How To Convert Your Garage Into A Bedroom

How to Convert Your Garage Into a Bedroom

Most often than not, households’ garages just turn into a storage area for their odds and end rather than it for keeping the car. Converting a garage into a bedroom is then a great way to make use of a space that is not used up to its full potential. In addition to this, an additional bedroom would add up to the house’s appeal and would increase its resale value. Learn how to start with this project by reading through the steps below.


Things You Need:

  • Insulation
  • sheetrock (drywall)
  • primer and paint
  • flooring of choice
  • decorations are the essentials in the conversion of the garage into a bedroom

1. Determine Whether You Are Adding Or Renovating

Deciding what kind of space or bedroom you are going to create is the first step in the renovation. For example, if you are aiming for a larger space, you will then need to renovate the whole area. On the other hand, the installation option would be better if you are looking to just create a smaller place such as a play area for the children.

With this, you should also determine where would you then park your vehicles. Sort out and plan what you will do with the various items you will move out of your then storage room of a garage. An alternative thing to consider is adding a shed in your home so that you may continue storing those items.

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2. Acquire Your Building Permits

Building permits are essential if you are planning to install windows, electrical, and plumbing or when you are going to make other major modifications. This is something you should keep in mind since not doing so can result in a fine if ever the time comes you decide to sell your house in the future. Head on to your local zoning office and ensure these building permits ahead of time to assure that everything will undergo legal processes before you begin transforming your garage.

3. Add Insulation

Once the building permits are ensured and your plan is formulated, it is time for construction. Replacing or blocking up the old garage door opening should be done first. Adding insulation first before setting up walls will help in keeping your soon-to-be bedroom warmer. It also gives ease in completing the inner part of your bedroom’s construction.

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If you are to add insulation, ensure that the outside walls are well-insulated since most of the houses in America come with garages that do not have a lot of insulation installed. Your garage’s current structure as well as your choice of insulation will be the determinants in knowing what type of insulation to use.

4. Install And Design Your Walls

This is where our drywall or sheetrock material will come in, wherein you may want or need a contractor to help you within case you are not familiar with said materials. A contractor will also be able to make sure that the walls to be constructed are structured soundly and insulated. Although, putting up new walls may not be necessary when you plan on doing a full conversion.

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In the case of having a full-scale renovation, you may not need to have extra partitions but you will still want to have an additional wall around your perimeter. Most households have basic garages – you can then add a layer of drywall or sheetrock over the interior. The easiest option for this is paneling since it does not require much work. The only downside to this is you will not have as much insulation – adding one will increase the cost. On a positive note, this will go a long way in terms of keeping your room quiet and more comfortable by minimizing your cooling or heating costs.

5. Prime And Paint

There are two options for this step: One, you could simply start by just using the primer itself; or two, go directly onto using a mixture of paint and primer which is what we call the topcoat. Make sure to note the amount of paint that you will use in this step.

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Once the paint has completely dried, you may then install any decorative trim of your desire. In this, it is best to take note that everything is smoothened out and affixed using finishing nails but make sure to place the baseboards not until your desired flooring has been put into its place and is completed.

6. Floor Installation

With the wall already installed, it is time to move on to the flooring. Carpet tiles or laminate flooring is best suited for concrete floors. If you plan on installing a regular carpet instead, you will also need to invest in carpet padding, making carpet tiles still the probable easier solution.

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For tile floors, you should consider installing radiant heat underneath to provide better heating to the room as well as for comfort purposes – all of these minus the addition of a baseboard heating unit such as those of the electric and hot-water types.

7. Determine Ceiling Options

Most garages have simple ceilings. You may consider an additional drop ceiling to help cover the fact that this was where you once parked your car. Drop ceilings are easy to install and will help in making the new bedroom match chime in with the rest of your home. Choosing for this will come down to appeal, comfort, and expense.

8. Add Windows

This was why ensuring your building permit was necessary. Not many garages have windows and even if they do, they tend to be high and small. Adding a few will give an airier look in the bedroom.

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Since the insulation in a garage is not great, you may want to install energy-efficient windows instead. Example of which are double-hung windows which are easier to install and will ensure better protection from the escape of air from your new garage bedroom.


Converting a garage into a new bedroom is one of the few tasks we might find difficult but, in these times, where it is better to stay at home, pushing through with it may help you out in the future. Whether it is for future investments, having relatives over, or just for a new family room to bond in, this idea would be a fruitful one. With just the right plan, set of tools, experience, and time in making sure that everything is done right, you are sure to see great results in front of you.