How To Organize Garage With Pegboard

How To Organize Garage With Pegboard

Keeping a garage organized has proven to be quite a challenge for most of us. Understandably so since it’s the usual place for all the extra clutter in our home; tools, toys, sports equipment, you name it, and on top of all that you need to make sure you have enough space for a car. Finding the things you need when you need them is another challenge in this seemingly never organized place.

5 Best-Selling Garage Pegboard

But, what if I tell you that this seemingly never-ending problem could be solved, that there may be a simple solution for all of these, and the answer we just might be looking for is Pegboards. Pegboards could make use of a bare wall, will help organize your things, free up some space, make it easier to find stuff, and it is fairly easy to make that almost anyone could do it. 

So why don’t we start now!

Pegboard in Garage

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Materials for Creating Your Pegboard

  • Pegboard (You can have this cut down to size at the hardware store, so it would be better to measure before you go to the store. Also, most pegboards come in large size which makes it hard to travel)
  • Furring strips or 2x4 (Enough to frame your space and some extras)
  • Drill or Screw gun
  • Level
  • Screws
  • Screw washers (Optional)
  • Stud finder

Before you start with your Pegboard Project, you should first plan how you want your garage arranged. Plan out which tools and types of equipment you prefer hanging on the wall and those which you prefer to organize separately. Doing this will give you more insight on how you could approach your Pegboard Project. Now, if we have that out of the way, let us begin!

Hanging your Garage Pegboard

Garage Pegboard

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1. Plan Out Where You are Going to Install Your Pegboard

Find a bare wall in your garage that would be a better place to hang your tools and pieces of equipment. Keep in mind that the wall should be sturdy enough that it could support the weight of the pegboard and the things you want to hang in it. 

2. Find and Mark the Studs

Use a stud finder to locate the studs in your wall. Mark both the edges to have a better visualization of the size of the studs. These will help you make a better assessment as to where you should place your frame board.

Stud Finder Wall Scanner - 4 in 1 Electronic Stud Sensor Wall Detector Wood Beam Finders Center Finding with Battery and LCD Display for Wood AC Wire Metal Studs Detection

3. Measure and Mark the Space for the Frame Board

Be sure to remember that the frame board should be smaller than the pegboard. Mark the boards you will be using to make the frame. Make sure to align the marks to the center of the studs. These will help secure the frame board to the wall.

4. Create a Frame Board Around the Wall Structure

It is important to build a frame board because it will serve as the space between the wall and the pegboard. Remember that you will be hanging things in the pegboard, so some space is required.

Use a Level to make sure that the board is level after drilling the first hole and then secure it to the wall with a screw. Continue using the Level with the next holes and screw them to completely secure the board to the wall.

WORKPRO 3-Piece Spirit Level Set(9', 16', 24'), W002900A

5. Place Middle Board/s (Optional)

 If you have a large frame, it would be best to have the middle board/s. They would help support the weight of the pegboard and lessen the strain on the frame boards. Without the middle board/s the pegboard could easily collapse as you start hanging your things. 

6. Place the Pegboard to the Frame Boards

An extra hand may be needed for this step, especially if you have a large pegboard because the pegboard could be too heavy for just one person. Remember to center the pegboard along with the frame. Watch where the pegboard holes line up, you’ll want them to be relatively centered in your frame board and middle board/s.

7. Hang Pegboard Accessories and Start Organizing

Consider the tools and types of equipment that you want to hang on your pegboard, then buy the accessories you would need on your local hardware stores.

Pegboard Hooks Assortments 85PCS with Metal Hooks ,Pegboard Bins,Peg Locks for Tool Organization

 Home Depot has a wide variety of pegboard accessories, so it might be a better place to start looking. You don’t need to worry if you fail to get all the supplies you need in one go. The great thing about a pegboard is nothing needs to be permanent. You could go back to the store anytime and you could add or remove accessories anytime as well.

8. Stop and Admire your Newly Organize Garage

With all the hard work you put into this project, it is time to pat yourself in the back (or have someone else do it because patting our own back is a bit awkward and needs some level of flexibility and we could all agree that not every one of us is ready for that. Besides, with all the work you’ve done, you probably have some sore muscles, so I think it would be a great idea to have someone turn the patting of back into a massage. Who would say no to that!)

Admire your work and time to declare your garage ‘Messy no more!’

Garage Tool Organizers

1. Tool Cabinets and Chest

Large steel cabinets and chests are best for organizing large tools for garage workshops. Some have expandable and padded drawers to protect the tool from sliding around. Also, it comes in different sizes so when choosing for tool cabinet or tool chest you must know how much space do you need before purchasing.

2. Tool Box

There are different types of materials and designs used on toolboxes. Some are made with lightweight plastic or steel. These toolboxes have cantilever trays or bins that can be spread outward so you can easily access all the tools inside. Also, some are built with wheels and extendable handles so it will be easier for you to move heavy tools.

3. Tool Bags

There are different kinds of tool bags:

  • Backpack tool bags
  • With wheels
  • With padded handles
  • With shoulder straps

Choosing the right tool bags is depending on your needs, you always want to consider if it’s comfortable, portable, can protect your tools, offers enough space, and doesn’t tear up easily.

4. Pegboard or Wall Tool Hangers

Wall-mounted tool organizers will keep your tools within easy access and saving garage space. Its kits include hooks, hangers, and pegboard to make it easy for you to arrange your tools, also it is expandable if your tool collection grows.


With pegboard as your choice of organizer for your garage, your previous bare wall is bare no more, you now have more floor space, you could now easily find the tools you need when you need them and most importantly, now you have a sure space for your car. You might even have a place for your bike now too (if you have one or maybe buy one if you don’t, reward yourself for a job well done) 

Now let it be known and heard; ‘Pegboard saves the day!’.