The Best Baseboard Heater For Garage

The Best Baseboard Heater for Garage: Banish the Chill and Work in Comfort with These Units

If you are looking for a way to heat your garage without worrying about running ducts or searching for a supplementary form of heating, the baseboard heater is the right choice.

5 Best-Selling Baseboard Heater for Garage

Unlike other heaters they allow you to only heat the room you are in thus saving you money in the long run.

Although they are not used as the primary sources of heat, they work great as supplementary sources of heat. Coming in varying lengths and different watts power, you can always choose the right one for your garage.

Available as hot water heaters or electric heaters, there are quite flexible hence making it easy to choose the right one. Regardless of the option, you are looking for, make sure you settle on the most energy-efficient one.

Here are some of the best baseboard heaters for garage you need to know.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Baseboard Heater for Garage

1. DIMPLEX North America PC6025W31 Wireless Heater

DIMPLEX NORTH AMERICA PC6025W31 ( Heater, White|Whites)
Product Highlights:
  • connex, 2500w, 240v, 60, white, wireless baseboard heater, energy efficient, built-in electronic thermostat
  • highly durable product
  • manufactured in china

As a reliable baseboard heater, the PC6025W31 Wireless Heater is what you need for your garage, hallways, and living rooms. Coming with several features, it’s the ideal heater for your home garage.

Compatible with wall mountable and wireless temperatures, you can control how it operates and minimize the unnecessary usage of power. Equipped with an electronic thermostat, it can easily adapt to the heating requirements of your garage.

With this unique heater, you’ll significantly avoid wasting electric power. Since its surface may get hot after along use, you need to keep the pets and the kids away.

Coming with a CSA certification, you can rest assured you are dealing with a safe unit. As a highly durable product, it will serve you for long without any issue.

2. Cadet White Baseboard Electric Heater

Cadet F Series 72 ( 240/208 Volt, 1500/1125 Watt, White)
Product Highlights:
  • requires a thermostat
  • 25 gauge steel
  • 20 gauge junction box with ground, all metal, and powder coated
  • ul listed heater
  • requires a thermostat

Cadet White Baseboard Electric Heater is among the most efficient baseboard heaters out there. With this heater, you can stay warm and safe while working in the garage. Powder-coated and made of metal, it’s strong and durable.

Coming with 1500 watts and 240 volts, it has no built-in thermostat hence requires one. Instead of plugging in, you need to hardwire the thermostat. As the most efficient heater, it’s suitable for any room in the house including the garage, living room, and bedroom.

As a good heating system, it won’t produce any noise. Functional and powerful, it will help you warm up the garage in no time.

Since it comes with panels on both sides, it’s quite simple and easy to install. Made of high-quality materials and powder-coated, you can rest assured it’s durable. To keep you warm and comfortable throughout it radiates the heat effectively.

3. Marley HBB500 Baseboard Heaters

Marley HBB500 Baseboard HEATERS ( HEATERS, Navajo White)
Product Highlights:
  • heat your space without kicking up dust or other allergens. the natural convection airflow doesn't rely on a blower or fan to move warm air throughout the room.
  • hydronic baseboards put out smooth, steady warmth without large temperature swings. their sealed-tube heating element heats up quickly and stays that way, for a more stable room climate.
  • even after the thermostat turns off, this unit continues heating the room, thanks to its fluid-immersed heating element that better retains warmth to keep your room cozy for longer.
  • this convection heater starts up and stops without the disruptive popping or pinging sounds given off by traditional baseboard models.
  • for maximum efficiency, the unit converts all incoming electric energy into heat, according to department of energy standards.

If you are looking for high performance and well-designed baseboard heater for garage, HB550 is the right one. Equipped with several features, it will provide you with long, smooth, and uniform heat in the garage, living room, and hallways.

Specially designed to help you reduce your heating expenses, it will help you save on energy bills. With its fluid immersed heating element it will continue to warm your garage for long.

The best part is that its heating elements get warm within a very short time. This means you need very little power to warm your garage the way you want. But, just like other baseboard heaters, you cannot rely on it as the main source of heat.

4. Fahrenheat F2516 6′ 120V Baseboard Heater

As compared to other heaters, Fahrenheat F2516 6 Baseboard Heater produces convection heat that rapidly heats the room without uneven hot and cold seasons. This means you’ll enjoy the comfort from the floor to the ceiling.

