The Best Wall Mount Vacuum For Garage

The Best Wall Mount Vacuum for Garage: Keep Your Garage Clean without Taking up Too Much Floor Space

If what you keep is anything to go by, your garage is perhaps the dirtiest places. From tools to bicycles, boxes to cars, all these things can leave it dirty and dusty. 

5 Best-Selling Wall Mount Vacuum for Garage

Fortunately, with the best wall mount vacuum for garage, you can keep your garage sparkling clean throughout the year.

Besides being powerful, these vacuums do not occupy a lot of space. Fitted with extension wands and a long hose, you can use them to reach any corner of your garage.

Versatile in nature, you can use them to clean other parts of your home. With our reviews and buying guide, you’ll end up with the best cleaner.  Jump in to check them out

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Wall Mount Vacuum for Garage

1. VacuMaid GV50PRO Mounted Garage and Car Vacuum

VacuMaid GV50PRO Wall Mounted ( 50 Ft. Hose And Tools.)
Product Highlights:
  • includes 50' hose, hanger, caddy, wands, dusting brush, and floor/upholstery tools
  • galvannealed steel and powder-coated for corrosion-resistant lifetime use. 7 gallon dirt capacity.
  • big 5.7" ametek lamb motor, up to 75% more life than comparative brands.
  • sealed hepa-style bag - no messy cans to empty or filters to clean
  • this system mounts quickly & easily to the wall eliminating tipping over

Featuring a 15-amp motor, VacuMaid GV50PRO is one of the most powerful garage vacuums out there. Although it’s a bit costly, it’s worth it.

Coming with a crushproof 50-foot hose, it can easily cover your garage and extend to your car in the driveway. Since it’s easy to empty and replace the canister, you’ll not help but love it.

It also has a HEPA rated cleaning system that’s easy to clean. With its wide range of extensions and smaller tools for cleaning range crevices, this is the right tool for you.

Plus, it has a 5-year warranty to give you the confidence that it will serve you for long. Given that this is the longest warranties, there is no doubt it will serve you well.

2. Armour All Utility AA255, 2.5 Gallon Vacuum

Armor All AA255 ( Shop Vacuum , Orange)
Product Highlights:
  • 2.5 gallon polypropylene tank
  • 2 peak hp motor
  • 10 ft. cord with cord wrap
  • blower function – easy conversion
  • on-board accessory & hose storage

As compared to others, Armour All Utility is an all utility vacuum made to withstand all the rough handling. It also has a 2 peak HP motor that provides enough suction and picks all the dirt and debris.

Small and portable, it’s equipped with a 2.5-gallon canister that auto shuts to prevent any blowbacks. Although it’s small in size, it’s fitted with a 6-foot hose and 10-foot cord to make it functional and versatile.

With just the click of a button, you can convert it into a blower machine and remove all the debris and leaves from your doorway and other awkward places.

Plus, it’s fitted with specialist cleaning accessories for your car thus making it one of the most versatile cleaners in the market today.

3. Vacmaster VWM510 Wet/Dry Vacuum

Vacmaster VWM510 5Gallon 5 ( Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum , Blue)
Product Highlights:
  • 2-stage motor for powerful suction and quiet operation
  • complete vac organization with on-board hose, cord and accessory storage
  • 20-foot cord with cord storage
  • 41-foot cleaning reach with hoses and power cord
  • included accessories: 11' x 1-7/8" standard hose, 10' x 1-7/8" flexible hose, remote control handle, (2) extension wands, car nozzle, floor brush/squeegee nozzle, round dust brush, crevice tool, air and noise diffuser, tool caddy, washable cartridge filter, foam wet filter and wall mount storage rack.

If you have a small budget, Vacmaster VWM510 is the right vacuum for you. Although it’s not the most expensive it comes with everything you need in cleaner.

Fitted with a two-stage 4-HP motor and providing a quiet operation, you can get your cleaning done with minimal noise. It also has a remote control that you can use to control the power even if you far from the wall.

Since you don’t need to walk back and forth to control power, it will save you a lot of time. Having a 5-gallon dirt tank you can cover a huge area without emptying it.

For its price, this is such a huge capacity. This also means you don’t have to deal with the clogging that other cleaners face from time to time.

As compared to other wall mount vacuum cleaners, it’s fitted with a generous length of 20 feet.

