How To Cool A Garage With No Windows

How to Cool a Garage With No Windows

A garage without any windows can get really heated up due to the summer heat. Without any proper ventilation around the place, it can cause the temperature to rise to give you a huge inconvenience. The heat can even cause some of your items in storage to become damaged or even break as it can not handle the high heat.

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Your garage needs proper ventilation and cooling systems to properly store the things that you have placed over there. Without any windows installed in the garage, there needs to do other alternatives to keep it cooled to prevent the heat from rising up.

Here we will show you a quick guide on how to cool up your garage with no windows to properly store your belongings at optimum temperature.


Steps to Cooling your Garage

In this step-by-step guide, we’re going to tell you what you need to install in your garage to keep it properly cooled. 

Temporary Solutions

We will first show you temporary solutions that are cost-effective if you are currently on a tight budget.

Step 1

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You can open the garage door to let the cooler air in which equalizes the temperature and prevents the garage from overheating. The air inside the garage will start to go outside, causing the cool air of the outdoors to fill in the garage.

Though it is important to also close the garage door at night as it might result in a break-in.

Step 2

If your car has been out in the sun all day, it can cause a huge build-up of heat turning your car into a massive radiator. The heat that is been stored inside your car will cause it’s surrounding to heat up, especially in an insulated area.

You need to let your car be parked outside until it’s able to cold down into a much better temperature. This process can be accelerated by spraying it with cold water to dissipate the heat.

Step 3

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You can purchase a dehumidifier to lower the humidity inside the garage. This is necessary to some garages as having high humidity can cause the temperature to rise up significantly. 

These dehumidifiers work by taking in the air that is rich in water and storing the liquid in a container so clean air can only get out. You can try getting one with a preset program so you won’t have to hassle yourself every time you use it.

Permanent Solutions

Now we will show you a few permanent solutions on how you are able to cool down your garage. 

Note that these renovations are costly as it will allow you to have a cooler garage in the long term and with less inconvenience.

Step 1

You can upgrade your garage insulation in order to keep more heat from going inside the garage. This will require you to contact a contractor unless you have the necessary skills for doing it.

What they will do is create holes in your garage walls to install the foam insulators. The advantage of this is that it also allows your garage to be warm during the winter season as it is able to isolate the optimum temperature inside.

Step 2

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The next step is to install a garage ventilation fan.  It is able to circulate the air around the garage, keeping the room at the optimum temperature which prevents it from heating up too much. 

Place the fans directly across the garage doors and as near the ceilings as possible to maximize the amount of ventilation it is able to offer.

Step 3

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Insulate your garage doors by installing Garage Door Insulations. Placing these insulators to your garage doors prevents the heat that’s gathered on the door to radiate across the room. 

You just have to simply place the insulators into the inner part of the garage doors by either taping or gluing them firmly.

Step 4

Install an air-conditioning system inside your garage to help it cold down. This will require a lot of work especially when you’re using a split-type aircon. Though it is able to let you control the temperature that you want to have in your garage.

If you do not have the proper skills to install and AC then you need to hire a professional to do the installation.

Can an Electric Fan Cool My Garage?

An electric fan is a cheap and easy way to cool down your garage to a point where it does not get too hot. You can just even use a portable one to let a good amount of cold air into the place.

Though the problem with this is that it has its own limitations. If you are living in cities where it gets absurdly hot like over 90 degrees, your fan won’t do you any good. It will just blow more hot air in which can heat up your garage even more.

Using a Portable AC as an Alternative

Using a portable AC can also help you out in cooling down your garage as it is able to give you a good amount of cold air to decrease the temperature. Though you will still need to install ventilators to get the hot air outside the room. 

There is also a downside when using a portable AC. These machines are known to heat up very quickly and can really raise your electricity bill. It is not a very efficient alternative and can cost you a lot in the long run. 

You can use it for short term applications but you should just invest in proper air-conditioning units to save more on your electricity.

How Much Cool Air Do You Need?

Before deciding to buy an air conditioner you must consider just how much time you will be spending on the space and how cold you needed. If you do not use your garage often then you might only need a portable system to make your garage bearable to stay in a while.

On the other, if you turn your garage into an entertainment area where you spend most of your time, it is best if you invest in a more permanent solution to cool your garage. But keep in mind that if you are storing things or valuables that are sensitive to different temperatures then you’ll also consider getting a more comprehensive air conditioning system.


Ventilation is important in your garage to prevent it from overheating. Although temporary solutions can help you save in your money, they’re only temporary.

If you really want to properly ventilate and cool down your garage then it is best to invest in cooling systems that are capable of placing your garage at optimum temperature.

Although it may cause you a lot when purchasing these items, it will help you save in the long run.