How To Convert Your Garage Into A Photography Studio

How to Convert Your Garage Into a Photography Studio

A garage at home can be easily turned into a photography studio that can help aspiring photographers and even hobbyists kick-start their careers. This handy place has the lighting, space, and energy source to back-up an operational studio.

5 Best-Selling Photography Studio Equipments

To guide you into making a photo shooting workplace that is comparable to the ones you can rent or buy from the market, continue reading.

Things You Need :

  • Backdrop stand, sandbags
  • Backdrop fabric (muslin fabrics that are either plain or printed)
  • Studio lights and light stands
  • Softbox, umbrella (optional)
  • Extension cords
  • Tripod
  • Studio stools (optional)
  • workshop desk
  • V-flats (optional)
  • Linoleum/wallpaper

6 Easy Steps To Convert Your Garage Into Photography Studio

1. Supply Assembly

Assemble all the needed supplies and plan the size and arrangement of your studio. You may choose to either convert your whole garage to a studio or use a part of it for a smaller workplace. Be sure to set-up on a smooth flooring to avoid damages to the backdrop fabrics you will use. A good product you can use for a smoother floor is REDODECO Self-Adhesive Wallpaper from Amazon at $12. The product can be used to cover countertops and cabinets as well.

Redodeco Self-Adhesive Gray Wood Grain Adhesive Paper Counter Top Vinyl Furniture Cabinets Wardrobe Shelf Liner Wallpaper,17.7inch X 130inch

2. Garage Clean Up

Use your plan to arrange the garage and vacant a space you intend to use for your studio. You can use the whole area or a specific corner depending on your needs. A photography studio involves equipment that requires electricity. Make sure there are available outlets as required.

Garage Clean Up

Check the area’s lighting during different times of the day then use this as reference for your photo-shoots arrangement. Also, determine if a heater or air conditioning unit is needed to protect photography equipment from harsh weather conditions during different seasons.

3. Backdrop Set-Up

Mount the flooring for a smoother surface. Bring together the backdrop stand according to your planned arrangement. EMart’s backdrop studio system from Amazon is a complete set you can already use for your photography studio. The set, which is priced at only $48.99, already includes sandbags as support to keep the stand from unnecessary movement.

EMART Photo Video Studio 10Ft Adjustable Background Stand Backdrop Support System Kit with Carry Bag

Choose backdrops for your photo-shoots. Seamless papers and muslin fabrics are good choices for producing quality shots. A plain white or black background, aside from printed ones, is handy. Sites like bhphotovideo , Amazon, and eBay offer background materials for different photography styles that you will use. Refer to the photos on the next page for available photo studio backgrounds.

ISSUNTEX 6X9 ft Background Muslin Backdrop, Photo Studio, Collapsible High Density Screen for Video Photography and Television-Black

Optional photography equipment that you can add to your background set-up is a V-flat. This equipment is portable. You can either buy a furnished V-flat or make one on your own using wood boards. These may help improve your shots by giving you control over lighting and giving you the option to move it. However, a V-flat is not a requirement for a functional photography studio. You can buy one from V-Flat World at Amazon, for only $379 for 2 sets.

V-FLAT WORLD - Foldable V-Flat - Black/White - Photography (Two Pack) Made in USA

4. Studio Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important parts of a photography studio. For you to come up with good shots, your room must have adequate lighting. A basic set that is suitable for a studio will have to consist of a light source such as a speed light and a reflector like an umbrella.

Studio Lighting

You can choose a different type of light source depending on the photography style you want to use. Bulbs that are arranged within softboxes will help in dispersing light around your area. eBay and both have a wide variety of studio lights and accessories to choose from. Brands that you can try are Yongnuo and Neewer, both available in Amazon. Invest in durable light stands to support your lighting and avoid accidents. An example is the Manfrotto 366B light stand from

 5. Workshop Desk

Another thing you need in your photography studio is a workshop desk. It doesn’t have to be particularly big. Look for a light and easy to move but the sturdy desk that contains several side shelves and a drawer, this gives you more place to use. The most suitable for this is an L-shaped desk. L-shaped desks are very practical and consume less space while also providing more surface for your computer, camera, printer, props, and other gadgets that you need in your studio.

Walker Edison Ellis Modern L Shape Home Office Black Corner Computer Gaming Desk with Keyboard Tray, 51 Inch

Amazon offers workshop desks with its price ranging from $100 to $200, an example is a desk home office from Walker Edison Furniture (product photo below). For a cheaper alternative, instead of an L-shaped one, an ordinary desk with good length will do. Put the desk near an electric socket or have an extension cord for ease of access to electricity. Another strategy is to put it where you can oversee your photoshoot space for more efficient work and planning.

6. Miscellaneous Stuff

Things mentioned in this step are optional. You can choose not to add these to your photography studio. A tripod is useful if you want to pursue long exposure photography. Aside from making sure no movement happens during shooting, it can also help prevent strain from holding a heavy camera for longer periods. Also, a stool is useful when working with a model and during portrait photography. 

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In six easy steps and some dollars to spend, you finally have your photography studio. From extra space in your garage to a studio to hone your talents and photography skills. This is perfectly suitable for beginners looking for a way to start their home studio and build their portfolio. The materials used to establish the workshop can be found in common online stores, you can get them delivered right at your doorsteps. May this article help you achieve that photo shooting space until an opportunity comes for more permanent and professional working space for your photography career.