Coming with a large wiring compartment, built-in cable clamp, and dual knockouts, you can wire it up and connect. This means you’ll start enjoying the heat fast.

If you want to enjoy the heat without any worry, it’s fitted with overheat protection to prevent it from heating where there is no air.

Simple and easy to install, you can set it up in the bedroom, garage, and living room among other places. The amazing thing is that it has a low profile design.

To provide you with safe heating you can mount it on the wall or directly on the carpet, flooring, or tile.

5. NewAir AH-600 1500W Baseboard Heater

NewAir Ultramodern Portable Baseboard ( To 150 Sq Ft, AH-600, Black)
Product Highlights:
  • [portable features for ease of use] unlike most baseboard heaters, the ah-600 isn’t hardwired into your home. plug it into a 120v outlet and place it under a windowsill to heat any room in your home.
  • [low-profile design blends in with any space] the slim build of this heater is designed to fit under any windowsill in your home. whether you use it in your bedroom or living space, this heater will blend into any environment and stay out of the way of any foot traffic or home activity.
  • [silent convection heating doesn’t disrupt your sleep or routine] this heater doesn’t use a fan to push hot air into your home; it just relies on natural convection heating to give you the warmth you need. set the timer before you go to bed and enjoy a night of silent sleep. or, simply enjoy your time at home with the warmth your new silent baseboard heater provides.
  • [fast heating system warms up to 150 square feet] get warm fast thanks to this powerful heater. it uses convection heating, which means it will get to work right away heating the cold air in your home. since it gets to work right away heating your space, it uses less energy to warm 150 square feet of room. enjoy more warmth at a lower cost.
  • [safety features to protect you and your home] this portable baseboard heater was designed with safety in mind. it comes with an automatic shut-off function for overheating protection. that way, you can set it and forget it.

The NewAir AH-600 is not only a highly efficient baseboard heater but also functional as well. Due to its advanced safety and control features, you can comfortably use it without any issue.

To maximize its level of efficiency, you can use its control and safety features. Whether you want to time the performance or adjust the heating capacity, it features multiple controls.

With its knob and push-button, you can control the temperature and decide how long it will work. As compared to other heaters you can use it for 7.5 hours nonstop. However, you can always set this based on your requirements.

If you need to heat large spaces such as the garage you just need to move from one point to another. This will eliminate all the cold spots and improve the efficiency of your heating.

Plus, fitted with a special feature, it will automatically turn off when it gets knocked.

Buying Guide

1. Size of the Space

Before buying a baseboard heater for the garage, you need to consider the size of the space. A baseboard heater that’s suited for a large room cannot adequately warm a small room.

2. Energy Efficiency

The main reason for buying a baseboard heater for garage is to feel comfortable and minimize energy cost. With this in mind, you need to look for an energy-efficient one. Avoid buying a heater that only drains your wallet without providing you with warmth.

3. Safety

You must ask yourself whether the heater is safe or not. Since these heaters get hot easily if you are not careful they might cause injuries. So make sure it’s fitted with safety features that can prevent overheating including an automatic shut-off system.

4. Price

If you are on a budget, the price is a very huge consideration. It makes a lot of sense to buy a baseboard heater that’s within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What’s a hydronic baseboard heater?

Also known as a water-based heater, this is a type of heater that uses a heating element to warm the water or oil which in turn heats the air around. As compared to convection heaters, they are a bit expensive.

How can install a baseboard heater?

Most baseboard heaters are installed below the window or close to the floor.  Given that they come with everything including instructions, you just need to search for a suitable place, follow the guidelines and install it. If you are not sure how to go about it, contact an expert.

Which size baseboard heater do I need for my garage?

The size of baseboard heater for your garage depends on your needs. If you want to heat the whole room you may need to install more than one. The general rule is that every square of the room needs ten watts. So if your garage is 100 feet you need enough heaters to provide you with a thousand watts.

How can I maintain my baseboard heater for garage?

As compared to other heaters, baseboard heaters require very little maintenance. However, since dust and dirt are the main things affecting them make sure you wipe them well and remove all the dust. You should also give them enough room to heat the room


Before settling on buying a baseboard heater, think about its safety features. Also, measure your garage so you can know the heater that you need. If you are not sure where to start, any of the above heaters can serve you just well.