The Best Band Saw For Garage

The Best Band Saw for Garage: Cut through Thicker Pieces of Wood and Make those Intricate Shapes With These Amazing Tools

As one of the best cutting tools any garage worker can ever have, the best band saw for garage works in almost a similar way as a router.

5 Best-Selling Best Band Saw for Garage

Used mostly for making unusual cuts on woods, these tools can help you cut metals, make crosscuts and rip the lumber.

From smaller benchtop models to large floor standing models, they come in different shapes and sizes. The ideal one should be durable, efficient, and strong enough to tackle any job that you throw it’s away.

Fitted with the right bands, these saws can also cut metal. If you want to upgrade your garage with these powerful tools, this guide can help you choose the right one. Dive in to learn about these top 5.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Best Band Saw for Garage

1. WEN 3962 10-Inch Band Saw

WEN 3960 28Amp 9Inch ( Benchtop Band Saw)
Product Highlights:
  • 2.8 amp motor rotates the blade up to 2460 feet per minute
  • create cuts up to 3-5/8 inches deep and 9 inches wide
  • uses 62-inch blades anywhere from 1/8 to 3/8 inches in size
  • spacious 12 x 12 inch work table bevels up to 45 degrees
  • includes a 2-year warranty, a dust port, a fence, and a miter gauge

Considering the price, WEN 3962 is probably one of the best band saws you can ever buy. Equipped with a 14-1/8 by 12-1/2 inch table, it gives you plenty of room to make up to 45 degrees of angle cuts.

Featuring a 3.5 am motor, you can comfortably run it at 1520 or 2620 FPM thus allowing you to cut a variety of materials.

If that’s not all, it comes with a 3-in-1 dust port, 2-year warranty, miter gauge, fence, and works light. Given that you can fit 72-inch blades of 1/8 to 1/2 inch thickness, it can make cuts up to 6 inches deep and 9.75 inches wide.

Whether you are pro or novice you can use it without hassles. If you are using it for the first time, you’ll pleasantly be surprised by it.

2. Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw with Fence, 10-Inch

RIKON 10305 Bandsaw With ( Fence, 10-Inch)
Product Highlights:
  • solid steel design- the 10-305 is a scaled down version of the popular 10-345 and 10-325. frame is made of steel plate, stronger than plastic frames used by other manufactures
  • cast iron table-large 13-3/4-inch by 12-1/2-inch sturdy work surface, a feature not typically found on a bandsaw of this size
  • rip fence- a quality rip fence is now included. easily removed to do free hand work
  • motor - 1/3hp motor provides ample power for cutting bowl and pen blanks
  • micro adjustable guide post- raise and lower the guide post height with the turn of a handle

If you are looking for a solid band saw at a modest price, RIKON 10-305 won’t disappoint. While it’s not the cheapest model, it’s also not costly. Since it’s capable of doing a good job there is a lot to admire about it.

Made of a solid steel frame with cast-aluminum wheels and a cast iron table, this unit feels strong and good. Coming with a 1/3 HP motor it will move the blade at 2780 feet per minute and gets the job done well.

Although it won’t bevel to the left, it will bevel up to 45 degrees. In addition, it’s fitted with a 2-inch aluminum fence. But since it doesn’t have a meter gauge, if you are looking for one you’ll have to separately buy it.

The most amazing thing is that it’s backed with a 5-year warranty. This means you can buy it with confidence knowing that you are covered.

3. Grizzly G0555LX Delux Band Saw

Grizzly G0555LX Deluxe Bandsaw ( Bandsaw, 14")
Product Highlights:
  • item may ship in more than one box and may arrive separately
  • all ball bearing construction. cast iron frame. precision-ground cast iron table.
  • csa certified meeting csa c22
  • computer balanced cast iron wheels with rubber tires.
  • upper and lower ball bearing blade guides and thrust bearings.

Grizzly G0555LX band saw is made of a table and cast iron frame to prevent warping and withstand any pressure that may be exerted on it. Coming with 2-speed settings, it will help you handle any work well.

Additionally, because of its computer balanced cast iron wheels, you’ll find it quite easy to control. Since it’s a CSA certified model it will enable you to handle almost any task.

One thing that stands out is its weight. Weighing 247 pounds, it’s a very heavy product. Otherwise, you’ll find it solid, durable, and strong.

Deciding on whether to buy it or not depends on what you want it for. As an expensive machine, you can use it to perform professional and heavy-duty jobs without any problem.

