How To Turn Your Garage Into A Bar

How to Turn Your Garage into a Bar

If you currently have a garage in your house that you aren’t using or if you just have too much space in it then you can utilize it for other purposes. Turning it into a bar is a great and fun way to let you and your friends have a place to relax during the weekends.

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If you have too much time on your hands while also having a good amount of money then you can have your DIY bar by just following this step-by-step guide.


Steps to Turning your Garage into a Bar

Planning is important when converting your garage into a bar as you want to make it into the best place to relax and enjoy a drink with your friends. You can follow these steps to help you know what you should first prioritize to help you save time in creating your DIY bar. 

Creating a bar will surely cost you a significant amount so it’s best to know what you should do first so you won’t have to spend more on remodeling a specific area.

Step 1

Start from scratch, if you are planning to create a bar into your garage then it’s better to have a blank canvas that lets you have a clearer picture of what you’re going to create. You will be able to maximize the entire space inside your garage for making a bar.

Step 2

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Create a plan and think of several ideas on how you want your bar to look like inside your garage. You can search for ideas on the internet or maybe ask around a few friends who have also created their DIY bar. You must know what you want to create before starting your renovation. 

Step 3

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Clean out your garage and place them somewhere safe so you can check every part of the garage and see what you can make out of it. You can see the actual space that you can turn into a place for drinking.

Step 4

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Add colors inside your garage that give off the atmosphere which can make you feel that you are actually inside a bar. Paint the walls inviting colors that suit your taste and make your guests get that inviting feel to drink and chat around with other people. 

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Step 5

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Insulate your garage like how you are insulating the inside of your home. Make it as comfortable as possible so you want to hang around the place no matter what time of the day it is. 

You can apply stone epoxy for your flooring and you can even add insulators on the inside of your drywall. It is also a good idea to add garage door insulators to regulate the temperature inside the room.

The cost of insulation might seem high but it will save you money as you do not need that much energy to maintain room temperature.

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Step 6

Install the appropriate lighting that can set the mood of the bar although this is also important to properly illuminate the room. There are different ways to light up your garage that gives off the perfect atmosphere to drink and socialize around the place.

It’s also a good idea to buy energy-efficient bulbs to reduce your monthly costs of electricity bills. Using Christmas lights is a good option for people who want to make their lighting look more decorative. 

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Step 7

Furniture is important to let people sit and mingle around with other people in your DIY garage bar. Add comfortable chairs and tables that are aesthetically pleasing and also fit with the design that you are aiming your bar to look like.

You won’t have to break the bank by buying new furniture, you just have to find the right ones that look good while also being comfortable enough to sit in.

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Step 8

Install Shelves for your liquor. Although having a refrigerator is also a good option, to make your garage have the feel of a bar, it is best to place your alcohol on shelves. Display them for everyone to see to get them to entice to drink more and enjoy their time in your garage.

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Step 9

Climate control is important as it lets people hang in your garage comfortably as they are lounging in the best temperature inside a room. You should install the best quality air conditioner or even use a split-type to minimize the noise.

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Step 10

Accessorize the place by adding other items that can let your guests enjoy themselves more during their drinking session. Add electronics like a TV so you and your friends can watch a game of Football while finishing off your beer.

You can also add a pool table to play something while everyone is enjoying their drink. It’s important to remember that you should check the space of your garage and see the limitations of what you can add inside.

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Can I Turn my Garage into a Man Cave?

If you have the best idea of turning your garage into a DIY bar that is comfortable and a good place to hang around then it can also double as your man cave. As long as you have a good amount of space inside then you can have the leisure of customizing it to any way you want.

Is Storage Going to be a Problem?

If you have other places to store your items such as a basement then you can transfer all of your belongings from your garage over there. You can also utilize the ceiling space by creating shelves to store items that you do not usually need so your DIY bar won’t look messy from all the stuff that you have.


Having a bar inside your garage allows you to have easy access to a place where you can hang around with your friends and socialize with other people.

It also makes it more comfortable as it is just a few steps away from your house if you ever want to finish your drinking session.