The Best Ski Racks For Garage

The Best Ski Racks for Garage

It is wintertime again and every year, during winter, a lot of people go skiing with their friends and family. Without a doubt, it is one of those exciting activities, but once winter has passed, what happens to your ski equipment? Sure, you could very easily just hide them somewhere in your closet but that is not 

5 Best-Selling Ski Racks for Garage

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Ski Racks for Garage

1. StoreYourBoard Timber Ski Rack

StoreYourBoard Timber Ski Wall ( Garage Mount System, Natural Wood)
Product Highlights:
  • vertical ski storage: hardwood ski wall storage rack/display mount for garage & home
  • furniture quality build: finished wood creates a high-quality looking rack to display your skis
  • holds four (4) pairs: heavy duty natural wood rack arms securely hold all your skis & protects them from dings and scratches
  • fits most skis: whether you have all mountain, powder, backcountry, racing, cross-country, freestyle, or other types of skis, the timber rack will securely hold and display your skis!
  • timber rack: the perfect wood wall mount to store all of your skis, and ski gear, at home or in your garage

A lot of ski racks are made out of steel, but if you opt for something that is made out of wood, consider getting this one. It is made out of solid American Red Oak and because it is made out of wood, you can be certain that it is going to be “gentle” on your ski equipment! 

If you are considering getting this item, you can choose between two colors: Natural Wood and Cherry Wood. Both look really warm and classy. In addition to that, both do an excellent job at vertically storing your skis and protecting them from dirt and damage. 

2. Gravity Grabber Ultimate Ski + Snowboard Wall Storage Rack

Gravity Grabber Ultimate ( Ski Or Snowboard | Ski/Board Wall Storage (Cyan, 1))
Product Highlights:
  • save your rocker, tips, & tails - store your skis or snowboard on safe contact points with gravity locking design. with a precise point of contact, you get to choose where you hang your skis/board. gravity grabber is the ultimate indoor ski storage and snowboard storage rack.
  • secure your gear - with anti-slip pads, keep what's hanging - hanging. gravity grabber's gravity-locking design and anti-slip rubber pads give you confidence that your equipment will stay in place. hang any ski or snowboard, no matter the size, shape, or binding type. from powder to groomer skis, cross country skis, powder to park boards, whatever is hanging - stays hanging.
  • easy in & out - it's important to be the first to the mountain on a powder day and your gear put away quickly when you're done. quick swivel arms allow easy access, in & out. stowing and going has never been easier with a ski rack. just pop, drop, and lock. get your kit together - with an integrated pole hanger design, just grab-n-go. stop storing your gear in separate places. integrated ski pole hangers/hooks make it easy to store everything in one place.
  • interlocking corners - odds are, you have more than one set of skis/boards in your quiver. gravity grabber has you covered. with interlocking corners, adding more "grabbers" to your wall has never been easier. interlocking corners let you stagger "grabbers" side by side. this wall storage system helps you keep your garage and quiver looking nice while being stored.
  • & schloads more - keep that garage-mahal organized. hang shovels, rakes, picks, garden, bike, and home tools up to 20lbs! if you store your skis somewhere else in the off season, gravity grabber still has your back. with other equipment in mind, we wanted a design that allows for more than just skis. each box includes 1 gravity grabber, 6 dry wall hangers, 6 screws, 1 manual, 1 sticker.

This is one of the most unique ski racks you can possibly find. It does not just look minimalistic, it looks really cool as well in comparison to those typical racks you can find. It has anti-slip pads to keep your equipment in place, and it also has a gravity-locking design for additional security. This product’s quick swivel arms allow you to have easy access to your skis. 

What makes this rack even better is that you can use it to store other sorts of stuff and not just ski equipment. For example, you can use it to hold gardening tools! Definitely, this is a really good choice if you want something that is multi-functional. 

3. Odoland Ski Rack

Odoland Ski Storage Racks ( Organization System Snow Ski Holder Holds Up To 300lbs)
Product Highlights:
  • heavy duty ski rack for 12 pairs ski snowboard and up to 300lbs -- made of durable steel for best durability-resists of rusting, cracking and chipping. with 6 easy-clicked mental hooks, the ski wall rack holds 12 and more skis and snowboards for up to 300lbs.
  • tons of storage -- double hooks design makes it possible for tons of storage for skis, poles, helmet, bag and other ski gear. and the rubber coated sleeves are scratch-resistant and provide the best protection for your ski gear.
  • fit most skis -- securely hold and display your skis such as mountain, backcountry, racing, freestyle, or other types of skis.
  • easy installation -- odoland ski wall rack provides you more options of installation. and the easy-clicked hooks can be clicked to the rack in any position you need. no worry about the narrow gaps between skis anymore! customer you own ski rack and hook right now!
  • mutil-usage -- works well as a storage system, no matter at home, garage, garden or commercial display. it's suitable for organizing all kinds of tools, such as shovels, push brooms, bags, towels, robes, umbrellas, rain boots, etc.

