Top 10 Adjustable Garage Gym Benches To Buy In 2020

10 Top Adjustable Garage Gym Weight Benches to Buy

There are four essential components that a home garage gym includes. It includes a barbell, squat rack, weight plates, and the last but not the least adjustable benches. It is one of the essential components because it serves you various purposes. Adjustable benches in the garage gym can be used for weightlifting, pull-ups, push-ups, and many more.

10 Best-Selling Adjustable Garage Gym Weight Benches

In such cases, buying an adjustable bench for garage gym is still a dream for many gym enthusiasts. But possessing such dreams sometimes may be overwhelming. It is because buying an adjustable bench involves a lot of hassles. There are a lot of specs that can make it tedious. Thus, here is a guide that will help you choose the best adjustable gym bench

Reviews of 10 Top Rated Adjustable Garage Gym Weight Benches

1. Rep AB-5200 FI Adjustable Bench

Rep is one of the toughest competitors to all others when it comes to an adjustable or flat bench. This bench is quite a rare product. It is one of the benches that have been created after the success of FB-5000. The most interesting features of this bench are:

Rep AB-5200 FI Adjustable Bench
Image Credits: repfitness
  • It provides an IPF approved height of 17 inches.
  • It has grippy vinyl that ensures proper friction and prevents slipping of the body.
  • The front post of these benches allows the feet to be pushed underneath during the bench press work out.

In addition, this bench also uses a ladder-style adjustment with laser-cut numbers. The details on the handle and logo will impress you. 

2. Rogue AB-3 Adjustable Bench

The Rogue AB-3 Adjustable Bench is an exception FID bench to have in your garage gym. It has all three settings in it. That means you can incline, decline, and keep it flat as per your need. It also has a leg roller attachment in it. It provides a smoother experience while working out. This adjustable bench uses premium material. This is what makes this bench more durable. It also has some features like:

Rogue AB-3 Adjustable Bench
Image Credits: roguefitness
  • Grippy vinyl top with ultra-density foam
  • 11 gauge steel made in USA.
  • Offers you 18 inches of height from the ground. 

This is the best adjustable bench for bodybuilding. Thus, if you want to upgrade your adjustable bench, you can consider it for buying. 

3. REP AB-5000 Zero Gap Adjustable Bench

Rep has taken every spot when it comes to the best or runners up. You can find it tedious to choose between AB-5000 and AB-5200. But the AB-5000 may cost you a little more in terms of features. It is because there are various features that you may not need or need often. 

REP AB-5000 Zero Gap Adjustable Bench
Image Credits: repfitness

AB-5000 is one of the toughest gym benches that has a capacity of 1,000 pounds. This is the best capacity as compared to any other. It provides you a height of 17.5 inches from the ground and includes a lot of adjustment angles. Some other features of AB-5000 are:

  • It has a foot roller attachment for decline sit-ups.
  • It offers you wheel and handles for better accessibility.
  • Zero gap features that adjust forward and backward to remove any gaps.

4. Prime Adjustable Bench

If money is not a considering factor for you, and you want the best adjustable gym bench, then Prime Fitness adjustable bench is just the one that you need. This bench includes all those features that a high-end bench should include. Some of its unavoidable features are:

Prime Adjustable Bench
Image Credits: primefitnessusa
  • Multiple attachments to lock into a rack.
  • Supports decline press/Abs work out.
  • Wings attachments for preacher curls.

Besides, the bench also includes laser cut numbers on the ladder system. It also offers you premium vinyl and foam padding. The lights on the bench will also surprise you. It is one of the best adjustable benches that will meet all your needs. However, the price is the only obstacle to buy. 

5. Iron Master Super Bench

Ironmaster Super Bench is one of those underrated adjustable benches that has not gained any limelight. It offers you a maximum weight capacity of 1000 pounds. It has eleven angle adjustments and has a multitude of attachments.