4. BISSELL Garage Pro Wall-Mounted Wet Dry Car Vacuum

BISSELL Garage Pro WallMounted ( With Auto Tool Kit, 18P03)
Product Highlights:
  • every bissell purchase helps save pets. bissell proudly supports the bissell pet foundation and its mission to help save homeless pets
  • 12 amp wet/dry vacuum: picks up both wet and dry messes in the garage, car, workshop, etc.
  • converts to blower - cleaning system: helix system. suctions up wet and dry debris
  • includes 7 versatile attachments and accessory bag for cleanup on the bare floor, carpeting, upholstery and much more
  • 4 gallon semi-translucent dirt tank, filtration: 2 stage

Rated for both wet and dry messes, BISSELL Garage Pro Wall-Mounted vacuum is a cleaner that you can rely on. If you are handling various projects and looking for a vacuum to take care of all the mess, this is the perfect vacuum.

Its bagless canister is separated into wet and dry tanks. You can, therefore, use them based on your cleaning needs.

Besides being able to pick up both solids and liquids, it has a blower to help you get all the messes from the garage.

While its 32-foot hose is long, this might be too short to clean your driveway. If you want to clean your car, the included TurboBrush tools will help you. It’s bulky hence be ready to measure all the objects on your wall.

5. Prolux Professional Shop Blue

Prolux Professional Shop Blue ( Garage Vac Wet Dry Pick Up)
Product Highlights:
  • powerful 162 cfm - the wall mountable prolux garage vac produces an amazing 162 cfm. more simply put, it makes quick work out of even the most strenuous cleaning tasks!
  • durable - quality materials, hepa filtration and wet/dry pick up ensures the longevity of this unit. also includes wall mountable 30 foot crush proof hose and tool bag to keep everything neat and organized. we are so confident in the prolux garage vacuum that we offer a 3 year warranty on the unit.
  • blower/inflator - connect the hose to the exhaust port for inflation capabilities! this works great for blowing dust and debris out of crevices using detailing tools. convenient inflation tools make it a easy to inflate balloons, air mattresses, above ground pools, kayaks, rafts etc...
  • tools for any job - the prolux garage vacuum standard series comes with a tool for any job! extension wands, detailing / inflating tool, crevice tool for those hard to get corners and squeegee for wet pickup.
  • gv mini turbo head - this tool is continually named as one the most convenient and high quality vacuum attachments on the market. the gv mini turbo head comes with anti slip geared belt and spinning brushroll that can remove pet hair from any surface! ideal for small spaces such as cars, couches and stairs. epa establishment number: 100571-ut-1

Equipped with a 5-stage HEPA style filter bag and up to 5.88 gallons of space, this vacuum model is probably the best cleaner. Effective and highly versatile, it has several features that you love.

These include a dusting brush, 32 feet hose, caddy bag, and several other useful accessories. Apart from the normal accessories, it has crevice tools and a dedicated tool with a package to allow you to remove dirt from the corners and other positions.

Buying Guide

1. Motor and Suction

The motor and suction are what will determine how powerful your wall mount vacuum is. A more powerful motor means it will absorb difficult messes such as liquids and sawdust particles.

2. Portability

While portability doesn’t matter, if you are yet to decide where to put it or moving house soon, it’s important. For that, choose one that’s easy to install and uninstall.

3. Filtration System

This is one of the most important parts of a vacuum cleaner. If you are cleaning sawdust and other small particles a good filtration system is very important. The best system should be HEPA rated. You should also choose the ones that will last a lifetime.

4. Hose Length

With a longer hose length, you’ll never have to worry that the horse won’t reach all the corners. You might also opt for a retractable hose to save you more space.

5. Capacity

Since the capacity determines how frequently it should be emptied, it plays a very important role. To save time, your vacuum should come with enough capacity to help you clean the whole garage without having to empty the canister. If your garage is big, look for 5 gallons of storage space.

6. Accessories

When it comes to cleaning the garage, specialized tools and attachments can really help you. Apart from the crevice tool, choose one that can reach all those tight corners.

7. Noise Level

It’s also important to take note of the noise level. This comes in handy when you have a neighbor who doesn’t appreciate loud noise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a wall mount vacuum cleaner?

This is a unique vacuum cleaner that remains mounted on the wall. It also has a long hose to allow you to navigate around your car and garage.

Do I need a wall mount garage vacuum?

If your garage is ever busy, a wall mount garage vacuum is the best. A good cleaner will easily suck the debris and dirt and leave your garage clean. You’ll also get more space for other things.

Can I use my garage vacuum on the car?

Yes, you can use these cleaners on boats, cars, and other vehicles. They are mounted on the wall hence they do not take up space thus quite safe.

Do all wall mount garage vacuums pick water?

Since not all vacuums pick water, your garage vacuum should be designed with the correct filter for liquid spills

Can I store my cleaner in the garage?

If your garage vacuum is insulated, you can store it in the garage. Prolonged exposure and too much heat can prevent the motor from working well.


These best wall mounted vacuums are well designed and easy to maintain, with proper care it can last several years. Hopefully, with this list, you are now somewhere. Going through this review will ensure you get the best.