How To Close The Garage Door When Power Is Out

How to Close the Garage Door When Power Is Out

Power outages are inevitable. They can happen anytime in just a blink of an eye. Aside from your gadgets and appliances, it can also affect your automatic garage door too.

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But fret not because manually opening a garage door is pretty easy. Just pull the emergency string to disengage the garage door’s trolly, lift the door, and then you’re done. 

Close the Garage Door When Power Is Out
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Automatic garage doors are common these days. They can be seen in any garage not just residential, but also in commercial establishments too. However, there are some rare occasions where you need to open your garage door manually, especially during a power outage. 

And luckily, this simple guide is just what you need. Below, is a step-by-step walkthrough on how to manually open your garage door in times of trouble. That said, continue to read on.

Three Steps is All It Takes 

There’s no challenge in opening your garage door manually. Follow these three steps below.

Step 1: Locate the emergency string

Every garage door has its own kind of emergency string. But the most common one comes in red color and hangs just a meter away above the garage door. This emergency string connects to the trolly that acts as the key to lock or unlock the door’s manual control. 

Step 2: Pull the emergency string

Pull the string until you hear a clicking sound. This indicated that the garage door is now ready for manual opening. What you just did is you disengaged the pin and enabled the trolly to be moved manually when opening the door. 

Step 3: Lift the door

Now you can lift the door by holding it from the side handles. And then you’re done!

The Aftermath

When the power is back, it’s time to re-engage the trolly for automatic opening. Get your garage door remote and click the button that opens the door.

Doing so retracts the trolly from the pin. Re-engage the pin using the emergency string, and click the button again to protract the trolly back to its original place. 

Once done, you can now open the door automatically using the remote. To save yourself from trouble, you can also invest in a modern garage door opener. Most of these modern garage openers in the market come with extra batteries that can be used when the power is out.

Why do I need a garage door opener?

That is probably one of the questions that have crossed your mind while fiddling with the idea of getting one. You may be looking at evading extra expenses but, you would soon find out that garage door openers are not just for aesthetics, they actually play a vital role in your home. Here are some reasons why you need a garage door opener:

  • It provides security lockdown for your home
  • It allows you the convenience of driving in and out with just the push of a button
  • It even allows voice-controlled operation for convenience, saving you the hassle of pushing a button or manually opening the door yourself
  • It allows you to lockdown even when you forget to lock up and are far from your home
  • Some garage openers have dual door operation or triple garage door operations  

Taking Good Care of Your Garage Doors

The quality of garage doors will deteriorate over time. And that’s why it’s important to take good care of it so that it’ll perform much longer. And for that, you need to lubricate your garage door tracks using oil. 

Taking Good Care of Your Garage Doors
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And when it comes to choosing lube, opt for one that has a reputable brand. This means pick one that is already tried and tested by the masses. So what’s the importance of lubricating your garage doors, you say?

Here are some of its benefits:

1. Makes it smoother to open

Lubricating it with oil makes your garage door smoother to open not only manually, but also automatically as well.

Before applying lubricant on its tracks, make sure to clean it first away from dust and extra debris. This ensures that the oil will spread evenly among the tracks without anything in the way.

2. Noise no more

Unmaintained garage doors tend to make a lot of noise when being closed or opened. But a lubricant will do the trick to help it be less noisy.

What you need to do is apply an ample amount of lubricant on its torsion springs. Do this regularly so that the springs will have an optimal performance with minimal noise. 

Opening a Garage Door Manually From Outside 

But what if you are caught in a situation where you need to manually open the garage door from the outside? Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to do so. You need to have an emergency release kit installed on your garage door to make this doable.

And assuming that you have one installed, then it would be a piece of cake. An emergency release kit looks like a normal lock that is attached to your garage door’s trolly. All you need to do is use the key to enable the garage door’s manual control, and then you’re done! 

Garage Door Manually From Outside
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There are a few people that doubt the importance of an emergency release kit. The reason why is because it allows burglars to enter your home through the garage. An emergency release kit can be easily lockpicked by burglars depending on how complex it is. 

So if you want to install an emergency release kit for your garage door, then make sure to place the lock where it is almost unreachable by burglars. Better yet, conceal them using paint to make them blend in with your garage door. 

This gives burglars an impression that there is no type of emergency lock on the garage door because it is fully camouflaged. Don’t ever lose your keys to your garage door emergency kit. Doing so is a recipe for disaster unless there’s a local keysmith near you. 

Installing an Emergency Release Kit for Your Garage Door

There are a plethora of emergency release kit brands available in the market today. But most of them are compatible depending on the type of garage door you have. However, you may need assistance and some extra tools when installing such.

Mainly because it involves drilling a hole on your garage door and dealing with screws, bolts, and so on. Fortunately, emergency release kits come with a dedicated instruction manual for you to follow. So make sure to read that one before installing it. 

Call For Help When Needed

Manually opening your garage door during a power outage is a walk in the park. However, if you need further assistance, then don’t hesitate to call for help.

You definitely need one, especially when it comes to installing an emergency release kit as tackled above. You can always contact a professional if you need help with all things garage.