The Best Retractable Extension Cord For Garage

The Best Retractable Extension Cord for Garage

In this age of technology, extension cords are becoming more and more of a necessity. Regardless of what projects we are working on, there are always times when extension cords might come in handy. 

5 Best-Selling Retractable Extension Cord for Garage

Unlike other tools, extension cord technology has remained almost the same over the years. When choosing the best retractable extension cord for your garage, it should be based on purpose, length of the cord, a gauge of the wire, and if it can withstand heavy-duty tasks.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Retractable Extension Cord for Garage

1. TACKLIFE Retractable Extension Cord

The TACKLIFE retractable extension cord has a reel length of 65 feet plus another 4.5 feet for the lead-in power cord. It has max rating of 15A / 125V / 1875W 60HZ. 

It has a built-in circuit breaker that automatically disconnects when any of the ratings are exceeded to protect the device from any damage. To reactivate, just press the red button and the breaker will reset.

This power cord is made to be sturdy and durable. It has SJTOW Cables which resists oil and grease. It is waterproof as well and can operate around the extreme temperatures of -40C to -105C. 

2. Watt’s Wire Retractable Extension Cord

50 Ft 14 ( Cord Retractable Reel W/Mounting Kit - By Watt's Wire)
Product Highlights:
  • heavy duty extension cord reel 50 ft by watt's wire -🗲- our retractable extension cord reel uses 14 gauge, soft-drawn copper, to give 120v, 13 amps, and 1625 watts with minimal voltage drop providing all the power you require.
  • flexible & oil resistant -🗲- made with an sjtow jacket, our extension cord is oil resistant and flexible at temperatures from - 58°f to 221°f.
  • fire resistant -🗲- designed to osha and ul 817 requirements! our grounded 3 prong extension cord is corrosion, fire, oil, and moisture resistant; with built-in strain-relief and unbreakable molded nema 5-15 (us) plugs.
  • easily get power where you need it -🗲- our 50 ft long extension cord is the perfect length to reach all corners of your garage or shop.
  • use one cord instead of three -🗲- our electrical cord reel with multiple outlets will save you the hassle and money of using numerous cords.

This 50-foot extension cord is made out of grounded 14-gauge wire and has three outlets. It has a self-retracting cord reel which makes it very convenient for use in your garage. This function is made easier with the use of an SJTOW made cord. 

This extension cord is made to take a beating and can operate within the bounds of -58F to  221F. It is oil resistant and uses a 14-gauge copper wire. 

It is rated to operate at 120V with 13-amps and 1625 watts. The reel has a built-in circuit breaker keeping the extension cord safe for use. 

3. Meterk Retractable Extension Cord

This automatic retracting extension cord has a total length of 50 feet plus 4.5 feet of lead-in power cable. It is rated to be used at 13A / 120V  1800W. It has a 14-gauge wire with a Triple Tap S3 Connector. 

The automatic reel function of recovering the rope can be activated through a gentle pull. It has an adjustable stopper which can easily be adjusted to fit your needs. 

It has a built-in circuit breaker that automatically activates every time the ratings are exceeded protecting the cord and your device from any damage. It is oil and grease resistant and is also rated to be waterproof. Although it is highly recommended that the extension cord will be used in a completely dry environment. 

4. CopperPeak Retractable Extension Cord

CopperPeak Tools Retractable Extension ( Ceiling Or Wall Mount - Yellow And Grey)
Product Highlights:
  • fast cleanup & increased safety: bring the power! our retractable extension cords make it easy and convenient to store and clean up your power needs, whether it be in your shop, garage, construction site, or home use.
  • 180 degree swivel: quickly mount the pull down electrical reel to your wall, ceiling or workstation for easy access no matter what the job is. our unique design allows for 180° swivel movement that provides flexibility and convenience.
  • compact and easy to carry: heavy duty & durable enough to withstand tough jobs and daily use, yet easy to install and transport. the mounting kit allows for easy installation and removal when you need to move it.
  • 3 grounded outlets: the added 3 prong grounded outlet enables you to operate multiple tools without cluttering up your workspace or getting cords tangled. the overload breaker switch provides additional safety for operation.
  • reliable & dependable: copperpeak manufacturers high quality home-improvement equipment that provide dependable accessibility and convenience for all your projects. we are committed to producing products that make your workspace organized, convenient and easy to use.

