How To Decorate Garage For Graduation Party

How to Decorate Garage for Graduation Party

Graduation is the most exciting day for students. And there’s nothing better than making it more memorable and festive by celebrating at your garage.

You can easily transform your garage into a graduation party venue. A quick Google search will take you to hundreds of garage graduation decor ideas. You will also deal with a lot of arranging to do as well.

Decorate Garage for Graduation Party
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If you’re a graduand and want to make the celebration extra special, then it’s time to do a major makeover to your garage. And luckily, you stumbled upon this article today.

5 Best-Selling Graduation Decorations

Below, we are going to guide you in transforming your garage into an ultimate graduation party haven. That said, let’s begin!

Do Your Research First

Looking for ideas? Then the internet is your best friend for that. Pinterest has plenty of garage graduation party ideas for you to choose from. And we also have some pretty ones as well, and these are:

1. Festive yet elegant

Fun and elegance combined into one? Then this one’s for you. This decor idea is composed of a lot of whites and some splash of colors on the side. This means white walls and tablecloths paired with colorful balloons here and there.

Have the free will to choose any color that matches with white as you see fit. We highly recommend purple and gold for a little formality. You can also mix it with blue to make it more dream-like.

2. Teenage dream

No, we are not talking about that Katy Perry song. What we meant is a decor motif that feels like partying as if it’s your last day of being a teenager. Assuming that you are graduating from college, then this is the perfect garage decor idea for you.

This one is composed of a splash of colors anywhere. Colorful tablecloths, eye-catching walls, and multi-colored plates too. Let your creative mind do its thing if you choose this one. You can also add Christmas lights too to make it even more trendy and colorful.

3. Disco time

If you want your graduation party to feel groovy just like the good old days, then this garage decor idea is for you.

This means a lot of glitters, reflective decor, and a mix of kaleidoscope colors. And to make it even more disco-like, put a disco ball at the center so you can feel the moment.

Just make sure that your garage has a high ceiling to avoid the disco ball from bumping on everyone’s heads. You can also ask your guests to wear disco outfits to match the mood. Now you are ready to go beyond and party just like the old times. 

Arrangement Matters

A garage is probably the most crowded place in your home. That’s why you need to do a lot of arranging before applying the decor ideas we suggested above. Park your car somewhere else, clear your workspace, and put those tools in the attic for a while. 

Make your garage feel like a proper venue for parties. Better yet, clear it from everything as long as you have extra space in your home where you can temporarily put the garage items. 

Mind the Smell

Garages can smell like paint, woodwork, or oil combined into one. So aside from putting away stuff to make space, make sure to spray air freshener in its entirety.

Doing so will make your garage smell nicer and more appealing to your graduation guests. You can either use the spray or the tabletop version as you see fit. And make sure to do this 24 hours before the actual celebration. 

Lighting It Up

If you want to up the ante of your garage graduation celebration, then play around with the lighting.

We mentioned earlier about putting up Christmas lights or a disco ball. You can also add more to it too! For example, you can put candles on each table to make the mood more atmospheric. 

You can also make use of patio lights as well to make the venue even more appealing and romantic.

There are endless possibilities to make your garage graduation party more aesthetically pleasing with the help of lights. And it’s up to you how you are going to decorate them just the way you want it.

But What About Portable Garages?

Wondering if you can hold a graduation party in a portable garage? Yes, you can! What’s best is you don’t have to deal with all the arranging and cleaning too. A portable garage is just like a huge tent that can be easily set up in minutes.

Decorate Garage for Graduation Party
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Putting up decor and lights is also easier too. Since portable garages are made up of fabric, you can just pin those decors right away without the extra steps. However, the real challenge begins when it’s time to put up the lighting. 

But that can be averted by using an extension cord where you can connect those disco balls, patio lights, and the like. Just hope for the weather to cooperate so it won’t mess up everything else. 

Decoration Tips

Decorate Garage for Graduation Party
Image Credits: Pinterest

1. Opt for affordable decor

Seeing that this is only a one-day celebration, then don’t splurge too much for the decor. Opt for one that is affordable yet durable in terms of quality. Pro tip: You can find plenty of affordable decors online compared to your local mall or supermarkets. 

2. Improvise 

If you are on a budget, then try to improvise what you already have in your home. Those Christmas lights from last year can still be useful. Let alone the tablecloth you have in the attic. Let your creativity shine when it comes to improvising for decor so you can save money.

3. Your creativity is your best friend

And since we are talking about creativity, why not use this skill to make the decor. You can create eye-catching wall decors with the help of scissors and glues alone. You can always rely on your siblings or parents if you need a helping hand for that.