How To Organize A Messy Garage

How to Organize a Messy Garage

The main use of a garage is that it’s a storage area for your car. But with the huge space it has, it makes it possible to place more things inside it. These can be tools, old clothes, books, or other materials you need to take away to make your house look more cleanly.

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At some point, the amount of stuff in your garage is going to start piling up and turn into a mess. These things in your garage are usually important or unimportant stuff that you’ve used occasionally or that’s no longer needed.

You must try and clean your garage to reclaim a bit of space and remove a few things that you don’t need anymore. It allows you to have a much nicer looking and well-organized garage that’s great to look at, while also giving you more space at the same time.

In this article, we’re going to give you a quick guide on how to easily clean your garage in a few simple steps.


Steps to Organize Messy Garage

1. Making Inventory

To get started in cleaning your garage, you should start by making a quick inventory of all the things you have in your garage. This allows you to see and check if there are things in your garage that you still need and what you don’t need.

You can try doing this by pulling out everything outside your garage and place them in specific areas. With this, you can easily identify and remember everything that you have.

It’s then best to throw away or donate to other people anything that you don’t need anymore. Once you’re done with this, you’ll be able to slowly clean and reorganize the garage to your liking.

2. General Cleaning

Whenever you’re going to start cleaning the garage, you should prepare the necessary equipment for cleaning. You’ll usually need trash bags, a vacuum or a broom, and even a basket for placing any important things in your garage.

You can then start cleaning off every bit of dust that’s built up in the area and remove any signs of trash that have been building up in your garage. There will also be oil stains and cobwebs in your garage, so it’s important to give a thorough cleaning and try to make the room as spotless if possible.

In serious cases, there can be signs of dead animals like rats and roaches which you need to remove.

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3. How to Organize the Clutter

Once you’re done cleaning the entire place, you can then organize everything in the room into specific organizing zones. This allows you to have an easier time looking for all of your belongings rather than taking the time to search for it in a cluttered mess.

You can organize your things by knowing what it’s specifically used for so you can properly group them like:

  • Car accessories
  • Basic tools
  • Sports equipment
  • Recycling area

Most garage owners usually organize their stuff by having a specific organizing zone into each side of the garage. If you have more stuff inside your garage then it’s best to split a single zone into two different spaces so you can still maintain the neatness of the area.

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4. Vertical Organizing System

To make your garage look cleaner, it’s best to install vertical organizing systems where so all of your stuff won’t pile up into a mess.

The cheapest or easiest method is to use a pegboard so you can have a more customized experience, though it won’t be able to carry heavy equipment like bicycles.

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Another method is to install shelves in your garage. Although it requires a bit of effort to install, you’ll be able to maximize the entire area of the wall for storage space. It also allows you to properly store heavy items that a pegboard isn’t able to accommodate.

You should also consider that the overhead space like the ceiling in your garage can also be used for storage. A good way of utilizing this area is to hang long or flat objects like a ladder that you don’t use every day.

5. Repairing Your Garage

The next part is where you need to check every part of your garage to see if there are any cracks or broken areas that need repairs or replacements. You can seal any holes in the garage with the use of epoxy to prevent any air leaks that may cause moisture inside the area.

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Sealing any areas where roaches or mice can enter is also a good idea as it’s able to save you more time and energy from cleaning up the place. Making your garage as airtight as possible helps preserve any materials you might have from deteriorating.

It’s also best to invest in door and window lock in your garage to prevent any break-ins from happening. A secured door with a deadbolt installed to it will make sure that the garage isn’t going to be easily picked.

6. Maintaining Your Garage

Once you’re done cleaning and organizing all the things in your garage, you need to properly maintain it to save more effort the next time you’re going to clean the place.

To prevent any more insects from living in your garage, you should invest in pesticides and use it every spring and summer.

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You should also try and clean the place regularly and make sure that the floor isn’t going to build up any dust particles. Try to hose it down and give it a good scrub to make it look spotless.

At least once a year, make a habit of checking all your belongings and find anything that you don’t need anymore. You can throw it away or sell it to people who need it.

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If you are the type of person that doesn’t have lots of time to spend organizing the garage then here is our quick tip to make it easier to organize things up:

1. To-Do List

First thing to do is to list down all the things you must do before starting. Knowing where to start will make it easier for you to know what next you should do rather than spending time thinking what else you should do. Also the good thing about making to do list is that you will not forget the things you must do.

2. Making List

After doing a to-do list, you must list down all the things you think you don’t need anymore, either you want to throw it away or donate. While doing this you can start segregating the things so it will be easier to organize and pack things up.

3. Investing in Containers and Organizers

Having containers and organizers are surely a good investment. By listing all the things you want to keep and throwing away, you will know how many containers and organizers you will need to organize things. Now if you already have organizers or containers you can now start putting things in their designated place.

4. Optional: Installing Shelves or Cabinets

This depends on the size of items you need to store. If you have garden equipment, bikes, or tools that take too much space in your garage, installing shelves and cabinets is a good idea.


Cleaning and organizing your garage may seem to be a huge task but it can have a rewarding feeling afterward. You’ll surely have a great time seeing your once messy area turn into a well organized and neat looking space.