How To Make A Home Gym With Resistance Bands

How to Make a Home Gym With Resistance Bands

If you want to build a home gym on the cheap, then say hello to resistance bands. Using resistance bands to stay fit has its own pros and cons. And this also depends on the muscle group that you want to improve too.

Resistance Bands
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There are plenty of ways that you can use resistance bands as an alternative to a home gym, which is what we are going to explore in this article. 

Let’s admit that not all of us can afford expensive gym equipment. But with the help of resistance bands, we can get those muscles pumping without any extra cost. So how can we utilize resistance bands to train our bodies at the heart of our homes? Let’s find out!

10 Best-Selling Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands Are Your Best Friend

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Staying fit and healthy doesn’t mean draining your wallet. Here is a curated list of resistance band gym workouts to get those muscles ready for action. 

1. The front squats

This one is the most basic resistance band workout that is great for beginners. What you need to do is stand on the resistance bands using both feet while holding both ends at the shoulder level. Do a squat position while keeping your chest up and head straight.

Benefit: Doing this exercise improves your abs and glutes. 

2. Biceps curl

For this one, you need a resistance band with handles on each side. Stand on the resistance bands using both feet to keep them tight.

Grab the bands and crunch those biceps by pulling your hands towards your shoulders just like lifting dumbbells. When putting your hands down away from your shoulder, do it slowly just like you’re lifting heavier weights. 

Benefit: Improves and makes your biceps stronger. 

3. Kneeling body crunch

Attach the bands on a higher area be it your window or door. Hold the band using your hands and get into a kneeling position.

Keep your legs in place and bow down to the floor while crunching your abs. The bands will try to resist your kneeling action while you hold them, making it more challenging. 

Benefit: Enhances your body’s core.

4. Bent rowing

Start by standing on the bands and getting into a rowing position. But instead of standing straight up, bend your back for a little bit. Now hold the band on each side and start “rowing” in a slow manner. Do not stand straight as doing so makes the workout ineffective.

Benefit: Improves back muscles and triceps

5. Floor pullover

Attach the band somewhere that’s knee level. Now lie on the floor while keeping your knees bent and grab the bands.

Make sure that the bands are over your head during the starting position. Now pull the bands until it reaches your knees. Do it slowly just like any other exercises listed above.

Benefit: Strengthens your pecs and lats.

6. Resistance band push-ups

This one is just like your ordinary pushup exercise with a minor modification. Before getting into a pushup position, wrap your upper back using the resistance band and loop both ends on your hands.

Now get down on the floor and do push-ups. Extend your back until you feel the bands resisting on your force while keeping your glutes and abs steady.

Benefit: Chest and upper body improvements.

7. Leg abduction

Attach the band at the bottom of the door. Wrap the ends of the band on your ankles and move away slightly from the door.

Stand straight and raise the leg on the side where the band is attached until it forms a 45-degree angle. Keep your body straight throughout the entire duration of the exercise.

Benefit: Enhances leg strength.

Advantage and Disadvantages of Resistance Bands

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We can see that resistance bands are indeed useful portable gym equipment to have that you can get without breaking the bank. However, that also means it has its share of pros and cons too. Let’s have a look at them below.


1. Train anytime, anywhere

With resistance bands, you are not only limited to do your much-needed training at home. You can take them anywhere as long as the area is spacious enough for exercising.

2. Beginner-friendly

People who are just starting their fitness journey should give resistance bands a try. Not only are they affordable, but also easy to use as well without any extra steps. 

3. The possibilities are endless

Resistance bands are not only limited in exercising one muscle group. This means you have the creative freedom to train such as mimicking every exercise that uses expensive equipment. 

4. Versatile

With resistance bands, you can do versatile workouts that target each muscle on your body. So there’s no excuse that you can’t do chest or leg day with resistance bands. 


1. It depends on the quality

Resistance bands are affordable, but choosing a high-quality one is not an easy task. Different brands offer different product qualities. So if you opted for one from a brand that is not very well-known, then there’s a tendency that it will break if not used correctly.

2. It might strain your muscles 

Do keep in mind that the weights you are dealing with when doing resistance band workouts is your body weight. If not performed properly, then there’s a high chance that it can strain your muscles. So always follow instructions or ask help from a professional. 

3. Not suited for power bodybuilders

If you love extreme workouts, then resistance bands might not be for you. Always remember that resistance bands rely on the distance and weight of your body when doing such exercises.

So you better off do power workouts using gym equipment if you are a power bodybuilder.

Perfect for Beginners

There are no shortcuts on the road to greatness in the world of fitness. So if you’re new to workouts, then resistance bands are the way to go. Building a home gym filled with equipment is an investment worth paying for.

But if you still don’t have the money for now, then try these resistance band exercises instead. Don’t worry if you can’t do extreme and heavy workouts for now. You will eventually get there as time goes by and if your finances allow.