The Best Table Tennis Table For Garage

The Best Table Tennis Table for Garage

Buying sports equipment and accessories for use at home is not always an easy decision, and a ping pong table is no different. Getting a good quality table for home use requires research on the game and the table features as pertains to the intended use.

5 Best-Selling Table Tennis Table for Garage

Tables for recreational ping-pong sessions need not have the strict requirements that are attached to those used in professional and competitive settings.

While table tennis is a competitive game, it is fast becoming a great option when it comes to de-stressing and having fun at home. We understand that the choices can be overwhelming. Here are some insights on which the best tables are and some tips for you when you are ready to purchase a ping pong table.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Table Tennis Table for Garage

1. GoSports Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Set

GoSports MidSize Table Tennis ( Net, 2 Table Tennis Paddles And 4 Balls)
Product Highlights:
  • complete set: includes a mid-size 6 ft x 3 ft table tennis table with 2 paddles, game net and 4 balls
  • midsize table: table surface measures 6 ft x 3 ft, large enough for competitive games, but small enough to store anywhere
  • instant setup: folds out for play and folds up for storage in seconds and is easily carried by one person using built-in carrying handles; perfect for game rooms, apartments, offices, or anyone who does not want to deal with a full size table
  • premium construction: heavy-duty aluminum frame keeps the table sturdy yet lightweight and the smooth playing surface gives the perfect bounce for hours of seamless rallies

The complete table tennis game set includes a 6ft by 3ft table, a game net, 2 paddles and 4 balls. The table is sizeable enough for fun and competitive sessions but doesn’t take up too much storage space. It features heavy duty aluminum frame and a smooth table top for good bounce.

The table is set up by unfolding it, and it easily folds back after use. It is lightweight and features handles that makes it easy for just one person to carry it around. It is made for both indoor and outdoor use.

2. JOOLA Foldable Table Tennis Table

JOOLA Midsize Compact Table ( Most Closets - Net Set Included - No Assembly Required)
Product Highlights:
  • joola - an olympic table tennis brand trusted for 60+ years: launched in the 1950s, joola has been the proud sponsor of the biggest tournaments in the world, including the olympics, world championships, and us open. equipment designed for all levels.
  • multiple use tables: mult-purpose table halves are great for entertaining when not in play. perfect for crafts, playing poker, boardgames or any other casino table game. great table tennis equipment for kids and adults.
  • no hassle, quick set-up & compact storage: midsize table tennis table comes 100% preassembled. the 2 separate halves features legs which easily fold underneath like a card table. easily stored in closets or under the bed. storage dimensions: 36" x 36"
  • regulation quality: standard table tennis table height with a smaller surface space perfect for compact areas like apartments, kid rooms, basements or dorm rooms. feels like you're playing on a regulation-sized ping pong table at 2/3 the size.

This two-piece Joola table is made for small spaces, being only two thirds of the standard size ping pong table. It comes pre-assembled with folding legs, thereby affording you instant set up. The table is a set of two that can be split for use in other indoor games or connected for a table tennis game. It comes with a net.

This Joola tennis game table features foldable frame which makes it easy to store in tight spaces. If you love other games such as poker, crafts and board games, this table will be your best inclusion in your game sessions.

3. STIGA Pre-assembled Table Tennis Indoor Table with Detachable Net

STIGA Advantage CompetitionReady Indoor ( Attach And Remove Net - Multiple Styles Available)
Product Highlights:
  • competition-ready indoor table tennis table perfect for your home or office
  • 10-minute quickplay design comes 95% preassembled out of the box for quick and easy setup
  • effortlessly roll and transport table halves using 3” lockable casters for convenient storage and setup
  • excellent playability with 5/8”-thick table top with multiple roller coat finish and silk-screen striping
  • easily attach and remove net with tournament grade 72” clamp-style net and post set

This two-piece table comes largely pre-assembled right off the box. It is easy to transport, set up and roll it around to desired positions as it features 3-inch lockable casters. The 72-inch custom tournament grade net comes with clamps that make it is easy to attach and detach it.

This STIGA table come in two independent table halves that can be joined for a table tennis game or used independently for other games. The table’s thick top features silk screen printing and multiple roller coats. These features offer excellent bounce even for friendly competitions in the garage.

