The Best Cabinet Light For Garage Cabinets

The Best Cabinet Light for Garage Cabinets

Nothing brings out the aesthetics in a room like the right type and amount of illumination. A series of light fixtures fitted across garage cabinets ensure that your personal garage space is well lit and the lights themselves are installed in a safe decorative way. Areas of lighting can make your garage look a bit larger, especially when these lights can be controlled by dimmers to contribute to the internal artistic ambiance.

5 Best-Selling Cabinet Light for Garage Cabinets

There are a plethora of light brands and types for garage cabinets and the challenge is finding the type that suits your personal space- the type that gives you that smart home feels and also saves energy. We have taken the numerous features of the best cabinet lights for the garage into consideration and have created a small exclusive list of the absolute best brands that are making a huge splash in the market. Here are our top choices.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Cabinet Light for Garage Cabinets

1. Litever Under-Cabinet LED 2000 Lumens

Under Cabinet LED Lighting ( Counter, Closet, Shelf Lights, 31W, Warm White (6 Bars Kit))
Product Highlights:
  • 【super bright】 ---31w bright warm white cabinet lighting kit. no led dots. no light glaring.
  • 【easy to install】---sufficient self-adhesive pads, mounting clips, wire clips, extension cords will help you to install this under cabinet led lighting kit quickly and easily.
  • 【dimmable only by included led dimmer】---rotary switch dimmer included for 0%~100% stepless dimming. not compatible with existing wall dimmers.
  • 【premium quality】 ---premium higher quality certified power supply included with us plug with 115cm cable. licensed electricians can cut off the us plug and hardwire it to an on/off switch.
  • 【reliable & long lifespan】--24-months warranty when they are installed and used as per the user manual.

The super bright 31W cabinet lighting is perfect for lighting up your garage. If features a sufficient amount of adhesive pads for easy installment and mounting. It comes with LED dimmers, 115cm cables, US plug, and the color is warm white 3000k light. You can rest assured that the lighting has a significantly longer lifespan.

2. BLS T01L LED Cabinet Light

BLS T01L LED Closet ( Motion Sensor & Light Sensor, Light Beam Adjustable)
Product Highlights:
  • motion sensor light switch - the t01l light will turn on automatically when you get within 10 feet and the light stay on for extra 20 seconds after you leave in auto mode. auto/on/off 3 modes available for different occasions. built-in light sensor allows you to choose whether to work only at night or both day and night.
  • longer & brighter - 14-inch panel, 2 watt equipped with 20 super bright leds. give out 180 lumens of soft white light. installation takes a few seconds with the provided screws or 3m sticker.
  • excellent run time - powered by 3 pcs aa batteries (batteries not included). no wiring required! use it 10 times a day, 3 aa batteries last up to 6 months! the t01l light can also be powered by 5v usb dc plug (dc cable provided) to provide constant lighting.
  • adjustable light beam & motion sensor - unique design allows it to swivel to adjust beams directions, and the motion sensor is also adjustable to modify sensitivity. this under cabinet led lights can be mounted in a horizontal position or in a vertical position.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee - comes with 30 days money back guarantee and 12-months hassle-free replacement warranty. the t01l might be the best closet light you could find, so order now and enjoy your better lifestyles!

The built-in motion sensor of the cabinet light gives it an automated response from 10 feet away, and the light stays on for at least 20 seconds after you leave the area of detection. Its features include 14 inch panel with 20 LEDs that produce 180 lumens. No wiring required, rather, it can be powered by 3 AA batteries. Or by a 5V USB dc plug. The light beams are adjustable and ensure that your space is well illuminated.

