The Best Pellet Stoves For Garage

The Best Pellet Stoves for Garage

Tired of the chills in the garage? Are you considering getting a pellet stove for your garage? That is certainly a great idea, but how much do you actually know about pellet stoves?

5 Best-Selling Pellet Stove for Garage

Choosing a pellet stove is always a challenging task, even when you are very sure about the features you want. You will find that there is more to pellet stoves than meets the eye. Hey, that’s why we created this guide in the first place- to hold your hand through the selection process and to ensure that you make the best choice. In essence, we will help you pick the best pellet stove for the garage or other spaces in the house.

We conducted research on quality and durability, and then we made a list of the best pellet stove for the garage. Here are our favorite picks.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Pellet Stove for Garage

1. Pleasant Hearth Vent-Free Black Pellet Stove – 30,000 BTU

Pleasant Hearth VFS2PH30DT 30000 ( Gas Vent Free Stove, Black)
Product Highlights:
  • your purchase includes one pleasant heart 32-inch intermediate gas vent free stove in black. blower is not included
  • stove dimensions – 14.37” d x 31.93” w x 28.27” h | firebox dimensions – 12.25” d x 26.07” w x 12.08” h | clearance space – 5” min from wall, 36” min above stove | covered space – 1,000 sq. ft.
  • features – built-in thermostat | overheat sensor | made of cold rolled steel | up to 30,000 btu/hr. | dual fuel technology (lp or ng)
  • dual burner provides 2 rows of flames for a more full looking fire
  • this product and the fuels used to operate this product (lp or ng), and the products of combustion of such fuels, can expose you to chemicals including benzene, which is known to the state of california to cause cancer and reproductive harm

The first thing you notice about this burner is an elegant look and aesthetic view. It is well equipped to meet all your possible needs. It has dual-fuel technology, a built-in thermostat, two rows of flames, overheats sensors, and is made of steel. It burns up 30,000 BTU/hr and is quite easy to use and clean. One setback is that the products of combustion if exposed to them, can put you at risk of cancer or reproductive harm. Although there is safety precautions to follow while using this pellet stove.

2. Castle Pellet Stoves Indoor Heating Design Smart Control

Castle Serenity Stove 12327 ( With Smart Controller)
Product Highlights:
  • reinvent the way you heat your home with castle's serenity wood pellet stove and new smart controller
  • the smart controller allows you to choose manual, thermostat, and weekly operational modes to heat your home on your schedule, along with calendar and time based heating options, you can also set a local thermostat or manually set it on one of five burn levels
  • as with any castle pellet stove, you'll experience affordability, style, and practicality. its space-saving shape and attractive design will make it a welcomed addition to any room, and with the new smart controller, heating your home efficiently on your terms has never been easier
  • the serenity stove is designed to be easy to clean - there are no tubes, corrugations, or hidden chambers
  • operating wattage 77 watts (w), voltage 120 volts (v), greater than 69.8% thermal efficiency, 1500 square feet heating capacity

The castle pellet stove is a class above the rest with a trendy design and smart control for managing the thermostat to ensure that your home is always warm. You can create a smart schedule to heat up your home on a timed basis. The aesthetic stove is designed to be easy to clean, because, unlike other stoves, this one comes with no hidden chambers, tubes, or corrugations. It is efficient and safe at 77 watts, 120 Volts, and 1500 square ft heating capacity.

3. Comfortbilt Pellet Stove – 50,000 BTU

Comfortbilt HP22SS Pellet Stove ( Stove Carbon Black)
Product Highlights:
  • 50000 btu- auto ignition-programmable thermostat-powerful blower
  • large viewing area-bay design-carbon black - heats up to 2,800 sq ft!!
  • stainless steel door trim, epa certified-110 volt
  • 55 lbs hopper capacity-auto ignition-ash pan-remote control
  • 1 year warranty - parts available-technical assistance available after purchase

Owning a pellet stove that functions at such high capacity is always heartwarming- literally. The comfortbilt burns at 50,000 BTU, and comes with great features such as an auto ignition, programmable thermostat, large view chamber, stainless steel door, powerful blower, and other parts. The carbon black stove heats up to 2,800 sq ft. It is EPA certified and has a 110-volt capacity. It is one of the most efficient pellet stoves in the market and also one of our favorites.

