How To Convert Your Garage Into An Apartment

How to Convert Your Garage Into an Apartment

Are you thinking about converting your garage into an apartment?

If so, then you need to know that the idea of transforming your old garage into a new livable and cozy apartment will need careful planning and hard work.

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If you want to expand your house or have a space dedicated to your guests or for any other reasons, then you can redesign your not-so-used garage and turn it into a more useful space. You can even have it rented out for a good return of profit later!

Before being swayed by your excitement and start converting your garage into an apartment, be sure that you have done your research for this amazing project of yours.

Before and After Garage into an Apartment

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Things You Need to Consider

1. Secure The Permits

Before doing anything else, be sure that you have already secured the required permits for your garage remodeling. You can either head over or contact your local zoning department for this matter. Also, you might want to inform your property developer about this plan so that the office can help you with this project.

Take note that you will also need a different permit for the electrical wiring and plumbing requirements for your garage conversion. After the completion of your garage remodeling project, it will be visited by an inspector who will then check whether your construction project is qualified for living or not.

This process will need professional architects, engineers, or authorized contractors because they will guide you in acquiring necessary documents.

2. Utilities

Transforming your garage into an apartment means that you need to ensure that all electrical sources and pipelines are planned out well. You will also have to decide on how you want the garage door to be.

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Some people want the whole garage door replaced with new typical doors. But if you opt to leave the garage door as it is, then you have to add proper insulation to the room and tightly seal all its edges. 

Proper temperature and insulation works are just some things that you should keep an eye on to avoid high power consumption. You should also secure a space for proper heating and cooling units. You can have it connected to your house or have separate heating and cooling units dedicated to the new apartment.

3. Floor Plan

The next thing you would do is to convert the plain floor into a sloped one. This means that you would not have a problem with the drainage of water in your soon-to-be apartment. 

You surely don’t want to be living in your new apartment with clogged drainage, right? When you’re done with the sloped floor, you should not forget to apply a thin layer of concrete to the floor as well. Make sure to level and smooth every inch of the surface. You can also add a carpet on the floor. 

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After that, you might want to add a matte enamel painting to the floor, which is a budget-friendly option. The matte enamel paint will make the floor less slippery and add more aesthetic appeal.

4. Walls, Ceiling, and Windows

Walls, ceilings, and windows are the next things to be considered. Make sure that all of the edges and corners of the wall, windows, and everything inside is tightly sealed. You should check if the walls and ceiling are also in good condition.

Garage Into an Apartment

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The walls should be strong enough and would not easily fall apart with all the hammering and drilling you might do later. For the walls, you should have figured out whether you will have fiberglass installed or foam insulation instead. Also, add a drywall cover later in the process.

Your ceilings should be in good condition too! If you want to add chandeliers, fans, or other fancy things, then you might secure the ceilings’ strength as well. Make sure to have the ceilings checked and repainted if needed.

When you want to convert a garage to an apartment, you should add windows too! It will add more aesthetic appeal and make the space cozier. Install a window that is both secure and appealing.

Take note that the edges of these windows should be properly sealed. Choose a window type that welcomes the fresh air and natural light from the outside. 

5. Design

This is one of the most exciting parts of the transformation. This will not only include the interior design but also the exterior as well. It’s when your imaginations become a reality!

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All the things you would want to be included in your soon-to-be apartments, such as stairs, kitchen, bedroom, and closet should be considered at this stage. You should be cautious when you are in this part of the project. 

Make sure that whatever you add will match the overall design you are rooting for. You might even want to have an interior designer for this or if not, then you can just do it yourself. This part is when you add the lighting to your room. The windows installed and sturdy ceiling supporting your chandelier or simple house lights will now work as one to give you the best lighting in your apartment.

Apartment Livability

1. Insulation and Temperature Control

The most common problem when converting garage into apartment is the temperature control. If you are renovating your garage, you must make sure to add extra insulation to the ceiling and exterior walls. This way, it will keep the warm temperature once it’s in there.

If your garage is attached, you can easily have the temperature control as your main house and this is the most money-saving solution. However, detached garages are the newest home designs nowadays so you can choose to invest in space heaters and window-type air conditioner units to solve this problem.

2. Electricity and Plumbing

Garage renovation can be expensive, also when it comes to basic utilities. This will cost you about $3000 each for electricity and plumbing. However, if your garage is attached to your main house this won’t be painful because you can reroute the existing wires and pipes to your new apartment.

3. Contractor vs DIY

Many homeowners nowadays become ambitious and wanted to start doing their home renovations and makeovers. But keep in mind that DIYs are easy for simple projects. However, a full garage renovation can really become complicated and will need lots of tools and contraction knowledge. If you turn your garage into an apartment, you will need to meet the required building code and pass the inspection. The best way to make sure to pass this inspection is to hire a contractor.


Transforming your garage into an apartment is surely costly. From permits and other legal works to buying all the materials for your garage conversion, it’s clear to see that this one’s a huge investment and will cost you a fortune.

Nonetheless, it’s still totally worth it! With all these things already secured and the transformation of the garage into an apartment is complete, you can now finally live or enjoy your newly converted apartment or you can offer it for rent if you’re the business kind of guy.