3. LightKIWI Dimmable Cabinet Lighting LED 3000K

Lightkiwi E7574 Dimmable LED ( Accessories Included, Low Profile, Aluminum Body, UL Listed)
Product Highlights:
  • professional grade lighting quality: we focus on the quality of lighting the most. lightkiwi led under cabinet lighting kit dramatically improve the appearance of items exposed to the lighting by allowing colors to appear clear, vivid and distinguishable all while consuming significantly less energy. experience continuous 0% - 100% flicker-free dimming with our inline electric dimmer switch.
  • expandable: lightkiwi modular led under cabinet lighting kit can expand the configuration by using a power supply with higher wattage. lightkiwi modular led under cabinet lighting panel is designed to expand without overburdening the product.
  • hardwired: lightkiwi hardwire kit (optional) provides the highest quality lighting to adjust the dimming with a wall dimmer switch. depending on the type of wall dimmer switch, smart features such as wireless, alexa, and google home are available. for a more luxurious and professional atmosphere, try the lightkiwi hardwire kit.
  • certification: ul-listed qualified, rohs, and meets t24 requirements. most states will not allow electricians or homeowners to install led lighting products that have not been tested by a certification laboratory. this ul listed led panels and power supply meets all regulatory requirements. the ul certification is an indication of a superior quality product that has passed numerous tests before getting its approval.
  • buy with confidence: 3 year warranty. reduce re-installation frequency. lifespan over 35,000 hours. easy installation; you won't need an engineering degree to install your new under cabinet lighting. one of the highest standard under cabinet lighting kit on the market; preferred by most contractors and electricians. excellent performance; guaranteed to have adhered the most demanding quality control procedures.

The modular LED cabinet lighting is designed to expand by using a power source with higher wattage. It comes with a hardwiring kit to adjust dimming and smart wireless features such as Alexa for a more sophisticated atmosphere. The lighting meets T24 standard requirements and greatly improves the garage aesthetics.

4. LightingEver 3000K LED Cabinet Lighting

LE LED Under Cabinet ( Stairs And More, All Accessories Included, Pack Of 6…)
Product Highlights:
  • bright and energy efficient. these 6 watt (3 pcs) led puck lights provide 510 lumens of warm white light, equivalent to 50 watt halogen bulbs with 88% less energy use.
  • stick on puck lighting. tool free easy installation. peel and stick up, plug and play. no drilling holes, no damage to your counter.
  • low profile, ultra-thin. 0.5 inch in thickness. blending seamlessly with your cabinet, cupboard, closet, shelf, detolf, headboard and so on.
  • touch dimmable. 4 brightness levels. touch to set the brightness and turn on/off the lights
  • natural accent lighting. cri is over 80. enhance your space by bringing out the true colors of your collectibles. see colors the way they are supposed to be.

The energy-efficient, 6-watt LED puck light is built to function at 88% less energy use. It provides 510 lumens of white light and is easy to install by simple peel and stick technique. No drilling required. I come with 4 brightness levels: 25, 50, 75, and 100% that can be set by touching.

5. TORCHSTAR LED Lighting, ALEXA Compatible, 5000K

TORCHSTAR Voice Control Smart ( Power Adapter 900LM For Under Cabinet, 5000K Daylight)
Product Highlights:
  • flexible control: works with alexa, voice control available; works with smart life app, smart phone control available, easily dim and switch no matter how far away from the light; smart controller included, simple to turn on/off by one press on the button; 3 methods to control, offer an intelligent lifestyle
  • simple installation: high-quality 3m adhesive tape at the back of the strip, use the light wherever you want; extra extension cables included, connect the strip lights together to fit your needs
  • stepless dimming: 0%-100% smooth dimming, no flickers or buzzing, instant on. no more worries about incompatibility issues, adjustable brightness perfectly fits any occasion
  • timer function: set a schedule to automatically turn on/off the strip light by smart phone app, enjoy your bedtime without concerning about the extra electricity consumption throughout the night
  • reliable quality: ul listed power adapter, 27.4 years (based on 3hrs/day) long-lasting lifespan, assured safe operation and high quality

The Torchstar provides you with flexible control and compatibility with Alexa. This includes voice control, dimmable settings, and timer functions to allow scheduled on and off. It features step-less dimming as well: from 0 to 100%. Installation is easy and allows you to set up exactly how and where you need your lights.   