If you are a hobbyist or just want to do occasional work in the house, it might not be the right machine for you.  Its only downside is 1 HP. Although this is enough for most garage jobs, it’s a bit low for commercial or professional jobs.

4. Powertec BS900 Bench top Band Saw

POWERTEC BS900 9 Inch ( Benchtop Bandsaw)
Product Highlights:
  • includes: (1) bs900 110 volt 9” band saw, (1) miter gauge and (1) 1/4” x 62 inch band saw blade
  • function: an essential woodworking tool for delivering precision cuts, cutting irregular shapes up to 3-5/8 inches deep & 9 inches wide, or ripping lumber into thinner pieces
  • special features: patented blade guard adjustment for quick and easy blade replacement, a blade tracking window, and a 2” dust port that keeps work area clean and clear from dust
  • quick adjustments: table with rack and pinion adjustment for easy 45 degree angle tilt
  • power: band saw has a 2. 5 amp motor – perfect for an assortment of wood based projects

If you are looking for a lightweight band saw for light use in your home garage, Powertec BS900 is the ideal tool for you. Featuring a patented window and an easy to adjust blade you can always see where the blade is cutting.

What sets it apart is how many things you enjoy for the price. Although it’s quite affordable, it’s packed with several years to enjoy. With its quick-release action blade, you can easily make adjustments.

It also has aluminum cast iron to give you the stability you need while working. As long as you use it well it will serve you for long. It’s, therefore, suitable for garages, small DIY projects, and crafts.

To accommodate quick and accurate angle changes for your work, it has a rack and pinion table.

5. WEN 3960 9-Inch Benchtop Band Saw

WEN 3960 28Amp 9Inch ( Benchtop Band Saw)
Product Highlights:
  • 2.8 amp motor rotates the blade up to 2460 feet per minute
  • create cuts up to 3-5/8 inches deep and 9 inches wide
  • uses 62-inch blades anywhere from 1/8 to 3/8 inches in size
  • spacious 12 x 12 inch work table bevels up to 45 degrees
  • includes a 2-year warranty, a dust port, a fence, and a miter gauge

Due to its size, WEN 3960 9 is probably the best benchtop band saw. Capable of spinning blades at 2,460 feet per minute, it has everything you need in a band saw.

With its 1-foot square worktable, you can tilt up to 45 degrees and cut up to 3 5/8 inches deep. Unlike other band saws, it comes with a miter gauge, dust port, quick release blade adjustment lever, and 2-year warranty coverage.

If you are using it for the first time, you’ll love the way it cuts. Even when using the thinnest blades, it’s capable of cutting very straight lines.

Plus, it’s fitted with a large working space and a work light to make your work easy. Since it fairs quite well you’ll really like it.

Buying Guide

1. Price

Just like other power tools, price should be your number one considering. While cheaper doesn’t mean a bad product, you should avoid buying just any tool because it’s cheap. It’s, therefore, important to strike a balance between your budget and quality so you can get the best product.

2. Durability

Band saws use a single blade to make cuts. This means the blade and the whole body of the machine is usually under pressure. If they are made of inferior materials, they won’t last.  So before settling on anyone, consider how long they last. To get a general idea about the best, look for the quality of the frames, table, and blades.

3. Ease of Use

While user friendly may mean a lot, the most important thing to consider is how easy it is to change the blade. The more you use it the likelihood that you’ll change the blade.  So, talk to people who’ve used it before so you can know whether it’s easy or difficult.

4. Power

To handle most of your projects, you just need a 1 ½ HP motor. However, if you go below this power you are likely to get into problems. If you are thinking of cutting hardwoods or metal you may go beyond this power.

5. Table Tilt

Having a band saw with a tilting table is very important if you want to make angled cuts. You should, therefore, look for one that can go for up to 45 degrees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a band saw for garage to cut metal?

Yes in most cases, band saws are the best way to cut metals in the garage. However, before doing this, make sure you fit in a metal saw band.

Do I require specific blades for different cuts?

You might require different saw blades for different cuts and different materials. For instance, blades meant for cutting metals are different from the ones for cutting wood.

How can I sharpen my saw blades?

The best way to do this is by using a file. While doing this make sure the file is parallel to the blades before making few passes.


If you are looking for the best band saw, the most important thing to consider is what you are going to use it for. Next, you can figure out the best one for you. If you are stuck, you can rely on our review to check the specs you need. With several options out there, you’ll definitely get the one looking for.