4. Butterfly Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Butterfly Playback Rollaway Outdoor ( For Patios Outdoor Butterfly Ping Pong Tables)
Product Highlights:
  • durable outdoor ping pong table: high quality all weather ping pong table contains a regulation size 9x5 synthetic laminate top with a rust proof frame on with rotating wheels
  • warranty: 10 year warranty top and 3 year warranty frame. this foldable outdoor table tennis table is designed to withstand outdoor elements and backed with an excellent warranty
  • 5 piece fold and roll: simple one piece design folds and rolls your ping pong table to and from playing area with ease making it perfect for garage use
  • racket and ball holder: store your ping pong paddles and balls with the accessory holders on each side. each holder can carry 2 table tennis rackets and 4 balls
  • all weather net set: includes a butterfly weatherproof ping pong table net set that is easy to assemble and does not need to be removed when table is folded

This 5-piece weatherproof outdoor ping pong table comes with two table halves with synthetic laminate top, a net, racket, accessories, and accessory holder. This 9 by 5 ft table top and the all-weather frame mounted on rotating wheels makes this unit perfect for all year-round games.

This table is easy to assemble and store once you are done with it. It is foldable, and you need not remove the net when you want to fold the table. It is perfect for use in small places as it can fit tiny storage spaces once folded.

5. WIN.MAX Preassembled Portable Table Tennis Set

This foldable ping pong set comes with a 6 by 3 ft table, net, 2 balls and 2 paddles. It comes pre-assembled to make work easier for you. All you have to do is open the locks to unfold the legs and attach the net. This fold design is perfect for those with limited storage space.

While this table is foldable, it is one unit and cannot be divided into two tables. However, it is the perfect design for some indoor matches with friends. Its eco-friendly PVC table top gives the game good bounce that meets ITTF standards.

Buying Guide

1.  The Size

ITTF recommends that a standard table should be 108 inches long, 60 inches wide and 30 inches high and the net should be 6 inches high and 72 inches long. While a majority of ping pong table manufacturers use this as the standard measurements, some tables are smaller, up to three quarters of the recommended measurements. For friendly, casual games, any of these can do. It now depends on the room size in your garage that is dedicated to gaming.

2. Style and Storage

Ping pong tables come in a variety of styles that make storage easy. You can get single piece or two-piece tables that can be disassembled. You can also get foldable table tennis sets that take up little storage space. The collapsible sets are quite common. If you like games in general and don’t have much space in your garage, go for the set whose table structure can be changed to suit other games.

3. Table Quality

Thick tennis table tops are considered better quality than thinner table tops. For a great game, any table top that is at least 16mm thick will be perfect. Resin laminated table tops are known to be high quality, giving adequate bounce and resisting racket blows. Chipboard panels are also good if the table is meant for indoor use only. Additionally, consider a thicker frame and larger leg diameter for stability.

4. Ease of Assembly

A majority of ping pong tables come pre-assembled, at least up to 80%. However, there are other tables that require professionals to help you assemble. If you want a table that you can quickly set up and fold after use, go for the pre-assembled options.

5. Ease of Use

Get ping pong tables with lockable wheels if you intend to move it around. Look out for tables that have corner pads if you have kids playing around. Get game sets with suited accessories for better gaming experience. Go for tables that are made of materials that can withstand the condition of your garage. If your garage is particularly damp, go for tables that are designed for outdoor use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get an indoor or outdoor table tennis table?

This will depend on the condition of your garage. If your garage stays relatively dry, you can go for an indoor table. If the moisture content in the garage change from time to time, go for a table that is designed for outdoor use.

Are table tennis table tops the same?

No. Manufacturers use different materials, thickness, surface coating and paints to achieve varying qualities. These qualities then come with different price tags to suit a range of budgets.

Can I buy any table for my competition practice?

No. You will need to buy a table tennis table that meets the ITTF requirements if you are practicing for a formal competition. The construction of recreational ping pong tables is very different from that used by professionals. Be sure to check product details before you make your purchase.

Does table top quality matter?

Yes. The quality will determine the bounce of the ball and durability. Thick table tops are generally high quality and give good bounce for better games.

How do I maintain my ping pong table?

Table tennis tables come with manufacturer’s instructions on how to set up and maintain it for optimal performance. Generally, however, wiping the table after every game and deep cleaning using a non-abrasive cleaner at least once every two months will suffice.


The trend is that the price of the ping pong table goes up with the quality. It is possible to get what you are looking for; you only need to clearly define the features that are important to you. Keep in mind that the quality of the tabletop should be one of the biggest considerations.