Iron Master Super Bench
Image Credits: Ironmaster

However, this adjustable bench has some cons. As it is an adjustable budget bench, you may find a cheaper vinyl shell, and most essentially, a height of 20 inches. Apart from these features, The Iron Master Super Bench is an exceptionally adjustable bench in the budget. 

6. WF Athletic Supply Adjustable Weight Bench

MaxKare Adjustable Weight Bench is a no adjustable gap bench for garage gym. This adjustable weight bench is best for small spaces. It offers you seven adjustable declination angles and three adjustable inclination angles. You can also position it flat for abs work. If you are a heavy weight lifter, then this might be the best option for you. Besides, this adjustable bench also has a weighing capacity of 882 pounds. However, you may not find many foams in this bench. 

8. CAP Barbell Bench

This adjustable bench has a simple design. CAP Barbell Benches comes four adjustable positions. It is a flat incline and decline bench. You can position the bench as per your need. But it only offers you four adjustment angles. The most interesting feature about this bench is it has a dumbbell holder attached to it. It offers you easy access to weight while lifting it.

CAP Barbell Bench
Image Credits: capbarbell

The bench also provides you foam covered hand grips. These hand grips offer you maximum friction while working out. However, this adjustable bench offers you a weight capacity of 300 pounds, which can be the only cons of this bench.

9. XMark Adjustable Dumbbell Weight Bench

XMark Adjustable Dumbbell Weight Bench is designed for all the heavy lifters. One of the best features of this bench is it offers you a maximum weight capacity in this list. It has a weighing capacity of 1500 pounds. So, if you are a bulk lifter, you will find this bench durable for your work out. Besides, it has seven decline angle adjustments, and three incline adjustments. The bench has three inches extra Dura craft vinyl padding that offers you smoothness while working out. 

10. Bowflex 3.1 Adjustable Weight Benches

Bowflex Weight Benches is one of those best adjustable benches that get top marks for its durability and stability. It is FID adjustable bench that is the best choice for the price. It has a padded leg test and multiple angle adjustments as per your need. The vinyl foam on these benches is denser. It looks bold in the combination of black and red. 

Types of Adjustable Gym Benches

There are two type adjustable gym benches used in garage gym. It includes:

  • Flat to incline bench
  • Flat Incline Decline Bench

1. Flat to Incline Benches

These are the type of gym benches that usually do not have the decline settings. It means the lowest that it can go to is flat/zero degrees. But it does have multiple higher inclination settings. You can adjust the inclination as per your requirement. 

2. Flat Incline Decline Benches

These are the types of adjustable gym benches that have the settings of both inclination and declination. You can incline the height of the bench as well as decline it as per your need. The FID benches can decline up to 80 degrees. 

Features to Consider While Buying An Adjustable Gym Bench

If you are looking to own the best workout bench for home gym, you should start with the features. It will help you classify Prime Adjustable bench. Here are some factors to consider.

1. What features do you need?

Choosing an adjustable bench for garage gym is one of the most tedious jobs. But you can make it easier if you know what you want. You should be very careful about inclination and declination setting that you want. You should check whether the size of the adjustable gym is suitable for your garage gym. 

Another essential element that you should acknowledge is the capacity of the bench. You can check the specs to see what capacity it can bear. 

2. Quality is what matters!

Quality is an essential element to consider while buying an adjustable gym bench. Most of the buyers attracted to the cheapest deal. But you would never want to injure yourself in your workout session for a failure bench. Thus, you should get the best quality when it comes to adjustable gym benches.

3. Installation

Installation is another factor to consider while buying an adjustable bench for the garage gym. The bench should easily fit into the small space of your garage. It should not create hassle during an intense workout. Thus, it would be best if you check the reviews and specs before buying an adjustable gym bench. 


Wrapping up, these were some of the best adjustable benches to buy in 2020. Now that you know the specs, it would be easier to find out the best adjustable bench for the garage gym. 

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