The CopperPeak is a heavy-duty extension cord that can be wall or ceiling mounted. It has a 14-gauge copper wire with a total length of 50 feet. The reel can quickly wind your cord which makes it perfect for your garage. 

It has a 13A circuit breaker which keeps your device safe from any harm. Its mounting design is made to keep your floor clutter-free and safe from trips and falls. It has a 180-degree swivel mount, which makes it easy to extend to any direction of your work area. 

5. Flexzilla Retractable Extension Cord

Flexzilla Retractable Extension 143 ( Electric Cord Reel, ZillaGreen, FZ8140503)
Product Highlights:
  • power indicator light. lighted triple tap outlet for plenty of capacity. circuit breaker with reset button prevents breaker from tripping and blown fuses. reset circuit at reel.
  • oil-resistant 14/3 awg sjtow cord flexible in low temperatures and resists the effects of oil, water and sunlight. grounded plug includes 5 ft. lead-in cord.
  • adjustable cord stopper ensures outlet is always within reach. cord locks out in 1 ft. increments.
  • swivel mounting bracket pivots in the direction of your work. reel can be mounted to wall or ceiling. recommended for dry, indoor locations
  • culus listed, max. watts: 1625w, max. amps: 13a, max. voltage: 125v, max. hz: 60hz

The Flexzilla extension cord is made out of heavy-duty materials. It has a power indicator light as well as three lighted outlets. It has a built-in circuit breaker with a reset button which you can easily reset once in cases wherein the breaker trips. 

It is made with oil-resistant 14-gauge AWG SJTOW making it very flexible in extremely low temperatures. It also has a grounded plug with a 5 feet lead-in power cable. The reel system has a cord stopper that locks out the cord in increments of 1 ft. 

The reel has a swivel mounting which you can easily mount on your wall or ceiling. Maximum rating for this power cord is 1625W / 13A / 125V / 60 Hz. 

Tips for Buying Retractable Extension Cord

1. Heavy Duty Rating

When looking for a retractable power cord for your garage, it must be something that can withstand the abuse given by the use of power tools and other high-powered equipment. Conventional extension cords are prone to heating and might end up burning instead. 

2. Reel and Mount System

The retractable reel system is something that you should look at as well. Some products offer automatic reel systems which make keeping the power cable convenient on your part. It should also have a stopper that prevents the reel from pulling in the whole length of the power cable while in use. 

The mounting of your extension cord is also important. Having it mounted on the wall or the ceiling is much safer than having it on the floor. 

3. Length

You would want a power cable that can reach you anywhere within your garage. Most retractable extension cords are at least 50 feet in length. Get the ones with the ideal ratings and do not settle for normal extension cords. 

4. Safety

Safety is of the utmost importance when dealing with electronic equipment. This is because currents create a lot of heat and might result in fires. Get an extension cord with a built-in circuit breaker. 

This does not only protect your extension cord system from sudden surges, it also protects your appliances from any damage. Circuit breakers should have a reset button as well, in case the breaker trips and you need to use your extension cord again. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a retractable extension cord work?

Retractable extension cords have a reel that keeps the whole length of the extension cord. You can either reel it in manually or it does this automatically with a click of a button. 

Is it safe to use an extension cord with another extension cord?

Technically, you can do this but it is not recommended. Linking extension cords together is a fire hazard. 

Is there a wireless extension cord?

Yes, there is but it is not for commercial use. Power is transmitted via microwave in wireless systems. 

Are outdoor extension cords safe in the rain?

Yes. Outdoor cords that are rated for outside use is safe to use in the rain since it is waterproof. 

Can I plug 2 extension leads into a double socket?

Technically you can, but it is not recommended as it is a fire hazard. 


Many retractable extension cords in the market are perfect for your garage. However, you must be mindful of its ratings. 

When choosing the right extension cord, safety should always be the priority before you decide to purchase one for your garage.