Buying Guide

Under-cabinet garage lighting comes in different types, aesthetics, and levels of efficiency. It usually helps if you have prior knowledge of various lighting types, their pros, and cons as well as their efficiency rate. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered in this guide. Here are some types of lighting that are often used for garage under-cabinets:

1. LED Lights

The light-emitting diode (LED) is probably the most common and trendiest type of lighting. This is because of its energy-efficient functions. LED lights, since their inception has become extremely popular; used in every smart home in overhead fixtures. LED is exceptionally durable, compared to its counterparts and is preferred by most people because of its brightness, controllability, durability, color versatility, and aesthetics. However, it remains the most expensive type of all lighting types.

2. Halogen Lights

These types of lights use a gas compound that contains halogen vapor inside the bulb. When an electric charge runs through the filament, compounds react to produce bright white light. Halogen lights are quite efficient and use 25-80 percent less energy than fluorescent bulbs, however, they are inferior to LED and Xenon bulbs when it comes to energy consumption and overall durability. Halogen bulbs are still quite decent and come at affordable prices. One downside is that they tend to get very hot, hence, they should not be handled while in use.

3. Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent lights are one of the best when it comes to energy efficiency. They do not produce so much heat. As for the disadvantages, they can be a bit noisy when they buzz and the light can be a bit disconcerting. They are not compatible with dimmer functions and they develop a short lifespan if they are often turned off and on. Fluorescents are made with mercury vapor and phosphorus coating which plays a key role in converting Ultraviolet light to visible light. The presence of these components makes the fluorescent bulb toxic and should be disposed of according to the set guidelines of the Environmental Protection Agency.

4. Xenon Lights

The mechanism of xenon lighting is quite distinct. It doesn’t use a filament; rather electricity is passed through xenon gas in the bulb causing the charged electrons to produce light. Xenon light is more durable than halogen and emits less heat. The Xenon light bulb is the next best thing after LED when it comes to energy efficiency, lifespan, brightness, dimming functionality, and other great features.

What to Consider When Buying Cabinet Lights for Your Garage

1. Voltage – There are 3 types of voltage in this category: the regular line voltage of 120v, low transformer voltage of 12V to 24V, and then battery voltages ranging from 1.5v to 10v.

2. Installation – Some of them come with DIY instructions and are easy to install while some of them require professionals.

3. Energy use – While choices may differ, a light bulb with the highest energy efficiency would be best. Also, heat output should be minimal.

4. Dimmers – The choice of reducing brightness and light intensity is an option that is common to modern lighting systems and is usually most convenient. The dimmers help to reduce energy consumption and to reduce the cost of electricity.

5. Styles   primarily, there are 3 under-cabinet lighting styles that one could choose from, these are the strip lights that usually come in rolls, the puck lights- shaped like hockey pucks, and the bar lights which is the most common type of light widely used for lighting up most areas of the house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is under-cabinet lighting for the garage worth it?

Yes, it can save you a ton of money that could have been spent of electricity bills.

How bright should garage lighting be?

Typically, the lumen range for a garage workshop is about 3500 lumens. A 75-watt bulb may produce 1100 lumens. However, brightness is usually a matter of choice.

What are the best lights for garage cabinets?

LED lights are the most popular choice for garage cabinets and any other space in the home, this is because they produce negligible heat, they can be dimmed, they are durable, and work perfectly in all environmental conditions such as high-humidity.

Can I leave LED strip lights on all day?

Yes, you can. LED lights have a longer lifespan than most lighting types and are energy efficient. They are often used as night lights as well.

How many cabinet lights do I need?

At least one puck light in every 8-12 inch of your cabinet. This would provide an equal distribution of light to avoid dark spaces.


What are your specific needs in cabinet lights? Any one of our recommended garage cabinet lights can easily match your needs. Whether it’s brightness, color temperature, energy conservation, less heat output, or a longer lifespan, you are sure to get value from the list.