How To Degrease Concrete Garage Floor

How to Degrease Concrete Garage Floor

A garage is one of the dirtiest parts of everyone’s home, specifically the garage floor.

However, getting rid of grease on your garage floor is as simple as using cat litter and letting it sit for about half an hour before brushing it away. Next, add laundry detergent on the grease stain to finish it off, and then you’re done.

5 Best-Selling Floor Degreaser

There’s no denying that our garage tends to get dirty every time. This is the area where we do a lot of messy activities, especially when it comes to our vehicles. If left untreated, grime and grease will accumulate on your garage floor over time.

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And that’s why the importance of degreasing your garage floor is a must. Luckily, we are going to tackle just about that in this article. So if you’re looking for a guide on how to degrease your garage floor the easy way, then you have come to the right place. 

A Simple Guide In Degreasing Your Garage Floor

1. The wonders of cat litter

Cat litter is a garage floor’s best friend. And if you’re lucky to have cats in your home, then good for you.

Using cat litter is the most simplest and common way of getting rid of grease. Worried about the smell? Sprinkle some sawdust on it or mix it with clay before applying it to the greased area.

Cat litter works great in absorbing grease. So once applied, leave it for about half an hour to give it time to do its thing. Next, sweep the cat litter off and wipe the greased area using a mop. You can also use a scrub too for a more thorough clean.

2. Using detergent

If there are any stains left in the greased area, use detergent to completely get rid of it. After doing the cat litter method, sprinkle laundry detergent on the said area and let it sit for about 45 minutes. You can also use dishwashing liquid too as an alternative. 

Once done, wipe it off using a mop or scrub. For older grease stains, however, you might need to repeat this step depending on how hard to remove the stain is. 

3. Grease remover

If both the above methods don’t work, then you might need to go to your local builder’s store and buy a degreaser. You don’t need to worry about the price because most degreaser brands are affordable. 

Just make sure to follow the instructions on the bottle when using one. Keep in mind that degreaser products are more concentrated and contain a lot of chemicals compared to an average detergent. So better get those gloves ready while you’re at it. 

Why You Should Clean Your Garage Floor Regularly

Cleaning your garage floor is not only limited in degreasing it on an occasional basis. You need to clean the entire floor regularly be it daily, or not weekly.

Here are some benefits of regularly cleaning your garage floor.

1. Prevents bacteria buildup

Germs and bacteria love to hang out on dirty garage floors. But cleaning it regularly prevents them from spreading and creating bacteria-causing diseases that can affect you and your family.

2. Makes your garage floor shine like new

A garage floor can get dirty from time to time. But that doesn’t mean that you are just going to leave it like that. So gather up your mops, scrubs, and cleaning detergents and let the hustle begin! 

The Importance of Garage Floor Coating

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If you have the money to spend, then you should invest in coating your garage floor. Epoxy coating brings a plethora of benefits to your garage floor, and this includes: 

1. An easier cleaning experience

The hassle of cleaning bare concrete can be a daunting experience. But with epoxy-coated garage floors, you can experience no more hassle when it comes to degreasing or cleaning your garage floor as a whole.

Dirt, grime, and grease can be easily wiped because of the floor coating. This means no more time-consuming scrubbing or using cleaning agents such as detergents or degreasers. 

2. Protects the floor from sudden impacts

Worried about handling large tools and equipment in your garage? Thanks to epoxy coating, it adds an extra layer of protection to your garage floor. This makes the floor impact-resistant and stronger than before.

What’s more, is that epoxy coating also protects your garage floor from accidental chemical spills that can leave stains. Say goodbye to cracks or grease/chemical marks and say hello to a more shiny-looking floor.

3. Increases garage value

An epoxy-coated garage floor makes it attractive for potential home buyers. This will help you sell your home faster by having a beautiful-looking garage. The best part? There are different types of epoxy colors and shine for you to choose from.

So if you want to make your garage stand out from the rest, start by applying epoxy coating on the floor. This will make your garage look more professional, which is a big plus if you want to sell your home in the near future. 

4. It conceals concrete cracks

There’s no denying that concrete floors will show cracks that will appear out of nowhere over time. And this is where epoxy-coating saves the day. With the help of epoxy coating, it gets rid of unwanted cracks that can be an eyesore.

Cracks are not new to concrete. They can appear out of nowhere all of a sudden. Paint is also used to cover them up but it’s not as effective as the epoxy coating. 

Homemade Concrete Cleaning Solution

Mixing baking soda and water can help you loosen the dirt and grease on your garage floor, also it will keep it clean. Fill one gallon of warm water on a container then add half a cup of baking soda and use it as a cleaner.

You can also try mixing a few drops of liquid soap and baking soda to turn it into a paste then use it as a scrub for light stains.

You might be underestimating the power of warm water and liquid soap for cleaning your garage floor but it can definitely remove minor stains. Get a nylon bristle brush and start scrubbing the floor with water and detergent mixture.

Your Garage Floor Matters

It’s easy to overlook your garage floor. That’s why you should keep a lookout for it regularly. When it needs to be cleaned up, then do it immediately to prevent grease and any kind of stains from leaving a permanent mark. 

Better yet, apply some epoxy coating on it just like what we tackled above.

Not only will it make your cleaning experience a breeze, but it also prevents grease and chemicals from leaving permanent stains. Not to mention, it makes your garage floor more attractive, which is a big plus.