The Best Floor Cord Protector For Garage What You Need To Know

The Best Floor Cord Protector for Garage: What You Need To Know

Cables and cords are a staple in garages. In order to keep them safe from all kinds of wear and damage, protectors are essential. Heavy-duty protectors are especially important in a garage with heavy vehicular traffic. Failing to protect your cords and wires can lead to nasty accidents or damages that can cost you heavily.

5 Best-Selling Floor Cord Protector for Garage

Floor cable management is essential in preventing damage and electrical accidents that can result from broken cables. You can get a professional to create a floor cable plan for you. Alternatively, if you do not have a budget to hire a professional, look up information on how to do a floor cable plan. Here are some tips to help you keep your garage floor cords safe.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Floor Cord Protector for Garage

1. CC-4, D-Line Non-Trip Garage Floor Cord Protector

DLine 6 Foot Floor ( Prevent Trip Hazards, Grey)
Product Highlights:
  • high-quality floor cable protectors, made from a flexible pvc, supplied coiled - uncoils to lay flat. (no need to add to boiling water to uncoil).
  • d-line cable covers allow you to address a common cause of trips, tugs and falls, popular in; gyms, offices, factories etc.
  • d-line floor cord protector can protect up to 2x 0.31" diameter cables
  • all d-line cable protectors have a ribbed non-slip base & pre-split rear for ease of use
  • floor cable cover dimensions: 6' (l) x 2.37" (w) x 0.5" (h) inner channel = 0.63" (w) x 0.31" (h)

While this garage cord protector comes coiled, it uncoils and lays flat on the floor without any effort on your part. You do not need to put adhesive or pour boiling water to make it lay flat. It is made of flexible PVC.

As a D-line floor cord protector, the CC-4 features a smooth design that makes it a non-trip and non-tug hazard. It also has a non-slip bottom and a pre-split underside to make it easy to insert cables. It can accommodate up to 0.6 inches cable diameter.

2. FC83H Black and Yellow Garage Floor Cord Cover

DLine Floor Cord Cover ( Cavity 1 3/16” W X 3/8” H (Black And Yellow))
Product Highlights:
  • wire covers, made from a flexible abrasion resistant pvc material, supplied coiled - uncoils to lay flat. (no need to add to boiling hot water to uncoil)
  • d-line floor cord cover has a neat tapered design, so ideal to protect cables and address a cable trip hazard in areas with regular foot traffic. linkability allows you to cover any length of cable required & then re-join cut length at a later date.
  • d-line floor cord covers have a ribbed non-slip base & pre-split backing for ease of installation; simply push cords into cable cavity.
  • 2 x connecting pins supplied per pack - join multiple lengths of d-line cord protectors, to cover any length of cable. ideal for offices, factories, construction, gyms, hotels, events, whenever you need to cover cables across floors
  • d-line heavy duty floor cable protector dimensions: 6' (l) x 3.25" (w) x 0.55" (h) inner channel = 1.2" (w) x 0.39" (h)

As a heavy-duty garage floor cord protector, this black and yellow cover is made of abrasion resistant PVC. It is flexible and suitable for high pedestrian traffic areas. It is narrow with a tapered design and a non-slip bottom to keep it safe, discreet and non-trip.

Since it is available in multiple lengths, you can always purchase additional pieces if you need to. If you do get additional length, this protector avails you the connecting pins so that everything stays seamless.

3. Fastlane Garage Floor Cord Protector With L-Shaped Connectors

Fastlane FL2X175B Polyurethane 2 ( 36" Length, 10.75" Width, 1.5" Height)
Product Highlights:
  • protects two cables, cords, or hoses up to 1" od from wear and compression caused by vehicular traffic (up to 2,100 lb./954 kg per axle)
  • made from rim uv-stabilized polyurethane for resistance to abrasion, oils, and solvents, and for performance at a portable weight (9 lb./4.2 kg)
  • drop-over design with two 1.75"/4.45 cm wide channels for ease of installation and removal
  • helps reduce the risk of pedestrian tripping accidents with a low profile of 1.5"/3.81 cm
  • l-connectors allow multiple interlocking protectors to be linked together

If you need to protect a lot of cords and cables that can be up to 1 inch in diameter, this is the cover for you. It is made of UV stabilized polyurethane, which makes it resistant to solvents, oils and abrasion. It is a low profile, which stops it from being a tripping hazard for pedestrians.

The Fastlane floor cord protector is heavy duty and perfect for areas with vehicular traffic. It comes with L-shaped connectors for seamless linking. The protector is easy to use and features two chambers through which multiple cords can run.

