How To Build A Dog Shower In The Garage

How to Build a Dog Shower in the Garage

If you get plenty of dogs in your home, then you definitely need a dog shower station in your garage for that. Doing so is pretty straightforward. All you need is to have a thorough plan, consider the size of the garage and the shower station, and the quality of the materials you’re going to use.

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What’s best is that building a dog shower in your garage won’t cost you like royalties. You can even create one below $99, or whatever your wallet allows. And if you’re part of the majority who is considering this garage modification, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Dog Shower

Today, we are going to guide you in making your very own dog shower in your garage. So before you get excited, sit back, relax, and continue to read on.

Why You Should Build a Dog Shower in Your Garage

You might be wondering about the importance of having a dog shower in your garage. But the main point to have it in your garage is because of space. All rooms in your house are already established, making it harder to find where it fits. 

But in your garage, you have the freedom to plan where you’ll build the dog shower station. Most home garages today are spacious enough for customization.

However, this also depends on the structure of your garage. If you have a small garage, then you might want to consider the size of your dog shower station too. 

Shower Vs. Tub

Deciding on what to choose between shower or tub for your dog always depends on your needs. If you own a big dog then building a shower is the perfect option for you. Elevated tubs are best if you own a small dog because they can easily be lifted up.


  • Doesn’t take too much space
  • Energy efficient
  • Can be used on any pet size
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to operate
  • Quick and convenient
  • Use less water than tubs


  • Good for relaxing
  • Available in any sizes depending on the space
  • Wide variety of designs
  • Have special features
  • Can be time-consuming
  • Takes a lot of water

A Guide in Building a Garage Dog Shower Station

Building a Garage Dog Shower
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Building a dog shower station in your garage is easy by following these steps below. Let’s have a look at them.

Step #1: Size Matters

First off, measure the size your dog shower station will take. Do keep in mind that this will depend on the size of your garage.

Besides, it will also depend on the size of your dog too. If you have a german shepherd or a husky, for example, then you need to build the shower stating according to their size.

Never settle for small-sized dog shower stations. Unless you don’t have enough room in your garage, then you might want to have that shower station inside your home instead.

Step #2: Let the Material Shopping Begin

Shopping for hardware to use on your dog shower station is just like shopping hardware for your bathroom.


Here are some essential materials you should get for your dog shower station:

Floor and Wall Tiles 

Make your dog feel like they are bathing on a high-quality shower station. So don’t forget to get some floor and wall tiles.

Choose ones that come in small sizes so it will be easy to cut and set up. Pro tip: opt for a color that complements with your garage so it blends well with the environment.

Tile Adhesive

Choose thinset adhesive for tiles instead of mastic. Thinset is more affordable, which is suitable for people who are on a budget.

What’s more, is that thinset is also ideal for filling in those unsightly tile gaps. Compared to mastic, which is super sticky and tends to dry out quickly. This gives you less time to arrange your tiles that can make it a bit of a challenge.

Floor Drain

A dog shower station won’t be complete without a floor drain. If you already have a floor drain in your garage, then that will suffice. However, it’s ideal to have a separate floor drain so it will be easier to clean your dog’s excess fur, dirt, and even lice for that matter. 

Dog Shower Hose

If you already have a garage faucet, then all you need is to pair that with a water hose. Most water hoses these days come in affordable prices.

What you need to keep in mind is the length. If the faucet is way too far from your dog shower station (if it’s located outside, for example), then you might need a three or five-meter water hose for that.

Step #3: Building the Dog Shower Station

Build the dog shower station based on the measurements you did in step one. If you’re having trouble, you can hire a professional team as an alternative. But if you have the proper tools and equipment on hand, then it’s better to build on your own to save costs.

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Start by framing your dog shower station. This helps you determine its structure to make it easier once you start building. You can use wood or steel bars depending on how you want your dog shower station to look like.

Next, consider the plumbing area for the drainage and water system. It’s best to connect it with your garage’s existing plumbing to make things easier. You can hire a plumbing service if you need help, but make sure you have the money to do so.

Finally, now that the structure and plumbing is complete, it’s time to add the floor tiles and water hose. Cut the tiles first using a tile cutter blade and ensure that it fits your dog shower station. You might need an assistant when doing so to prevent errors and accidents.

Once done, prepare the underlayment where you will put the tiles. Use the adhesive to put the tiles into place and allow it to dry after a few hours. For the water hose, attach it to the garage faucet to finish this step. 


So there you have it! A garage dog shower station is an essential feature every homeowner should consider.

Not only will it make your garage more attractive, but it also gives value to it as well. Having a fully-featured garage helps you sell your home faster if you’re considering doing so in the near future. 

A garage dog shower station is just the beginning. There are still plenty of customization options that you can add to your garage.

And as long as your wallet allows, then there’s no better time to build those garage additionals than now.