How To Reinforce A Portable Garage

How to Reinforce a Portable Garage

In dire need of a garage but don’t have the money to build one? A portable garage is just what you need. And setting it up is just like a walk in the park.

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During the setup process, you also need to reinforce it as well. And you can do this by using cross cables for the walls, nylon ropes for the roof, and bolted legs for the bottom. 

Portable Garage
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Are you thinking of getting a portable garage? Then you need to know its ins and outs of reinforcing. There are a plethora of portable garages available in the market today.

And almost a majority of them have the same way of being reinforced, which is what we are going to tackle today.

Different Types of Garage Reinforcements

There are different types of reinforcement materials for your portable garage depending on where you want to put it. Let’s talk more about them below.

1. Cross Cables

Want to make the walls of your portable garage stronger? Then say hello to cross cables. These cables are cheap and buying one won’t put a toll on your wallet. Setting up cross cables is pretty simple. You cross the cables (obviously) and put both ends from the top to bottom. 

Some portable garages have cross cables built-in. However, if you bought one that doesn’t have cross cables, you can easily find some in your local hardware store. 

2. Nylon Rope

Apart from the walls, you should also consider the roofing too. Although portable garages are built with high-quality fabric and steel, it’s important to add some extra layer of security too. And this is by strengthening its roof even more with the help of nylon ropes.

Just like cables, nylon ropes come off pretty cheap. So buy one that is suited for the size of your portable garage. Before doing so, measure the size of the roof so you can estimate the length of the nylon rope you need. 

What you need to do is to tie both ends of the rope on the metal framing of the portable garage roof. Make sure that it is tight enough to support the roof. It’s also viable to install at least three (or more) nylon ropes that span across the entire roof. 

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3. Bricks 

If you want your portable garage to stay put without spending too much, then bricks are your best friend. You can put these bricks on the exterior of your portable garage where the excess fabric of the portable garage resides. 

Bricks are also cheap just like the first two materials we tackled above. Make sure to buy an ample amount of bricks that will fit the entire framing of your garage. Bricks are an easier way to make your portable garage stay in place without doing any extra steps.

4. Legs with Bolts

But if bricks aren’t your cup of tea, then fret not because portable garages nowadays come with legs that are secured with bolts. Although a portable garage looks like a tent, it doesn’t act like a tent that has flimsy legs.

Portable garage legs are bigger, tighter, and can be secured with bolts. This is to ensure that no amount of harsh wind or storms will take it down. But keep in mind that different portable garage models also come with different kinds of legs.

So make sure to read the manual first on how to install them. A good rule of thumb is to opt for one that has legs that are easy to install on the ground. You can also ask someone for help if you need a hand when doing so. It’s not going to be as easy as putting bricks on each side and may require extra steps. 

Why You Should Opt for A Portable Garage

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So what’s with all the ruckus with these portable garages anyway? Here are some of its benefits that you’ll surely love. 

1. Cost-effective

This one is pretty obvious. But a portable garage is more affordable compared to making a garage from scratch. It saves you time and money from buying materials and hiring a construction service too.

2. Easy to set-up

Setting up a portable garage is just like setting up a tent, only larger, and comes with extra steps. Although time-consuming, the feeling of fulfillment after setting it up is worth every effort you exert for it.

3. More varieties for you to choose from

Portable garages are built with outdoor space in mind. So you don’t need to worry if you have a small space outside your front yard because you have different sizes to choose from. What’s more, is you can also adjust its size as you see fit. 

Maintenance Is Also a Must

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But wait! Just because your portable garage is already reinforced doesn’t mean you have to leave it that way. You need to do timely maintenance too depending on the season. 

1. Winter Maintenance

Snow is nice, not until they cover up almost the entirety of your portable garage. So make sure to regularly brush off the snow from its roof and clear the front pathway just like what you’d do on a regular garage. 

Do keep in mind that snow is made up of water. Once melted, it may affect the quality of your portable garage. Most specifically, the metal framing that holds its entirety. And this is where the importance of choosing high-quality portable garages come in. 

2. Fall Maintenance

Just like snow, leaves can accumulate on your portable garage’s roof or its side. So make sure to regularly brush off those leaves during the entire fall season.

Although it’s not as critical as snow, taking good care of your portable garage still pays off in the long run during this season too. 

Quality Matters

Reinforcing your portable garage may add some extra layer of protection, it all boils down on its quality.

So if you’re planning to have a portable garage, make sure to opt for one that has top-notch quality. Choose a brand that is already trusted and known by many and your wallet will thank you later.