How To Make A Garage Ceiling Storage

How to Make a Garage Ceiling Storage

It is expected that at some point you’re going to turn into your storage area to store all the things you don’t usually need. You’ll use every space available in the garage and make and even organize it into shelves to make it look cleaner and orderly. 

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To maximize the storage space in your garage, you should also utilize your ceiling are. Making a garage ceiling storage is an easy indoor DIY project where you only need a few materials and a helpful friend with you to make it possible.  

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Materials Needed For This Project:

  • 4 ft. x 8 ft. Plywood Sheet; 3-ply per sheet
  • 2 x 4 x 96in Wall Studs – 9 pieces
  • #10 & #8 Flathead Wood Screws – 80 pieces
  • Impact Drill
  • Level
  • Circular or Table Saw
  • Square Tool 

Steps to Make a Garage Ceiling Storage

The measurements of the wood used will depend on the size of the garage and how large you want your garage ceiling storage to be.

1. Saw the Three Rail Studs

Use the saw to cut the three rail studs in half by marking the center of the studs for a reference on where you’re going to cut it. It’s okay for your studs to not have the precise measurement, as long as all of your studs have the same length.

2. Assemble The Rail Frame

You will then need to assemble the rail frame by connecting three of the half studs to two of the 8ft studs. Attach the two half studs in both ends of one of the 8 ft. studs by a wood screw, with the use of a power drill. Do this before installing the middle stud. You can then place the second 8ft stud to complete the assembly.

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Repeat this process for the second rail frame so you can have two identical pieces ready for installation.

3. Install Back Rail

Install the back rail with the help of your friend to carry it. You should check which part of the ceiling-wall corner has a stud that you can bolt onto. 

Once you’ve figured out which part of your wall is okay to drill onto, screw-in your frame onto the wall with the use of a power drill. Use lag screws to bolt the frame to the ceiling to provide more strength.

4. Aligning Front Rail

Line up the front rail to the back rail before installing it. This is important as you might end up realigning the frame which can cause you a lot of time. 

You should also measure the distance between the two frames using the square to mark the distance between the two frames.

Be sure that you hit the stud on the ceiling with your lag screws to ensure the safety and strength of your Ceiling storage.

5. Attach Shelf Support Studs

Attach the two shelf support studs in the middle of the rail frame. Make sure that these shelf support studs are aligned and level as they will set the height of your top-shelf.

Shelf Support Studs

You can also set it to your personal preference if you want your top shelf to be lower or higher. All you need to do is adjust the support studs to a level that you want.

6. Length of Rail Studs

Check the horizontal length of the rail studs and the distance between the two frames. Use this as a reference on the length and width of the storage shelf.

You will then make a mark with the ply sheet and cut it with a circular saw. Make sure that you’re going to make an accurate straight cut so the plywood is going to have a snug fit between the two frames.

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Repeat this step so you can have two shelves ready for installation.

7. Shelf

Slide in the first shelf into the top part of the shelf support stud until the rail and plywood are properly aligned.

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You will then screw the plywood using a power drill to put your garage ceiling storage in place.

Once your done, repeat this step at the lower rail frame to install your bottom shelf to complete your garage ceiling storage.

8. Sturdiness Of Your Garage Ceiling

Check the sturdiness of your garage ceiling storage by placing a few weights on it or maybe just place a bunch of heavy stuff in it. If you’re still not sure if your ceiling storage is strong enough then you can just add a few screws into the stud to improve its strength.

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Once you’re done then you can properly organize your items in your garage and enjoy a much cleaner storage space.

Safety of Garage Ceiling Storages

If you properly follow the instructions on this quick guide then your DIY ceiling storage is completely safe. Though it’s not recommended to place really heavy materials like car tires in hanging storages.

What to Store in Garage Ceiling Storages

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The best things to store in your garage ceiling storage are things that you use that often. These items are like winter essentials and most things that you don’t use like seasonal decorations that you only occasionally use.

Best Wood to Use

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The woods to use for your rail studs are strong woods that are sturdy enough to hold a good amount of heavy materials.  You can use oak or whitewood, whatever’s available in your local store.

A good option for people with a budget is to use pine, though the problem with this is that it ages faster compared to other woods.

It’s better to invest in wood with a good amount of strength which will last longer so you won’t need to replace it every few years.


Installing a garage ceiling storage not only allows you to maximize your storage space in your garage but will also help make your garage look more cleaner.

All you need to do is to have the best tools for woodworking and a few friends who can help you out with your construction.