How To Build A Driving Range In Your Garage

How to Build a Driving Range in Your Garage

Ever wanted to go to a golf course but you’re short on budget? Then time to build a golf driving range at the heart of your garage.

And since a driving range takes up too much space, you need to consider the size of your garage.

Once done, this will help you determine the materials you’re going to use and some extra bells and whistles you might want to add.

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A garage driving range is perfect for golf goers, especially this pandemic. As the world is still in an ongoing battle with the coronavirus, there’s nothing better than golfing at our home.

And the garage is just the perfect place for that! Luckily, this guide will help you out in building your very own garage driving range.

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Benefits of a Driving Range in Your Garage

Having a driving range in your garage is ideal, whether you’re a golfer or not. Let’s admit that not all of us have a spacious yard to practice or play golf. That’s why your garage is the best place to build it.

Although the experience may not be the same with a yard-like golf course, at least you can use it as a practice area for you and your kids if you have one. 

Another benefit of having it inside your garage is you’ll be safe from harsh weather conditions. No amount of heat, storm, or snow can stop you from honing your golf skills using the driving range.

What’s more is that building one is affordable as long as you’re wise in choosing the right materials depending on what your wallet allows. 

Step-by-Step Guide In Building Your Garage Driving Range

If those benefits sound convincing enough, then it’s time to let your inner carpenter shine. So get those tools ready and follow these steps below.

Step #1: Measure the size of the area

A driving range will surely take up a lot of space. But this also depends on how much space is left inside your garage too. If you have a small garage, then you might need some little arranging to do before you get started. 

Do keep in mind that your garage is still a garage. You don’t need to fully clean it up just for the sake of your driving range. So when it comes to considering the size of your driving range, make sure to balance it based on the size of your garage. 

Better yet, build a driving range that can be packed up and stored for easier convenience. This will help solve space issues, giving you fewer worries when you need to play golf or use the garage as a working station.

Step #2: Golf netting is your best friend

A driving range needs to be paired with a golf netting. You don’t want to accidentally break something inside your garage, right? And this is where a golf netting comes into play. Opt for a high-quality netting that can hold up your golf shots.

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You cannot just randomly choose a netting as you see fit. Make sure to check its thickness, material quality, and its size as well. You can find plenty of them online, especially on golf stores. You can also buy locally in your town if you want to save costs from shipping fees. 

Most golf nettings are built with a tent-like structure, so setting it up won’t be a problem. Set it up with a little open space on its back. Avoid leaning the golf net at the wall. This is because there’s a high chance that the golf ball will bounce off back at you once shot. 

Step #3: Determine the golf zone

The golf zone is the area where you are going to take the hit. If your garage has a high ceiling, then setting this won’t be a problem. Determine your golf zone based on the measurements of the area you did at step one. Frame this specific area so it will be easier to build your golf zone.

Fill this area with a grass mat. There are plenty of them available in golf stores, which also come in different sizes.

Opt for a size that fits the measured area of your golf zone. These mats have fake grass, so make sure to choose one that still feels like authentic grass. This will help you improve your golfing experience and lets you do sharper and accurate hits.

What’s best is that you can either embed this fake mat grass on your measured golf zone area or not. We highly recommend the latter so you can store it away just in case you’re going to use the entire space of your garage. 

A Couple of Tips to Keep In Mind

Building a driving range in your garage is as easy as following the three steps above. When it’s time to game, here are some few considerations you should keep in mind.

1. Watch Out for the Ceiling

There’s no denying that there’ll be times where we are carried by the moment. But remember that you are playing inside your garage.

So always watch out for the ceiling when it’s time to take the hit. It’s perfectly fine to unleash your inner Tiger Woods. Just make sure that you won’t hit the lights above while doing so. 

2. Play When No One’s Around

Golf is a pretty dangerous game, especially if you are playing it in your garage driving range. So before you do the shot, ensure that no one is working in the garage to avoid hitting someone.

How much more if your car is parked inside the garage. The next thing you’ll find is probably a broken car window when your emotions get the betterment of you.


A garage driving range is your ultimate companion if you want a mini-golf course on a budget. Not only that, but it’s also the best way to have fun with your friends and family, especially in our current situation now with the COVID-19 pandemic.

So what are you waiting for? Start building your garage driving range today.