The Best Wine Cellar For Garage

The Best Wine Cellar for Garage: Store Your Wine Well and See It Age into a Tasty Wine Full of Aroma

So, apparently, most people store their wines wrongly. Right? While red wines are served at room temperatures, white wines are chilled in the refrigerator. Unfortunately, these storage methods are not right.

5 Best-Selling Wine cellar for garage

The mark of any serious wine drinker is a wine cellar. To preserve their tastes and make them age flawlessly, wines are supposed to be stored at a particular temperature.

Without a good wine cellar or cooler, you are missing out on the best wine-drinking experience. If you are looking for the best wine cellar for the garage, these top 5 will provide you with a place to start.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Wine cellar for garage

1. Ivation Stainless Steel 12 Bottle Wine Cooler

Ivation Premium Stainless Steel ( Freestanding Refrigerator Glass Door Quiet Operation Fridge)
Product Highlights:
  • wine cooler (wine cellar / wine chiller) a must have: the only way to protect the quality and taste of your wines long or short term, and ensure it ages at a consistent level, the wine has to be stored in the correct environment and consistent temperature, (ideally in the range of 55° f) this free standing innovative wine cooler will protect your red or white wine, preserving its quality and rich flavors, so you could enjoy its real taste to the fullest.
  • perfect stable temperature: the ivation cooler enables you to store your wines short & long term in a consistent stable temp environment, and allows you to customize the temp to one that creates an ideal climate for your wines ageing process (range 50º – 64ºf (10º – 18ºc), therefore bringing out the true characteristics and full flavor of your wines in the long-term.
  • humidity, minimal light: insulated with solid polyurethane heavy foam (cfc-free) & closed with thermopane doors that are tempered smoked, to ensure an interior odor-free environment that maintains constant humidity, keeping the cork from drying out, thus preventing more air to come into contact with the wine, also to ensure darkness, blocking out sunlight and harmful uv rays that breaks down the complex molecules that create the special flavors in properly aged wines.
  • no vibration & super quiet: specially built with an energy-efficient thermoelectric cooling system with no compressor, to minimize the vibration effect and noise, allowing your wine to age and settle properly, with no disturbance to its natural occurring sediments.

As one of the best wine cellars out there, Ivation Bottle Wine Cooler will offer the best way to store your wine and protect its quality and taste in the long run.

Providing a temperature range of 55 degrees, this free-standing cellar will protect your red and white wine so you could enjoy its flavor.

Whether you want to store your wine for the short or long run, it provides a consistent stable temperature. You can also customize the temperature to the right one and bring out the true characteristics of your wine.

Insulated with solid polyurethane heavy foam, it ensures there is an interior odor-free environment. It will also prevent the cork from drying out thus preventing more air from getting into contact with the wine.

Super quiet and with no vibration, this is the ideal cellar for your garage.

2 .BLACK+DECKER BD60016 Wine Cellar

BLACKDECKER 6 Bottle Wine ( Triple Pane Clear Glass Door, BD60016)
Product Highlights:
  • 6 bottle storage: store up to 6 bottles of your favorite vino with this 17.6-lb. space-saving small wine cellar. our black+decker small wine fridge (9.7" x 19.8" x 14.9") also includes 2 chrome full-length racks and convenient interior light.
  • preserve your wine: for wine to maintain its taste, quality and even color it must be stored at a consistent temperature. enjoy delicious-tasting wine preserved in an ideal climate.
  • thermoelectric cooling: energy-efficient, quiet and efficient are just a few words to describe this powerful thermoelectric cooling wine fridge. small wine cooler ranges in temperature from 46° to 65°. ideal for your favorite bottles!
  • clear triple pane glass door: the triple pane glass door on this digital wine cooler maintains consistent temperature for optimal wine storage.
  • guaranteed satisfaction: black+decker products come with a one-year warranty for parts and labor, so you can feel confident with your purchase. this small wine cooler is etl safety certified.