If you just love skiing so much that you have a lot of equipment to store, this ski rack from Odoland might be the one that has enough space for all of that. This rack can store up to 5 pairs of skis and it can hold up to 300 lbs of weight, thanks to the heavy-duty and rust-resistant steel it is made out of. 

It can hold various types of skis including mountain skis and freestyle skis. It also has hooks for storing other items such as poles, bags, and helmets. You can also use it store umbrellas, shovels, and even robes!

4. StoreYourBoard Minimalist Ski Rack

StoreYourBoard Ski Display Wall ( Minimalist Storage Rack)
Product Highlights:
  • floating display: minimalist, indoor wall mount displays your skis for a great look in any room!
  • secure, rubber mounts: holds your skis securely on the wall without damaging your ski edges
  • quick, easy install: mounting hardware included - have your skis on the wall in under 5 minutes!
  • what skis fit: adjustable to fit your skis - holds racing skis, powder skis, twin tip skis, downhill skis, and all mountain skis
  • need more ski storage: search "storeyourboard snowboard" on amazon

Minimalism is becoming trendier these days and if you are into that trend, this one might be the perfect ski rack for you. These seemingly “floating” racks allow you to showcase the beauty of your skis and it also has secure rubber mounts that keep your skis in place without ruining their edges. If you are opting for a clean look, purchase this one. 

Since it looks really simple, it does not take long to install as well. It can also hold different types of skis including racing sks and mountain skis. 

5. Steve’s Rack Shack Premium Freestanding Ski Rack

Premium Freestanding Ski Rack ( Ripsticks, And More (4 Level))
Product Highlights:
  • durable: this ski rack is made out of premium and sustainably sourced birch to ensure you have the most effective and safe ski storage rack. this ensures that this ski holder is sturdy and built to last.
  • versatile: this rack is multiple use and can serve as a sports equipment organizer for garage. this holder is compatible with storing skis, snowboard, scooters, ripstick, skateboards, and more.
  • easy installation: installation is simple and quick. with no tools necessary for set up, the three step install instructions ensure you spend minimal time assembling the snow equipment storage rack and more time enjoying your equipment hassle free.
  • made in america: this product is proudly designed, tested, and manufactured in the united states of america.
  • need more storage options? search "steve's rack shack" in amazon for storage solutions to satisfy all your needs.

Most ski racks available online allow you to store your boards vertically, but not this one. If you prefer having a ski rack for storing your boards horizontally, go for this one. 

This one is made out of wood, but that does not mean it is not as good as those made out of steel. In fact, this ski rack is made out of premium birch so you can be sure that it can hold up everything you plan on putting on it and that it is going to last long. 

This easy-to-install wooden ski rack not just for ski equipment but for skateboards, scooters, and snowboards as well! 

Buying Guide 

Are you considering getting your very own ski rack for your garage but uncertain of which factors to consider when searching for the perfect one? These factors might help narrow down your choices. 

1. Capacity

Most wall mounted ski racks work really well and the difference often lies in their capacity. Some can hold 3 pairs. Others can hold as many as eight. There are also some that have hooks wherein you can hang helmets and other types of gear. Look for one that has enough space for all your stuff. 

2. Ease of Installation

When buying a ski rack for your garage, find something that is easy to install so that you can store your ski equipment right away and move on to the next thing on your to-do list! Also, make sure that the one you are going to buy comes with all the mounting hardware and screws or studs that you will need during the installation process. 

3. Quality 

Quality is always one of the first things you should think about when purchasing anything. Make sure that the ski rack that you are going to get is sturdy enough to hold up everything that you wish to put on it. If it is made of steel, ensure that the material used is not going to rust easily. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why should I bother getting my own ski rack? 

It keeps your equipment organized. Note that if you store your equipment properly, then they are more likely to last longer. 

What material should my ski rack be made out of? 

Ski racks are often made out of metal or wood. Both work well. It is more of a matter of preference. 

How much money should I spend on a ski rack? 

You can get good ones for less than a hundred dollars. 

How far apart should the racks be spaced?

There must be around eight inches to one foot of space between each rack. 

Should I get a rack that will allow me to store my equipment horizontally or vertically?

This one may also be a matter of preference but practically speaking, if you want to save a lot more space and be able to store more skiboards, a vertical rack would be the better choice. 


If you are the type who loves to keep everything organized. With a ski rack, you will have a dedicated space for your equipment and they are less likely to get lost and more likely to last longer. Investing in one will reduce the clutter in your garage and keep everything in order so make sure to get one really soon if you have not already.