How To Clean The Garage Floor Without A Pressure Washer

How to Clean the Garage Floor Without a Pressure Washer

Pressure cleaning is one of the most effective ways to get rid of dirt completely. However, it results in skyrocketing water bills.

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That’s why budget-friendly homemade cleaning alternatives exist. This includes using an all-purpose cleaner or detergent and scrubs to ward off dirt and grime away. You can also pair it with a mop to make things easier as well.

Cleaning Garage Flooor
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The garage is probably the dirtiest place in your home. This is the place where all the action happens such as fixing your car, doing some wood crafting, and among others.

So there’s no doubt that a garage tends to get dirty most of the time. And this is why regularly cleaning the floor is a must to keep germs lurking around at bay. 

Most people prefer using a pressure washer to get things done in a jiffy. However, it results in expensive water bills that can put a toll on your wallet.

But fret not because there are plenty of alternatives that you can try aside from pressure washing. And that’s what we are going to talk about today. 

No Pressure Washer? No Problem

Cleaning your garage floor doesn’t revolve around pressure washing alone. Below is a list of cleaning methods that you can use to give your garage floor its much-needed shine again. 

No Pressure Washer? No Problem
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1. Warm Water + Soap Combo

This combo will do the trick for mild stains and dirt. Any soap will do as long as you make them as foamy as possible before applying it to the floor.

Use a mop to spread the warm water and soap solution for an easier clean. Always keep in mind that this only works for mild stains and dirt. A more concentrated solution may be needed for trickier ones.

2. Water + Vinegar Combo

This one is ideal for rust that has stuck around for too long on the garage floor. Alternatively, you can also mix the vinegar with detergent for a more thorough clean.

Using a mop won’t do the trick as rust can be hard to clean. That’s why you should use a scrub to keep those rusts at bay. Do this for about five minutes so get those arms ready!

3. Cat Litter + Clay Combo

This may be a weird one, but it works in removing stains. If the soap doesn’t work, time to get some cat litter and mix some clay on it.

This works on dried or new stains on the garage’s floor. Spread it on the stained area and leave it overnight. For severe stains, this method might take you more than two days depending on how bad it is. 

4. Detergent Scrubbing

Detergent soaps are more powerful when it comes to cleaning. If they can effectively clean stains on your clothes, the same thing can be said to your garage floor too.

Detergent Scrubbing

For this one, instead of mixing the detergent on water, sprinkle it on the stain and use a wet scrub or brush afterward. Repeat if needed until the stain is gone completely. You might have to do it three to five times depending on how hard to remove the stain is. 

Directions for Cleaning Garage Floors

Step 1:

Clear the garage floor, move your vehicles, tools, container boxes, and other things inside your garage to make it easier for you to clean the floor.

Step 2:

Start sweeping you garage floor first to remove dust, dirt, dead bugs, etc.

Step 3:

Apply any driveway cleaner and mix it with warm water in a separate container.

Step 4:

Start scrubbing the floor sections by dipping the push brush into your solution or you can also pour it onto the concrete.

Step 5:

Let the cleaning solution soak until it penetrates into the stubborn stain but do not allow to dry on the floor.

Step 6:

You can now start rinsing your garage floor by turning your garage hose on a very low then rinse the entire surface and let it run off towards the street.

Step 7:

After rinsing you can use floor squeegee to dry up your garage floor quickly or you can just let dry on its own.

Why You Should Clean Your Garage Floor Regularly

It’s easy to overlook your garage when doing a general cleaning on your home. However, one should not skip cleaning the garage, especially the floor.

Sweeping Floor
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Germs can accumulate over time on dirty floors. And it’s only a matter of time that viruses and illness will spread into your home that can affect the whole family.

Dirty garage floors not only makes it a haven for germs, but it will also make your floor unattractive over time as well.

That’s why you need to clean your garage floors regularly to make it look as good as new. And we believe the cleaning methods we listed above can help you out with that without the need of a pressure washer.

A Pressure Washer Is a Good Investment… or Not

Getting a pressure washer is also viable as long as your wallet allows. It can clean stains and dirt away without all the extra work.

Invest Pressure Washer

It doesn’t even need extra materials such as detergents or scrubs as well. Not to mention, it can clean stubborn dirt, stains, and grime in less than a minute. 

Using a pressure washer doesn’t leave a single spec of dust to your garage floor. So there’s no doubt it’s the most used garage floor cleaning method by households nowadays. However, do keep in mind it’s not always rainbows and butterflies for pressure washers.

It also has its own share of disadvantages too. For example, handling a pressure washer should be done with assistance.

The amount of pressure exerted from the hose is dangerous if not handled with care. It takes a little bit of a learning curve to get the right pressure and its distance to the floor too. 

Unlike the traditional cleaning methods we listed earlier, those are easy to learn without all the extra steps. Not to mention, it’s also cheaper and doesn’t give you skyrocketing water bills just like what you’d get on a pressure washer. 

Take Good Care of Your Garage

A garage is a versatile area that can be used for different purposes. You can use it as a home gym, a mini-golf area, workshop space, and more.

Man Working At The Garage

That’s why it is important to take good care of it. And this is not only limited to cleaning the floor only, but also by tending the whole garage too. 

Treat your garage as a secondary space that you love to chill and hang out on. You can even have your band sessions on it hence the “garage band” moniker in the 2000s. Want to improve your garage even more? Install a bathroom or a dog washing station if your budget allows. 

There are endless possibilities that you can do with your garage. That’s why it is important to clean it regularly from the floor, down to the walls and windows as well. The cleaner the garage, the more fun it is as a place to hang out with.