Featuring a clear triple pane glass, this space-saving wine cellar has a capacity of up to 6 bottles of wine. To maintain a consistent temperature for optimal storage, it has a triple-pane glass door.

As compared to other cellars, it has a thermoelectric cooling system that makes it quiet. Operating at a temperature range of 46-65 degrees, you can rest assured your wine will come out well.

Featuring a LED display and electronic temperature control, you can always store your wine at the ideal temperature.

Featuring a compact design, it has a space-saving flat-back design with two full-width wine racks for safely storing your wine bottles. It also comes with convenient interior lighting that you can use to get what you want.

To provide you with guaranteed satisfaction, it boasts a 1-year warranty for labor and parts. In case of anything, you can get in touch with the company.

3. Kalamera – 40 Bottle Wine Cooler

Kalamera Wine Cooler ( Interior Light And Temperature Memory Function)
Product Highlights:
  • ★stores 40 wine bottles: holds your collection of up to 40 bottles of your favorite wine in different size, and is only affected when having larger bottle, like pinot or champagne. it's the perfect choice for the wine lover having various wine collection.
  • ★user-friendly control: provides options for internal lighting, fahrenheit temperature reading, and easy led display control!
  • ★french-door style: stainless steel and glass doors open in the center to reveal each wine zone area.
  • ★dual zone thermostat: keep wine perfectly chilled, according to wine variety and optimal temperature, by placing in different zones in the cooler!
  • ★built in alarm: alarm beeps and led display glows if door is not properly closed, protecting your wine collection from temperature fluctuations! ★any further information needed before purchasing, you could contact our customer service.

Capable of storing up to 40 bottles of wine, this is one of the best wine cellars out there. Since it gives you a huge collection of bottles, you can easily choose the one you want to take.

Fitted with user-friendly controls, it provides options for temperature, internal lighting, and easy LED display control.

Having a French door style made of glass and stainless steel, it opens at the center to allow you to choose the wine you have. With its dual-zone thermostat, you can keep your wine perfectly chilled by placing them in different zones of the cooler.

It also has a built-in alarm system that beeps and LED displays that glow in case the door is not closed well. This will help you protect your wine from temperature fluctuations.

4. Wine Enthusiast VinoView 155-Bottle Wine Cellar

Wine Enthusiast VinoView 155Bottle ( Built-In Wine Refrigerator)
Product Highlights:
  • showcase your wine - sleek in design with state-of-the-art compressor cooling performance, the patent pending matrix shelf design creates a great way to display your favorite wines and easily view your entire collection.
  • holds up to 155 bottles - a unique interlocking racking system will hold up to 155 ‘standard†bordeaux sized bottles. if your collection consists of non-standard bordeaux-size bottles, your maximum capacity may be reduced slightly.
  • perfect for any decor - features double pane glass door with uv protection, black glass exterior door with black trim, black cabinet, complete with cool led display lighting.
  • free standing or built in - designed for free standing installation or can be build-in or recess into cabinetry. place your fridge on a flat, solid floor that is strong enough to support it when it is fully loaded.
  • quick & effective cooling - features an adjustable thermostat that can be set 40-72 f; providing ideal storing conditions for reds and whites, and optimum serving conditions for most whites. dimensions: 23.5"w x 26.8"d x 72.3"h

If you want to showcase your wine in a sleek design with state of the art cellar, Wine Enthusiast VinoView 155-Bottle Wine Cellar is the perfect unit for you. With its patent-pending matrix, it will create a great way to store and display your wine.

What sets it apart is that it can hold up to 155 bottles of wine! Featuring a unique interlocking racking system, you can comfortably store all your wine collection.

Equipped with a double pane glass door, UV protection, black cabinet, and LED display lighting, this cellar is suitable for any décor.

Whether you are looking for a free-standing or built-in cellar for your garage, this is the right option. You can also place it on a flat solid floor that’s strong enough.

Moreover, with its adjustable thermostat, it will provide you with ideal storage conditions for all types of wines.

