How To Enclose A Carport Into A Garage

How to Enclose a Carport Into a Garage

Having a carport in your garage can serve many functions for your car. It can be used as a secure storage area for your vehicle and protect it from harsh climates like extreme heat and cold. 

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It can also be used as a space for lawn equipment and other household items when you need extra storage. 

Enclose a Carport

When enclosing a carport into your garage, you will need to remember a few things before starting.

Preparation is vital to ensure that your project will be a success. Along with this, you will need to consider your budget constraints and the kind of material expenses you will encounter along the way. 

Materials You Need

Before starting on your carport, you must check the availability of the materials in your local store. Here’s a list of what you will be needing in installing a carport to your garage:

Materials You Need
  • Door
  • Sliding
  • Lumber
  • Plywood
  • Insulation
  • Screws and Nails
  • Drywall
  • Drain Pipe
  • Gravel
  • Concrete for Excavation
  • Insulated wires and other materials that can run electricity to your building

Step-By-Step Guide For Installing A Carport To Your Garage

After you have purchased all the materials, it’s now time to start on your project. You can hire laborers to do this job, or you can also DIY it yourself to save some expenses. Either way, you will need a clear step-by-step plan that will walk you through the process. 

1. Planning

As with any project, you will need to plan out the idea in your head and execute it properly. You can get help and consult from a professional to draw up the initial plan with you.

Draw A Plan

This step is crucial in visualizing how you would want your carport to look like. A professional can give you advice on what kind of carport will be most suitable in your garage.

Consider other factors that you may encounter, including the property line between you and your neighbors.

Also, make sure that you check with your local or municipal building codes to ensure that you maintain the proper setback distance for when you need to expand your carport.

2. Preparation

When installing a carport into your garage, you will need to dig for foundations, so ensure the ground you are building it on is stable enough.

Preparation For Carport

You also need to have a good drainage system in place for the gutters. During this process, the columns and joists from your garage should be removed to make way for some changes. 

3. Building the Walls

Constructing your carport in your garage should be done with your wall bottom plate erected in pressure-treated wood. Ensure that the base plate is covered in plastic sheeting because this will be in contact with the ground and can be prone to accumulate moisture.

Building Wall for The Carport

Your wall frames should also be securely fastened at the top of your carport building and the sides to the columns. Make sure that this is covered in the air barrier membrane and fiberboard to ensure its sturdiness.

4. Installing Windows, Access Doors, and Garage Door

Windows can be optional, so it’s up to you if you want them installed in your carport garage. The access door is necessary so you can have easy access to the building aside from just the garage door. This should already be included in your initial planning.

Installing Garage Door

When installing the garage door, ensure the slope at the door’s threshold allowing rainwater to drain toward the street and avoid puddles in your garage.

In choosing the perfect garage door for you, you can shop for various ranges of garage doors in your local merchandise stores.

There should be an instruction that comes along with the garage door, and you can easily follow the steps or have a professional install it for you.

5. Insulation and Electricity

Once everything is installed from walls, windows, to doors, you can now start insulating your carport walls. Insulating your carport is a smart investment to keep the heat in during winter.

You can use mineral wool batts for this process. Insulating your ceiling can also be done if you prefer it. If you do not have enough experience with electrical work, it is best to contact a professional electrician and do the job for you, for obvious safety reasons.

The materials you use for insulation will vary on the materials you used to build your carport in your garage, so make sure you consider this as well. 

6. Finishing Touches

When you are done with the interior work of your carport, it’s time to furnish it on the outside. You can be as fun and creative here for your design. You can match it with the exterior of your house, or you can paint it to stand out on your lawn. You can also add decorative moldings to make it unique from other carport garages in your neighborhood. 

Finishing Touches
Image Credit: Overhead Door

Estimated Cost For The Project

On average, if you factor in the cost of laborers and carpenters, you can expect to pay around $12,000 to $16,000, including the finishing.

If you include the installation of electricity and insulation, it can reach up to $60,000 to hire electricians and other professionals to ensure your safety.

However, if you plan to DIY it, the standard cost for all the materials listed will only be around $8,000 to $10,000, varying on how big your carport will be.

Another point to consider is whether your garage is still in good shape to be converted into a carport.

It might be cheaper just to buy a new carport instead of remodeling your garage with no guarantee that it will withstand changes in its foundations. You can also save more with brand-new carports. However, you will need to tear down your existing garage completely.