The Best Insulations For Attached Garage

The Best Insulations for Attached Garage: Regulate the Temperature and Save on Your Energy Bills throughout the Year

While your garage is a form of shelter its temperature may change depending on the outside weather conditions.

5 Best-Selling Insulations for Attached Garage

Whether you want to make it warmer or cooler or want to save on energy, insulation is the way to go.

However, unlike other garages, an attached garage has special conditions that you have to address.

They must have a system in place to prevent carbon monoxide from running vehicles from filtering through the ceiling or the walls into the house. Secondly, the insulation should ensure the rooms sharing the common walls remains warm.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Insulations for Attached Garage

1. Reach Barrier DD24100 Air Double Reflective Polyethylene Insulation Roll

Reach Barrier DD24100 Air ( Roll, 2-Feet By 100-Feet)
Product Highlights:
  • reflective air² insulation retains air longer and provides excellent insulation and sound reduction
  • insulation is easy to install with no mess or fumes and will not cause itchy skin
  • ideal for attics, exterior and interior walls, radiant floors, metal and steel buildings, crawl spaces, garage ceilings and many other applications
  • reflective air² insulation meets astm standards and complies with building code
  • this insulation roll is 100-feet long, 24-inches high and 03-inches thick

If you are looking for reflective insulation that retains air longer, provides sound reduction, and offers excellent insulation, this is the right option. Coming with no fumes or mess to cause itchy skin, it’s easy to install and use.

Suitable for attached garages, exterior and interior walls, attics, radiant floors, steel and metal buildings, this insulation will not disappoint you.

The fact that it complies with building code and meets ASTM standards makes it one of the best insulations for attached garages.

Measuring 100 feet long, 24 inches high, and 03 inches thick, it will fit any garage regardless of the size.

As compared to other insulations, it has a double layer of sealed air laminated between durable polyethylene. This gives it the ability to retain air longer.

2. US Energy Products Reflective Heat Radiant Barrier Aluminum Foil Insulation

US Energy Products Double ( Ducts Windows Radiators HVAC Garages + More (24" X 25'))
Product Highlights:
  • 5mm 1/4 double poly-air insulation: sandwhiched between two layers of highly reflective radiant barrier reflective aluminum. strong lightweight, yet durable material that is easy to cut and install and can be stapled or nailed into any surface without compromising the insulation barrier.
  • effective thermal radiant barrier: reflects 99.97% of radiant heat transfer with a thermal resistance r value of 24 (building envelope). prevents heat from escaping during colder seasons and does not allow heat to enter during the summer months.
  • water and mold resistant: will not oxidize like pure aluminum does / not effected by humidity and moisture. 100% waterproof. can be used in outdoor and indoor applications.
  • sound reduction: great sound deadener. effectively reduces sound travel creating a soundproof environment (closed cell foam core)
  • astm class 1 class a fire rated / meets all usa and intl fire codes (even australia)

Sand witched between two layers of highly reflective radiant barrier, US Energy Products Reflective Heat Radiant Barrier Aluminum Foil Insulation is lightweight and durable.

As an effective thermal barrier, it reflects 99.97% of radiant heat transfer and prevents the heat from escaping during colder seasons. It also allows heat to enter during the cold seasons.

As compared to pure aluminum, it’s mold and water-resistant hence will not oxidize. This means you can use it for both outdoor and indoor applications. Fitted with a sound reduction feature, it has a great sound deadener

Regardless of how you use it, it will work just great. Overall, it’s a great product that will give you value for your money.

3. US Energy Products (AD3) Reflective Foam Insulation Shield, Heat Shield Radiant Barrier

US Energy Products AD3 ( Radiant Barrier 48" X100ft 400sqft)
Product Highlights:
  • one layer closed-cell foam bonded between two layers of highly reflective metalized aluminum polyester film. industrialized strength, lightweight yet durable insulation designed to hold staples without tearing. does not compress, collapse or disintegrate. reflects 97% of radiant heat, emits less than 3% of heat, class 1 / class a fire rated radiant barrier that has passed the astm e84 test & astm e2599
  • non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, fiber-free, safe to handle and does not require protective clothing or respirators to install. easy to install and maintenance free, cuts easily with utility knife or scissors and installs easier than fiberglass. simply staple, nail, glue or use a spray adhesive to hold in place! no mess, and no itchy fibers!
  • not affected by moisture or humidity. inhibits condensation and does not promote the growth of fungi, mold or mildew. does not promote nesting of insects or rodents. non-flammable, flame retardant
  • saves energy by reducing the stress on heating and cooling systems, keeping your home warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer. it can reduce utility bills substantially all year round. as well as provides benefits of soundproofing when used in walls, ceilings and floors. can also increase your overall property value depending on use.
  • made in usa / class 1 class a fire rated / waterproof

US Energy Products (AD3) Reflective Foam Insulation Shield is one layer closed-cell foam fitted between two layers of highly reflective metalized aluminum film.

