How To Decorate A Garage For A Wedding Reception

How to Decorate a Garage for a Wedding Reception

Getting married is an experience worth sharing with everyone. And if you want to hold a wedding reception at your home, there’s no other place than your garage to have it.

Decorating your garage for a wedding reception is as simple as cleaning the area, and arranging your garage items to make space for the venue. 

Let’s admit that not all of us can afford those high-class wedding venues. Luckily, we have your home to do just that. But wait, your home isn’t spacious enough to hold an entire wedding. Let alone your lawn where you have your crops, flowers, and fruits already set into place.

Now there’s only one place left to hold that wedding reception, and that is your garage. But beware! It’s going to be a tough job depending on how occupied your garage is. Luckily, this guide will help you throughout the transformation process.

A Thorough Guide For Your Ultimate Garage Wedding Reception

Who needs costly beach or hotel weddings when you can have it at the heart of your garage, right? Below, we are going to guide you on how to create the ultimate garage wedding experience like no other. So get ready and let the decorating begin!

1. Make Some Space

Before anything else, you need to do some little bit of arranging to make some space. A wedding reception involves a bunch of people so you’re gonna make sure that your garage is spacious enough for it. Though this also depends on the structure and size of your garage too.

However, it doesn’t mean that you have to fit all of your guests inside. You can make use of the walkway outside as an area where guests will be seated to eat some grub.

Just make sure to arrange the items inside so there’s enough room for the decorations, and the extra bells and whistles.\

2. Let The Clean Up Begin

Once done, it’s time to get your brushes, mops, and detergent ready for some cleaning action. Do keep in mind that you need to have a lot of manpower here. So gather up your friends and family to help you out.

Make sure to clean every nook and corner from top to bottom. A garage tends to get dirty and smelly all the time. That’s why you need to thoroughly clean it without a single spec of dust left behind. For the cherry on top, use an air freshener to make your garage smell good. 

3. Decorations Galore

Now that the garage is ready and set for the wedding, it’s time to get it on with decorating. You can find plenty of garage wedding decoration ideas on the web. But we highly recommend trying out these we curated for you below. 

A. Simple Yet Elegant

This is one of the most simplistic garage wedding decoration motifs that is known by many. It uses mostly white accents from the table, chairs, or even the entirety of the garage. Add some splash of greenery here and there by putting plants and then you’re in for a treat. 

B. Hawaiian 

Why go to Hawaii when you can make a Hawaiin-themed wedding reception motif for your decorations? This one is going to be pretty easy. Instead of using fabric to decorate the place, use coconut leaves, flowers, surfboards for tables, and more. And don’t forget to tell your guests to wear Hawaiin clothes as well for the ultimate experience. 

C. Superhero

If you want to be even more creative, then having a superhero-themed wedding reception is just what you need.

Though keep in mind that this one will take days to decorate. So let your friends and family help you with that to make this once in a lifetime event more special. Tell your guests to wear superhero masks too or hold some games about all things superhero. 

No matter what decoration motif you choose, always be mindful of your budget. Sure, arranging and cleaning your garage won’t cost you a single cent.

But it’s going to be a different story when it’s time to decorate it. Just make sure that you won’t end up having an empty bank account in the long run. What’s important is seizing this memorable moment with your partner in life.

Some Few Considerations to Keep in Mind

But wait! We’re not done yet. Here are some key factors to keep in mind when using your garage as a wedding reception hall. 

1. Space Management Is a Must

We mentioned earlier that different garages have different spaces. And if you happen to have a huge and spacious garage, then good for you. However, for people that have small garages, then you might need to do some space management for that.

There’s no denying that you cannot fit all your guests inside the garage. So why not make use of the space outside where they can be seated? Use the space inside the garage for the food tables, gifts, and an area to play games. Whereas tables and chairs for guests will be outside.

2. Do Not Over Decorate

Remember that your garage is still a garage. Overdecorating it can lead to time-consuming cleanups and arranging after the reception is done. So keep things simple and manageable instead of going all-in just like what you’d do in a bigger venue.

Always remember that you still need to use your garage to store your essential items. So make sure that these items are easy to arrange back to the garage once everything is done. Keeping it simple saves you time and hassle that you might regret later on. 

An Experience Worth Cherishing

Every wedding reception is special, even if it’s only held in your garage. What’s important is that you truly enjoy the moment with your friends, family, and most of all, the love of your life.

We hoped this guide helped you in transforming your garage into the ultimate venue for your special day with your partner. Cheers for the newlyweds.

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