5. Wine Enthusiast Classic 70 Dual Zone Wine Cellar

Wine Enthusiast Classic 70 ( Zone Wine Cellar)
Product Highlights:
  • an economical solution for wine storage - whether you’re looking for a starter cellar or really dependable storage, our classic black is the economical solution! the 70 bottle dual zone, free standing cabinet is highly effective, protecting your investments with high quality wine storage technology. this is perfect wine cellar to have in the pantry, basement or family room.
  • quick & effective dual zone compressor cooling - this unit features an adjustable thermostat that can be set 41° f to 68° f; a temperature range of 46-66°f provides ideal storing conditions for reds and whites, and optimum serving conditions for most whites.
  • the perfect cooler for any decor - features triple pane glass door with uv protection, black full glass exterior door and black cabinet, complete with cool blue led lighting.
  • holds up to 70 standard bordeaux sized bottles - the wine cellar will hold up to 70 ‘standard’ bordeaux sized bottles. if up to half of your collection consists of non-standard bordeaux-size bottles, your maximum capacity may be reduced.
  • free standing only. dimensions - height: 40-4/5", width: 23 - 1/5", depth without handle: 24-4/5".

Wine Enthusiast Classic wine cellar will provide you with an economical solution for your wine storage. Whether you are looking for dependable storage or a starter cellar, this classic black cellar is the way to go.

As a 70 capacity free-standing cabinet, it’s highly effective in protecting your wine with high-quality storage technology. It’s, therefore, the perfect cellar to have in your family room or garage.

With its quick and effective dual-zone compressor, it will provide you with ideal storing conditions for your red and white wines.

Equipped with a black full glass exterior door, triple-pane glass door, and black cabinet, it’s suitable for any décor.

It also allows you to choose from diamond, grid, drawer, or shelf racks. It’s, therefore, the perfect storage to tuck away your wine for safekeeping.

Buying Guide

1. Location

This is one of the most important things to consider when looking for the best wine cellar for your garage. You need to ask yourself whether your garage has enough space or not. If your garage is small, choose one with a space-saving design.

2. Know Your Needs

The use of the cellar generally depends on your drinking requirements. Will you consume your wine immediately or store it for several months or years? Do you want to age them so you can serve them at the right temperature? By thinking along this line, you’ll end up with the right cellar.

3. Consider the Capacity

While this is a simple requirement, it’s very important. Since wine cellars come in different sizes once you know how many bottles you want to keep, you’ll end up with the right size.

4. Type of the Door

If your wine cellar has a solid door, you can make it fit in any environment.  Solid doors provide complete darkness that allows your wine to age in the best conditions. Glass doors will also allow you to display your wines while shielding them from UV rays.

5. Installation

Free-standing cellars do not require any installation hence they can be installed anywhere in the garage. So if you don’t have the skills they are the right cellars to choose.

6. Cost

Cellars come in different prices and sizes. Having said that, choose one based on your budget. Whatever the budget you have, you can rest assured you’ll get a good one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I keep my wine cellar in the garage?

Before keeping your cellar in the garage make sure it has a strong compressor system to ensure a consistent temperature. Avoid installing your cellar outdoors unless it’s specifically meant for outdoor use.

What makes a good wine cellar?

A good wine cellar should be dark and closed. It should also be well ventilated to avoid any musty smells that could contaminate the bottles.

Are wine cellars worth it?

Given that cellars are designed to protect your wine from environmental conditions, they are very important. If you want your wine to age well and taste better, investing in a good cellar is worth it.

Can wine cellar improve the value of my home?

Just like other lifestyle-based inclusions, a good wine cellar can significantly improve the value of your home. As an emotional driver, it will attract buyers who would have otherwise not be interested.


Those are the best wine cellars for garage. Since the garage is different you need to look choose a cellar with a strong compressor system. You also need to know its size so you can settle on the right size. By reading this review you’ll have an idea about the best wine cellar to choose from. Good luck!