How To Hang Lawnmower In Garage

How to Hang Lawnmower in Garage

Having a garage means you have a lot more space for extra storage. You can store your car here during winter, or you can just use it as a storage for all other pieces of equipment that take up huge spaces.

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You should know your garage well enough to calculate the space it has to offer. This can be used as storage for bulky items, including your lawnmower. Leaving a lawnmower in your backyard might not be a good idea. A garage is your go-to friend for your storing needs.

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How do I Hang a Lawnmower In My Garage?

Finding the right place for storing your lawnmower is important so you can keep it safe from thieves and also, to ensure that it won’t get permanently damaged by the weather. A garage is a perfect place for this job because it is adjacent to your backyard. 

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The best place to store a lawnmower is somewhere dry and elevated from the ground so people won’t trip. The best part is that you can easily bring your lawnmower in and out when you need it. Here are a few ideas on how to hang a lawnmower in your garage efficiently:

1. Visualize Your Garage Space

Before bringing your lawnmower to your garage, consider the amount of space you have and whether it can fit a lawnmower inside.

A lawnmower can take up a lot of storage space, so it’s best to organize your garage first to free up some space and avoid clutter. You can also get rid of other bulky objects that are in your garage during this process.

Chances are you’re going to struggle to fit another bulky item like a lawnmower into an already full-garage, so remember to use your space wisely and only keep things that are still useful to you.

2. Identify the Type of Lawnmower You Have

There are different types of lawnmowers, and how you store them will vary on how they are built. Make sure that you can identify what you own so you can choose the best storing options for it. 

For lawnmowers that are built to have the fuel and oil drip into the engine, they simply cannot be hang up vertically unless you want the fuel and oil to drip and make a mess in your garage. You can check the manufacturer’s manual to identify how its engine is built.

3. Lay It on the Ground

If your lawnmower does indeed have a vertical engine, it is best to just lay it flat on the ground.

You can cover it up with a tarp to prevent it from collecting dust. Just be sure to keep this out of the way or other people, even you, might trip on a tarp-covered lawnmower, and that’s something you don’t want to happen.

4. Hang it Up

If you can store it vertically or lay it on the ground due to space shortage, you can always opt to hang your lawnmower on your garage wall. Mount it carefully to make sure it won’t ever fall. This will help you save more garage storage and optimize the free space on your walls. 

This should also give you enough space to walk and pass freely in your garage. You can use bolts when you attach a lawnmower holder to your wall to ensure that it is sturdy enough to hold up a heavy object.

5. Double-check for Possible Hazards

After successfully freeing up space and storing your lawnmower inside the garage, don’t forget to check for possible hazards that may cause problems.

Look for any flammable, toxic, and corrosive substances such as fertilizers, pesticides, and gas as it can cause chemical reactions with your equipment.

How to Take Care of Your Lawnmower

Now that you have found the perfect spot for your lawnmower, all you need to worry about is how to make it last for a long time.

You wouldn’t want to find your equipment damaged after just a few months of use. Taking care of your lawnmower will also help you save expenses for buying a new one annually or paying for it to get fixed every now and then.

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When storing your lawnmower during a long winter, you should always ensure that it is in good condition.

Here are some of the things you can do to ensure that your lawnmower will survive for many more seasons to come:

  • For those who own a battery-powered lawn mower, make sure to charge it fully before storing it away.
  • For gas-powered engines, empty the fuel tank before storing it in your garage. You can do this by running the lawnmower until it stops and runs out of fuel completely.
  • Give it a good cleaning and spray the dirt away before it goes inside your garage. You wouldn’t want to find hardened and stubborn debris when you take it out the next time, right?
  • Check if it has any damages and replace the clogged air filters once in a while.
  • Always cover your lawnmower with a tarp or any trusty covers specially made for different types of equipment. This will prevent it from rusting due to moisture during hot summers and cold nights.
  • Don’t be afraid to weather-proof your garage. You will thank yourself for it a few years from now.


The most important thing you should keep in mind is using your garage space wisely.

You don’t have to worry about how to store big items such as a lawnmower in your garage as long as you know how to optimize your storage space and keep it safe from any hazards that can cause harm to your family.