The Best Burglar Alarm For Garages

The Best Burglar Alarm for Garages: Secure Your Garage and Rest at Peace Knowing that Your Valuables are Safe

Do you have several valuables in your garage? Do you want to secure your garage or shed area? If yes you need to get the best burglar alarm for garages. While padlocks and other things can help you, an alarm system will provide you with the ultimate protection.

5 Best-Selling Burglar Alarm for Garages

Apart from frightening the thieves, it will alert you when something is wrong. If anyone gets into your garage, it will make a loud sound. In this review, we’ve discussed some of the best alarms for garage.

Once you’ve determined your current security requirements and budget you’ll end up with the best.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Burglar Alarm for Garages

1. Yale Intruder Alarm Starter Kit

Equipped with high level of details, Yale Intruder is one of the best burglar alarm systems for the garage. Simple to install and use, you just need to type in four-digit code to set it up or disarm it.

Coming with an app, it can alert you through your phone if you want. With its 200-meter range coverage, you can comfortably protect your shed and other buildings all the time.

It also has a part arming feature that allows you to choose the areas you want to secure. Although it’s good enough to be used in the garage, you can still use it for other buildings such as your home.

To minimize the risk of interference and improve the level of security, it has enhanced encrypted security. Featuring a contactless control you can easily disarm it without the need for sharing or remembering the pin code.

2. Bistee Wireless Alarm System

Driveway Sensor Wireless 1 ( Sensor + 1 Receiver))
Product Highlights:
  • wireless motion detector alarm driveway alarm 600 feet long range outdoor weather resistant motion sensor & detector security alert system monitor protect outside/inside property

If you are looking for an alarm that makes a lot of noise, this system is the way to go. If someone tries to access your garage, it will produce an ear-piercing sound while flashing. Even if you own a large property, you’ll clearly hear it.

As compared to other alarm systems, you don’t even have to worry about turning it off. It has a 4 mode remote control that allows you to set how it behaves thus protecting your ears from the noise.

If you want to sneak into your garage without disturbing other people, you just need to disarm it. It also has a home mode that lets you turn off all the sensors and trigger it wherever you want.

One thing you’ll love is its roller-shutter door sensor. Using a combination of transmitters and sensors, this feature will alert you when there is movement.

3. Smart Door Alarm Sensor Wireless System

Smart Door Window Alarm ( Cars, Sheds, Caravans, Motorhomes)
Product Highlights:
  • free app mode, for tuyasmart, one-click wifi or ap mode to connect wifi. long transmission distance, up to 45 meters, and strong network signal.
  • silent door alarm wifi can work independently without hubs and is compatible with alexa and google home. ultra-long standby time
  • built in batteries, of which standby time last for 5 years. by connecting wifi (2.4g only) and mobile phone connection, alert will be pushed to mobile phone via app when the abnormal status detected.
  • this smart burglar alarm has a very comprehensive performance, can connect alexa and google family, achieve sound control, operation is very simple, the quality is very good, is a good helper to protect your home security!
  • 1 year free warranty + lifetime technical support no risk of personal information. if you have any problems(like refund,return,replace,etc), please feel free to contact us.we will reply you within 24 hours.

Coming with a hassle-free installation and an easy to understand user manual, Smart Door Alarm Sensor Wireless System is probably the best alarm system for your garage. With its robust design, you don’t need to spend any money on maintenance

It also has a very strong battery that can last up to one year. This means you don’t have to continuously worry about the battery. Living up to the brand’s name, it’s fitted with several features to enhance your level of protection and efficiency.

Additional features that make it the best include AP mode, one-click Wi-Fi connectivity, and along transmission distance that can send signals up to 45 meters.

The best part is that it can work independently. Compatible with Alexa and Google Home, it’s quite easy to install and use.

By offering 1-year warranty, it means the company is so confident with their product. If you are looking for the best burglar alarm for garages, this one won’t disappoint you.

4. Doberman Security Ultra-Slim Window Alarm

DOBERMAN SECURITY UltraSlim Window ( For Home, Office, Dorm Room Or Even RVs – Model SE-0106)
Product Highlights:
  • detects window vibration – instantly alerts you of a potential break in with loud 100 db alarm
  • unique ultra-slim design – perfect for your home, office, garage, dorm room, or even rv
  • vibration trigger technology – built-in vibration sensor perfectly tuned – will not go off in rain, wind, etc. no false alarms
  • easy installation – simply peel and stick, no tools needed. warning sticker on backside deters theft
  • includes 3 button cell batteries (lr44)

Doberman Security Ultra-Slim Window Alarm is also another burglar alarm system for garage. If you are looking for a lightweight and compact alarm system this is the right choice for you.

What sets it apart is that it’s one of the systems that works and sounds well anytime a motion is detected. Specifically designed for the windows, its lightweight and heavy-duty design means it will comfortably stick on any window without losing the grip of falling down.

With its long-lasting battery power, you don’t have to charge it every now and again. Its only downside is that it does not notify you when its sensors are tripped.

Additionally, it’s fitted with the latest vibration trigger technology which does not go off during the snow or rain. Since it doesn’t require any unnecessary wiring it’s quite easy to install.

5. Defender Wireless Shed Alarm

If you are shopping for the best simple door alarm, this system will not let you down. You just need to attach it to the door and the sensor to the frame and you are good to go.

What’s more, it’s fitted with a shock sensor that activates once it detects any powerful vibration. In case it’s triggered, you only need 15 seconds to key in the code.

Its main unit also has a small solar panel that can double up as a source of power provided there is enough sun.

Instead of using the adhesive pads supplied, just screw it to your door frame. With all these features, you’ll get an alarm system with everything that you need. What more would you need from an alarm system?

What to Consider When Buying Burglar Alarm

1. Know Your Purpose

If you are shopping for the first time, try asking yourself the purpose you want to achieve. A good alarm system for garage should have all the features that you need.

2. Professional Monitoring

It’s also important to choose a system that receives alerts, responds, and alerts you. You should be able to receive all notifications if your sensor is triggered.

3. Look for the Right Hardware

While shopping for the best burglar alarm for garage, look for the right hardware. Since it communicates with others it should be fitted with control panel. Plus, it should cover all the entry points of your garage.

4. Go Wireless

While there are several alarm systems in the markets, wireless systems are still the best. The best thing about them is that they can be installed anywhere. Plus,, they come with a wide range of features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s are burglar alarms for garages?

Burglar alarms for garages are systems that monitor your garage door area. They mostly work using motion sensor equipment. If the sensor picks any movement around the garage, they will immediately alert you by producing siren sound or audible alarm.

Why do I need a burglar alarm for garage?

By installing garage alarms, you’ll deter intruders from getting into your garage. Installing any of these will, therefore, help you prevent theft.

How much protection will I get from burglar alarms for garages?

Most garage alarms will allow you to add more sensors and cover wider areas. You can also arrange the sensors into zones and create specific alarms for every zone.

How much do burglar alarm systems costs?

This generally depends on the system you are looking for. While some units are as cheap as $10 others can cost up to $250.


This review should have provided you with enough information to help you get the best burglar alarm for your garage. Since no individual alarm is perfect, you just need to understand your needs and budget. It’s also important to think about what’s inside the garage. This way you’ll end up with the right system.