4. Electriduct Drop Trak Garage Floor Cord Protector

Electriduct Drop Trak Cable ( Cover - Medium - Yellow)
Product Highlights:
  • order is for 1 piece| size: medium | color: yellow
  • channel size: 4" wide x 1" high
  • overall size: 38" long x 11" wide x 1.5" high
  • weight threshhold: 900 lb/per tire | for pedestrian traffic and small carts only. not suitable for vehicle traffic
  • interconnect-able to create a continuous length

It is 11 inches wide and 1.5 inches high to accommodate a great deal of cords and cables. It comes in various lengths, but have connectable ends for easy and seamless length. It is lightweight, and is available in black and yellow colors.

This protector can be used indoors and outdoors. It is perfect for areas in the garage with heavy vehicular traffic and also holds up well as a hose protector. While it doesn’t have a bottom, it holds its position with vehicular traffic. Tape can be used to secure the protector to the ground incase you are worried about it sliding with pedestrian traffic.

5. D-2 Rubber Duct Floor Cord Cover

Electriduct D2 Rubber Duct ( Black Floor Cable Protector)
Product Highlights:
  • can handle a standard computer station set-up, power cord(s), and ethernet cat6 cable
  • made in usa - high quality solid extruded rubber | lay flat instructions: this product is made from high quality rubber, and like all rubber, it will take shape in time, but for immediate results, place in any warmer area: outside in sunlight, warehouse, garage, etc. the cord cover will become very pliable.
  • center channel: 1/2"h x 3/4"w slit in the middle | total height: 3/4"; total width: 3-1/4"; total length: 36"
  • lay flat and easy to install | can be cut to any length | skid-resistant grip to reduce slipping
  • protect your power cords, computer cables and other wires running on the floor. this is raw rubber, scuffing is natural and expected like all rubber products.

Featuring 3 chambers and a pre-split underside for ease of use, this cord protector is perfect for those areas where a discreet look is desired. The rubber cord cover lies flat such that it cannot trip a person despite being discreet. It has a bottom that comes with a skid resistant grip to avoid sliding around.

Since it is high quality natural rubber, and it comes coiled, it initially needs heat to help it lay flat. A few minutes of sunshine or warm conditions will suffice. If your garage is warm, you do not need to keep this protector out in the sun for long.

Buying Guide

1. Cover Length

How long are the cables that you wish to protect? Your cables will determine the length of protector you need. The protectors are available in varying lengths, the most common being 4ft and 6 ft. Manufacturers provide connectors to help keep a seamless look if you need longer covers.

2. Width

The number and size of cables you want to protect will determine the width of the protector. Most floor covers are up to 2 inches, but you can get some that are 3 inches wide. 

3. Safety

A majority of the manufacturers make protectors that lie as flat as possible. Most of them have skid resistant backing and anti-trip sides to avoid accidents.

4. Ease of use

While a majority of these protectors come with pre-slit underside for ease of use, some do not. Therefore, before you make a purchase, ensure that you have an easy-to-use option, especially if you have to install the covers on multiple cords over long distances.

5. Suitability

If you intend to use the garage floor cord protector in areas with high vehicular traffic, be sure to choose what is suited for the job. While there are many options on the market that are labeled “heavy duty”, not all are suitable for use in areas with heavy vehicles. As such, always check the weight limit of the protector if you intend to use it in areas with heavy machinery or vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use any floor cord protector in my garage?

It depends on the intended use. The type and size of the protector will depend on the cables to be protected, the traffic of the area as well as personal aesthetic preferences. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to the recommended use of the product.

Where can I use plastic garage floor cord covers?

This depends on the quality of the plastic in question. Heavy-duty plastic can be used in high pedestrian traffic areas. If the plastic is not labeled as heavy-duty, it is advisable to use the protector in light traffic areas. Be sure to confirm the manufacturer’s recommendations for the cover you choose.

My pet chews the cables, help!

It depends on whether it is made for both indoor and outdoor use. In most cases, the manufacturer volunteers this information. If the information is not available, be sure to ask about it before purchase.

Can I use the floor cord protector outside the garage?

It depends on whether it is made for both indoor and outdoor use. In most cases, the manufacturer volunteers this information. If the information is not available, be sure to ask about it before purchase.

Can the floor cord protector damage my garage floor?

In most cases, no. However, it depends on the material and construction of the protector as well as the type of flooring on your garage. You can always confirm from the product description or manufacturer’s instructions for recommended flooring pairing.


Keep in mind that it is important to get the most suitable garage floor cord protector to avoid future accidents, especially if the cords are in a frequently used area. If you are looking for your first garage floor cover, shop around so as to get the best within your budget.