How To Organize Your Garage On A Budget 7 Tips For Smart And Efficient Garage Organization

How to Organize Your Garage on a Budget | 7 Tips for Smart and Efficient Garage Organization

A garage is definitely the number one spot in the house where people tend to throw away all their stuff from their house. The problem with this is that they tend to neglect cleaning and organizing their place until it becomes really tight and messy.

If you want to get back all that usable space inside your garage then this article is what you definitely need. 

Here, we’ll show you a few tips and ways to organize your garage to make it look better while also reclaiming a lot of used floor space.

These ideas we’re going to show so you won’t even cost you that much and you’ll only need a bit of your time to do everything.

Sort Out All Your Stuff

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The first thing that you need to do is to sort out your garage and see what you’ve been storing inside. Take everything outside and give the place a good cleaning to remove any dirt, bugs, or trash that’s been building up inside.

You can then sort out all your things into three different categories. You need to know which of your belongings you should throw away, donate to other people, and things that you still want to keep. 

This allows you to decrease the items that you’ve store in your garage and dispose of things that you should throw away or don’t need anymore.

Vertical Storage 

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The next thing you should do is to keep everything away from the floor and utilize the vertical space in your wall for storage. A good and cheap method for this is to install shelves and pegboards so you can have the freedom to customize the layout of how and where you want to place every specific items in your garage.

You can also install pegboard shelves so you can easily transfer it to another area every time you want to make another renovation.

A good tip to help you place everything on the same location is to draw outlines of the tools that you’ve hung in your vertical storage.

Boxes and Cabinets

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You can proceed to store some of your items in places such as boxes and cabinets to keep them away from view. It helps your garage look cleaner as all you’ll see are the tools that you often need so the place won’t look too much of a mess. 

Installing drawers inside your garage can also be a good option to keep some of your things at hand reach. Use small bins to keep small items such as screws and bolts 

Place items such as cleaning supplies or unimportant tools inside shelves and you can also create designated spaces for them so they won’t start mixing together. 

Label Everything

Whenever you’re placing your things on shelves, bins, boxes, or other containers, it’s best to label each and every one of them. This helps you easily find something inside your garage if you ever forgot where you’ve placed them.

Sorting your stuff and placing them at designated spaces can help you a lot but sometimes the small or hidden items can become a puzzle to look for. Label each of them into specific categories such as electrical items, paint supplies, tool kits, or bike parts.

This lets you have a system to easily search around your garage so you won’t have to dig through everything and make a mess of the place.

 Reuse Your Old Furniture

If you’re really on a budget and you can’t afford to buy shelves or drawers to store all of your items in your garage, you can just reuse your old stuff. Find furniture inside your house that you don’t really need any more to use as tables or shelves.

This helps you save a lot of money from reorganizing the area while also being able to reuse things inside your hose.

You can also remodel and refurbish them to make them look good while also being practical at the same time. The important thing about this is that you’re able to organize your garage while also keeping all of your belongings away from the floor.

Arrange Everything

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To help you find something as fast as possible, arrange everything inside your garage that’s closely related to each other. This is also beneficial if you’re planning to make your garage into your workspace as your tools need to be placed in an orderly manner.

Aside from being organized, it makes you have a more efficient system of finding things whenever you’re in a rush. Place specific items such as gardening tools and sporting equipment at their own designated area so you can easily find them the next time you’re looking for a specific item.

Utilize the Ceiling Storage

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You can often forget that the ceiling area of your garage can be used as a storage space. All you have to do is install an overhead ceiling storage. This allows you to store things inside the garage that you don’t usually need such as decorations and unused shirts.

Another way to utilize the overhead space is to install pulleys or hangers to store large items such as a kayak or bikes. It keeps them away from your view and you can also reclaim a lot of floor space inside your garage.


It’s actually possible to organize and remodel your garage even if you have a tight budget with you. All you need to have is a bit of imagination and proper planning to prepare everything and create a cleaner and well-organized garage for you to go into.

There are also a lot of affordable accessories that you can buy online or at your local home depot to easily help you with your garage cleanup.

It’s also a good idea to look at several DIY garage makeovers to find inspiration which can help you make a garage that you’ve always wanted.