How To Clean Gas Spill On Garage Floor

How to Clean Gas Spill on Garage Floor

Gas spills are such an eyesore for your garage. But fret not because there are plenty of ways to clean it without putting a dent in your wallet. And this is where homemade remedies come into play.

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The most common one is by using baking soda. But you can also try alternatives too such as cat litter if you don’t mind the odor. 

Cleaning The Garage
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The garage is an all-in-one workshop for all your fixing needs. It’s not just a place where you can fix your car, but it’s also a workspace where you can do a lot of stuff.

And this is why a garage tends to get dirty all of the time. The most common one is the gas spills. This sometimes happens when you accidentally hit the gas tank while fixing your car. 

Leaving gas spills for too long can lead to an awful smell that will linger on your garage. Not to mention, it will also leave a stain on your floor too. And that’s why it is important to get rid of gas spills as soon as you can. And today, we are going to tackle just about that.

Home Remedies For Garage Gas Spills

You don’t need fancy cleaning equipment to get rid of gas spills in your garage. Here are some home remedies that are effective in getting rid of it. 

1. Cat litter 

If you’re a cat owner, then you are in for a treat. Cat litter is an effective way to get rid of fresh gas spills on the garage floor.

This helps clean up much easier with minimal effort of rubbing the gas away with full force. To make it more effective, leave the cat litter on the spilled area for about an hour or two.

Once done, sweep and mop the floor and then you’re done! What’s best is that cat litter absorbs the odor of the gas spills too. However, you can also use a detergent after mopping the gas spill if there are still any odors left.

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2. Baking soda

No cats? No problem! Just head to your kitchen and grab a baking soda and let the cleaning begin. Baking soda is touted as the best way to get rid of gas spills and its odor. So there’s no doubt it is one of the most used home remedies to clean up not only gas spills but other types of floor stains as well. 

Using baking soda to get rid of gas spills is the same as the cat litter method. Apply an ample amount of baking soda paste on the area, leave it for an hour or two, and sweep or mop it away. If needed, add a little bit of detergent after cleaning to get rid of the extra odor. 

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Some Few Considerations To Keep In Mind

When using the cat litter method, make sure that it is fresh cat litter and not the ones that have already dried up because you left it for days. Fresh cat litter lets you spread it with ease, unlike dried ones. 

You can also mix cat litter with clay or sand as well to make the litter odor not so dominant. For baking soda, keep in mind that its texture is not the same with regular detergent. It has a pasty texture that can stick to surfaces.

If there are any baking soda leftovers on the floor when following the said method, use a detergent and mop it away. This helps get rid not only leftover baking soda but also gas odors too. 

The Aftermath

Well done! Now your garage floor is not looking clean as new. But what’s that smell, you say? It’s the smell of the gas still fuming all over your garage. And this is where disinfectants are here to save the day.

Disinfecting The Garage
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Disinfectants are highly-concentrated cleaning solutions that help get rid of the hard-to-remove smell. It acts as an extra layer of protection to your floor to ward it off from gas smells. Applying disinfectants is pretty easy.

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All you need is a bucket of warm water and a disinfectant of your choice. Disinfectants come in different scent variants. So opt for one that will make your garage floor not only squeaky clean but also smelling fresh all day and night as well. 

You can use either a mop or scrub when applying the disinfectant. Preferably, we highly recommend the latter for a more thorough clean. Disinfectants are effective in warding off extra gasoline chemicals that cause the smell. 

Also, when choosing a disinfectant, opt for a brand that is already tried and tested by many. Don’t just pick random ones just because they are a ‘disinfectant’ by name, or because they are new to the market. But when you do, make sure to research the brand first before buying it.

Some disinfectant brands love to trick consumers with their marketing techniques. The packaging may claim that it’s the most powerful disinfectant around, but the effect is not as near to what it says on the package.

Taking Good Care Of Your Garage Floor

Gas spills happen sometimes. And it’s important to get rid of it as quickly as we can so it won’t leave a mark on our garage floor. But this is not only limited to keeping gas spills at bay, but also cleaning your garage floor in general too. 

Working Laying On Garage Floor
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The importance of cleaning your garage floor is often overlooked by many. However, it is one of the most crucial parts of your garage that needs some serious care. Having a dirty garage floor makes it a hideout for germs.

If not prevented, it can create allergies, or even worse, germ-causing diseases that can spread to your family.

That’s why cleaning your garage floor regularly is a must. Don’t let those germs and bacteria live in your garage for too long. Time to get those cleaning materials and get rid of them as soon as you can.