Designed to hold staples without tearing, once you install it does not collapse compress, or disintegrates. The best part is that it emits less than 3% of heat while reflecting up to 97% of heat.

Noncarcinogenic, non-toxic, and fiber-free, it’s one of the safest insulations out there. In fact, you don’t need any protective gear or clothes to install it. Maintenance-free and easy to install, it cuts easily with a knife

To hold it in place you just need to nail, staple, or glue it. No itchy fibers and no mess. This makes it one of the best insulations for attached garages.

It will, therefore, help you save energy by reducing the stress of cooling or heating systems. It will also help you reduce utility bills all year round.

4. NASA TECH White Reflective Foam Core 2 Car Garage insulation Kit

White Reflective Foam Core ( Double Sided Tape (Also FITS 16X7) (One Pack))
Product Highlights:
  • nasa tech white reflective foam core 2 car garage door insulation kit 16ft (wide) x 8ft (high) r value 7.5 made in usa new and improved heavy duty double sided tape (also fits 16x7) increaes r value up to 8.
  • increaes r value up to 8 / sound reduction technology.
  • made in usa / super fast shipping / ships same day.
  • easy to install instructions / telephone support for any install questions.
  • new and improved heavy duty double sided tape, squeegie & razor.

NASA TECH is a roll of foam with two sides of reflective finish and white vinyl finish that you can install in minutes. If you are looking for a simple solution that won’t cost you a lot, this is the right insulation.

The reflective side should face the inside side of the garage to keep it warmer. The only cuts that you should make are where your door hinges are fitted.

As you unroll it, you just need to peel the tape and adhere it in place. Since it’s meant for a 4-panel door, if you have a 5-panel door you may need to buy another roll.

To help you apply the needed pressure, it comes with a squeegee. If you have a large garage, it’s the easiest and most effective insulation to use.

5. Reflectix BP24050 Bubble Pack Insulation

Reflectix BP24050 24Inchby50Foot Bubble ( Bubble Pack Insulation)
Product Highlights:
  • this product adds a great value
  • product is highly durable and easy to use
  • this product is manufactured in china

Whether you are looking for the best insulation or you are on a budget, Reflectix BP24050 Bubble Pack Insulation is the right insulation for you.

As one of the best insulations, it will cover up to 50 feet of your garage door. Just like other insulations, you need to have double-sided tape or other adhesive materials to install it.

You may also staple or glue to attach it. Although it will add some weight to the door it’s one of the best insulations for attached garages.  

The best part is that it won’t affect your garage door’s movement. Plus, it’s easy to use and highly durable.

Buying Guide

1. Size

When it comes to buying the best insulation for an attached garage, size is going to be a major factor. The size of your garage will generally determine the type of insulation you buy. If your garage is big, look for several insulations and cut them to fit.

2. Material and Weight

While the insulation material needs to be sturdy and thin, it should be lightweight enough so it can adhere to it without any issue. Plus, it should not add more weight such that operating the door becomes hard.

3. The Cost

Just like other products, you must consider the cost when shopping for the right insulation for attached garage. 

While you need to look for the best deal, it’s important to be practical. Although you may spend a lot on better insulation you’ll save money in efficiency, energy bills, and other factors in the long run.

4. Ease of Installation

Fortunately, most insulation for attached garages are easy to install. You won’t require an expert to help you and you don’t even need several tools. However, it’s important to know all the requirements. While buying this, you may need little extras to ensure everything goes on smoothly.

5. Ability to Prevent Carbon Monoxide

The best insulation for attached garage should also have the ability to prevent carbon monoxide from filtering through the walls into the house.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does attached garage insulation work?

Garage insulation works by slowing the conductive and convective heat flow thus preventing heat from escaping through the door.

What is a good R-Value for a garage insulation kit?

A good R-Value depends on several factors including the heating system inside the garage, the number of shared walls, and the average climate of the place. The best R-Value should be 4-8. This is substantial enough for insulating the garage.

What should be including in the insulation kit?

While this depends on the specific manufacturer, some of the things to be included are insulation panels, installation instructions, fasteners, retainer caps, and adhesive retainers to securely attach the insulation.

How much should I expect to spend on insulation for attached garage?

If you are looking for good insulation for attached door expect to spend at least $100. However, this depends on the type of materials and the amount you are looking for.


Whether you want to make it warmer or cooler or want to save on energy, insulation is the way to go. If you are in doubt, start here before exploring other options. These solutions are not only simple and easy to install but also quite affordable.