How To Hang A Wheelbarrow In Your Garage

How to Hang a Wheelbarrow in your Garage

The garage is an essential part of the house where besides parking the car inside, most people use it to store other farm equipment such as a wheelbarrow. Most garages are however small and unable to accommodate a lot of items.

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In such cases, some modifications may be required, such as adding extra shelves, putting up bicycle racks, and wheelbarrow holders.

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A wheelbarrow is an essential tool especially if you do a lot of DIY construction projects. It can, however, be bulky to store as it takes up a lot of space. 

This is, however, a simple problem that can be solved by putting up a wheelbarrow holder that will allow you to hang the wheelbarrow on the wall of your garage.

This is the best hack when you need to organize the small space in your garage.

Because of their heavyweight, wheelbarrows should not be stored very high up on the wall. The process of putting it up and bringing it down should be fairly easy. The wall bracket (holder) should also be firm enough to handle the weight of the wheelbarrow. 

How to Put Up a Wheelbarrow Holder

Hanging a Wheelbarrow in the Garage
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1. Choose a Location

The first step in the construction of the wall brackets for hanging a wheelbarrow is to pick the most appropriate location. The best location would be away from the walkway because the wheelbarrow can be an obstruction.

When not placed at the right location, it can cause injuries. The size of the braces which is synonymous with the size of the wheelbarrow will also help in determining the location of the holder.

2. Decide Between Buying the Braces and Building 

After you have settled on the most appropriate location for your wheelbarrow holder, the next thing you will need to think about is whether to buy readymade brackets and just screw them on the wall, or do a DIY project.

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Buying readymade might look like the most lucrative option but what is available in the stores might not fit in with your needs. It is, however, a good option if you do not have the time to do it yourself.

The best part of DIY projects is that you can customize the item to fit your space, needs, and preferences. For example, store-bought braces might not fit in a corner space, while that could be the only available space in the garage. You, therefore, have the option of constructing a holder that will fit at the corner and hold the wheelbarrow effectively.

3. Measure the Height of the Wheelbarrow 

Because of the wheelbarrow’s weight, you cannot mount it very high up on the wall. Some of its weight should be supported by the ground. Otherwise, it may overload the braces and eventually come down, tearing the wall and damaging other stuff beneath it.

You will therefore need to mark the height that the wheelbarrow will cover from the ground, as well as the width of the wheelbarrow. This will guide you in determining the exact position where you will mount the brackets.

4. Put Together the Tools and Materials

For any successful DIY project, you need to assemble all the tools and materials before commencing the project. This will save you on time since you will not make frequent trips to the stores. It will also ensure that you do not leave the project halfway. 

Most people fail to finish their projects because they took a break to go get something but they got distracted along the way. They then keep procrastinating and by the time they are planning to embark, they have a completely new idea, hence they start afresh.

Having all the tools and materials on-site will give you the motivation to start and complete the project. Constructing a wheelbarrow holder is a simple job that should only take a couple of hours.

Tools and Material Needed to Construct a Wheelbarrow Holder

  • Pieces of wood. These can be obtained from wooden pallets that are more affordable and readily available.
  • Ceiling hooks
  • Screwdriver cum drill
  • Screws and drill bits
  • Circular saw
  • Tape measure

Steps on How to Build a Wheelbarrow Holder

With all the tools and materials on-site, you can now start the construction. Remember you had measured and marked the length and width of the wheelbarrow. 

Cut a plank of wood to be a few inches longer than the recorded width and screw on the wall horizontally, at the height level of the wheelbarrow. Note that the measurements are for the carrier part of the wheelbarrow and not the handle nor the wheel frame.

Place another horizontal plank above the floor, at the lowest point of the wheelbarrow carrier. This plank should be the same width as the top one.

Once the two planks are in place, the next step is to drill in the ceiling hooks. The hooks should be positioned according to the wheelbarrows width with the hooked side facing down. They should also be slightly flexible so that it becomes easier to remove and hook back the wheelbarrow.

When buying the hooks, get the strongest ones that will be able to hold the weight of the wheelbarrow for a long time. The hooks should definitely be replaced once in a while, but they should last for a longer time.

You should put in place at least four hooks, two at the top and two at the bottom, to ensure that the wheelbarrow will not topple and fall.

Other Options for Hanging a Wheelbarrow in the Garage

While the wall rack is the most appropriate way of hanging the wheelbarrow in the garage, there are other viable options, which might not be common for different reasons.

One of these is hanging the wheelbarrow on the roof of the garage. It is a lucrative option when you use the wheelbarrow less often. Otherwise, you will have a very hard time putting it up there and bringing it down every time you need to use it.

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If this option favors you, there two different ways in which you can go about it. The first is to hang it horizontally and the second is vertical. Your decision will largely be influenced by the distance between the garage floor and the roof.

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For high roofed spaces, hanging the wheelbarrow vertically has more advantages, but the most important is the ease with which you can hang and unhung the wheelbarrow. This is, however, not appropriate for the low roof because the wheelbarrow will be too close to the ground, hence becoming a hazard. 

The best option for a low roofed garage is putting the wheelbarrow up horizontally, which is parallel to the roof. This means that you will need to put up four or more hooks that will hold the wheelbarrow. The hooks must be strong to prevent the wheelbarrow from falling and consequently damaging the stuff beneath it or hurting someone in the vicinity. 

The whole idea behind mounting the wheelbarrow is to save on the garage space. Besides, there is other stuff you might want to mount on the wall. 

Here is a small tip: Instead of having to drill a concrete wall every time you want to mount something, you can put up a thick wooden board on the wall. 

This board will provide you with an easy platform to work with when making the holders, hooks, and so on. If, for instance, you already have the board in place, you will not need to use the wooden pallet planks when building the holders on the wall.

The board will also protect your wall from getting drilled while providing a firm surface for you to mount your items.