage lighting temperature, then this article is for you. That said, continue to read on. 

Color Temperature Best for Garage Lighting
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Why is it so important?

So what’s the deal of lighting temperature, you ask? We all know that it sets the mood and ambiance for an indoor setting. And in the case of a garage, it helps you to do some workspace stuff efficiently during night time. 

The warmer the temperature, the easier for you to look for things because it doesn’t contrast too much in your garage. Colder temperatures also work well depending on the environment, especially for offices.

Choosing the Right Lighting Temperature For Your Garage

Color Temperature Best for Garage Lighting
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Light temperature is measured by kelvin. The higher the number, the cooler the color temperature will be. The lower the number, the warmer it gets. 

1. 2000 to 4000 kelvin

This measurement is warmer color temperature. It emits orange to yellowish lights that can be pleasing but difficult for the eyes.

Not to mention, your garage will look old school with this temperature setting. Most incandescent lights back in the days have this color temperature setting. 

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2. 4500 to 5800 kelvin

This one has a mixture of both cool and warm color temperatures. It doesn’t look too warm nor too cool either. It’s a balance between the two-color tones making it easy for the eyes. This temperature setting is perfect for your garage, especially when it’s around 5200 kelvin.

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3. 6000 to 8000 kelvin

This color temperature setting is heading towards bluer cooler tones. It starts from being pure white until it gradually turns into light blue. This may also work well depending on the size and structure of your garage. It’s also easy for the eyes but may feel too bright in some instances.

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So what should you choose for your garage?

With all these different color temperature measurements, choosing the right color temperature is no easy feat. But we highly recommend going for the 4500 to 5800-kelvin measurement because of its balanced nature. 

This setting is crisp, clear, and doesn’t feel too straining for the eyes. This enables you to be more productive in your garage workspace even during nighttime without hurting your eyes. However, you can also experiment too depending on how you want to use such lights. 

For example, if you are working in your garage on a stormy afternoon, a warmer 3000-kelvin temperature will do best to keep you going. This is because it complements the weather outside is dark and gloomy. 

If you are working early in the morning, opt for cooler temperatures to match the mood and the ambiance of your surroundings. Whatever it might be, you have the freedom to adjust the temperature as you see fit. As long as it doesn’t hurt your eyes, then you’re good!

Tips In Buying Garage Lighting

Color Temperature Best for Garage Lighting
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Setting temperature measurement aside, choosing the right lighting for your garage also plays a vital role too. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

1. Buy based on your garage size

The larger the garage, the more light it needs. Don’t just settle for single overhead lighting to light up the entirety of your garage. You may need to buy more so don’t be afraid to stretch your budget a little bit.

2. The price tag is not what it seems

Should you opt for cheap lighting or expensive ones? This is the greatest dilemma one can face when choosing the right lighting, especially for garages. So don’t be fooled just by its price tag alone. 

Just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean some of them are high-quality. The same thing can be said for affordable ones where some of them are compromised to fit the price.

3. Choose a brand you can trust

This tip is connected to the second one above. Instead of buying garage lighting based on its price, choose one by its brand. So make sure to opt for a lighting brand that is already known and trusted by a lot of users no matter the price.

And this is why research plays a vital role when buying garage lighting. Not only will it make you a smart buyer, but you’re also doing your garage a favor by picking a light source that will last longer. 

4. Energy-saving lights are a must

If you don’t want to be bombarded with skyrocketing electric bills, then choose lights for your garage that are energy-saving.

It’s easy to spot which lights save more energy. More often than not, manufacturers will put a label on their packaging saying that it saves more energy compared to its competitors. 

What’s best is that these energy-saving lights are also good for the environment too. This means you will reduce your carbon footprint while keeping your garage well-lit at the same time. Don’t you just love sprucing up your garage while saving our mother earth while you’re at it? 

5. Functionality

And lastly, the functionality. Different lights have different functions. Aside from its ability to change the temperature, some lights also have automatic timers too. This means these lights only turn on when there’s a person inside the room. 

What’s best is that there are also smart lights available in the market as well. These smart lights can be controlled using your smartphone with the help of an app.

But keep in mind that they are costlier compared to regular lights. But if you can stretch your budget then go for it! Your garage will thank you later.