4. US Stove Non-Electric 60 lbs Hopper

US Stove Company US ( Stove, 60 Lbs Hopper, Black)
Product Highlights:
  • epa-certified nonelectric pellet stove utilizes a natural gravity feed system, for less maintenance
  • 40,000 btus heats up to 2,000 sq. ft
  • uses standard 3-inch pellet venting
  • 60-pound hopper lasts for up to 30 hours
  • silent operation and modern style

The US stove is one of the most exceptional stoves you can find out there. its outlandish design and features make it one of the best and most convenient pellet stoves you could possibly find. The non-electric, EPA certified pellet stove uses a natural gravity system that makes it easy to add pellets effectively into the burner. The 40,000 btu can cover a space of 2,000 sq ft. Unlike most conventional pellet stoves, the US stove is silent and has a 60-pound hopper that can last for at least 30 hours.  

5. Cleveland Iron Works pellet stove 60 lbs

Cleveland Iron Works PS60WCIW ( Enabled, One Size, Black)
Product Highlights:
  • 26% tax credit for 75% efficiency or higher
  • built-in wifi – smart home technology
  • heats up to 1200 sq ft
  • 60 lb large capacity hopper capacity
  • digital control panel and remote included

Smart home technology is the trend and the Cleveland Iron takes remote-controlled heating to another level. The pellet stove has a large-sized hopper for longer run-times and is equipped with features that enable you to manage your home heating schedules with ease. It has a heat-reach of 1,200 sq ft and it quite efficient.

Buying Guide

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “pellet stove.” Some individuals imagine a cooking device or at least some sort of barbecue stand. This is very inaccurate. So what is a pellet stove and what is its use?

A pellet stove is a type of stove that burns using compressed wood called “pellets” as a source of fuel. The stove burns pellets to create heat for the purpose of warming up a residential space, especially in the cold seasons. The heat is maintained by constantly feeding fuel from a storage space into the pot burner. This causes a consistent flame that warms the immediate environment and requires no other action on your part.

There are specific details that you need to know before investing in a pellet stove.

1. What Is The Source of Fuel In a Pellet Stove?

As the name suggests, pellet stoves are called that because the pellets are the source of fuel. Some stoves use burning wood and other sources of fuel, but the pellet stoves use pellets. The pellets are highly compressed materials that burn brightly to produce hot flames. Pellets are made from sawdust, wood, bark, paper, and other wood byproducts.

Some pellets stoves use only pellets as a fuel source while others may use biofuel materials such as nutshell, corn, etc. knowing that pellet stoves differ in their acceptable sources of fuel is another thing to consider when purchasing one. You do not want to purchase a pellet stove that accepts only wood byproducts while the only fuel source available near you is corn pellets.

Pellets come in different grades, depending on how well they burn and the product of combustion. Some pellets produce less ash and need less maintenance.

The major difference between pellets and wood burning is that pellets are more environmentally friendly, burn cleanly, and produces less soot.

2. Efficiency of Pellets

According to research, pellets are designed to be 83% efficient and are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The heat produced by the pellet stove is measured in British Thermal Units (BTU). Pellet stoves generally burn within 8,000 – 90,000 BTU, however, household pellet stoves burn between 40,000 – 60,000 BTUs. The price of a pellet stove depends on the amount of heat it can produce. If you are looking for a stove that would fit into your garage then you may want to consider the size of the stove as well. Here are a few facts about pellet stoves.

3. Facts About Pellet Stoves

  • They are environmentally friendly
  • They need to be vented because they produce actual flames
  • Pellet stoves require an electrical
  • They are not quiet, especially when they require maintenance
  • They require maintenance as often as possible
  • They are considered relatively safe

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pellet stoves always noisy?

They are generally audible because they are mechanical devices with 3 motors so you would likely hear the combustion fan, the auger, and the convection fan. New stoves are less audible and as they age the vibrations increase to cause more noise.

What is the cause of a dark sooty flame in a pellet stove?

This is due to the lack of ventilation getting into the fire

How do I store away the wood pellets?

There are many storage options; the garage, the shed, the basement. Make sure they are kept away from any form of precipitation.

How do I clean my pellet stove after use?

Start by removing all the ashes from the front portion of the stove and the burn pot itself. Use a recommended cleaning tool to wipe all built up carbon debris and deposits from the burn pot. Wash the glass windows if any. Clean the motor and fan using a paintbrush to remove the dust. Clean or replace gaskets around the pellet stove door. Only replace if worn out.

What kind of floor is adequate for a pellet stove?

A non-combustible floor would be best for safety. The manufacturer can provide a list of floor materials that are safe and unsafe for your stove.


Our choices are based on durability, safety, ease of use and maintenance, efficiency, and best features. They are certainly some of the best pellet stoves for your garage. Many of these complex designs often malfunction after a short period of time but with our recommendations, you are sure of money well spent.