How To Build A Crossfit Gym In Your Garage

How to Build a Crossfit Gym in Your Garage

Building a Crossfit gym in your garage sounds impossible. But it is actually doable with some little bit of space management and arranging.

Keep in mind that you don’t only need to consider its tight space, but also the equipment you are going to get as well. This is why having a proper plan is a must for your garage Crossfit gym.

A garage is not only a garage. There are a plethora of ways that you can personalize it. And one of them is building a Crossfit gym inside it.

Man lifting weights on garage crossfit gym

This makes your garage an all-in-one hub for all your personal needs. It can be your workstation, a place where you can chill, and now a Crossfit gym.

So if you want to build a CrossFit gym in your garage and don’t know where to start, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to tackle everything you need to set up your personal Crossfit gym in your garage. Without further ado, let’s get started! 

The Importance of a Crossfit Gym

Weights on Garage Crossfit gym

But before we begin, have you ever wondered why having a garage Crossfit gym is a must? Here are some key factors that will convince you.

1. Crossfit at home

Why apply for a Crossfit gym membership when you can do it at home? Not to mention, it also saves you cash from daily commute as well.

And what’s best is that you can also work out together with your loved ones too. Don’t you just love getting fit together with your parents or siblings at the heart of your home? 

2. Flexibility at its finest

Some Crossfit gyms are not open 24/7. But thanks to your very own garage Crossfit gym, you can get your much-needed workout any time of the day.

Fancy working out in the middle of the night? You have the freedom to do just that. Having a garage Crossfit gym breaks the boundaries of fixed training/workout schedules. 

3. Hassle-free workouts

Don’t you hate that feeling of going to your local Crossfit gym just to find out that the place is loaded?

This means waiting for your turn which can be time-consuming, especially if you are in a hurry. But thanks to a garage Crossfit gym, you have the freedom to work those muscles out whatever and whenever you like without interruptions. 

Building Your Garage Crossfit Gym

Working out on Garage Crossfit Gym

1. Consider the space of your garage

We all know that a garage doesn’t have that big of a space. So arranging all your garage items can be a challenging task. Alternatively, you can build it inside your house. But this also depends if you have a spare room for that. 

So before anything else, ensure that your garage has an ample amount of space for your Crossfit gym. If you don’t, then prepare to do some arranging overload. Doing so might feel like a chore, but the result will be worth every effort you exerted for it. 

2. Purchase the right equipment

There’s no denying that Crossfit gym equipment can cost you royalties. That’s why you should only buy them depending on what your wallet allows. If you’re planning to have a garage Crossfit gym in the coming months, then start investing now. 

A golden rule of thumb when purchasing equipment is to never settle for less. You might have found a cheaper option, but how about its quality? Do keep in mind that different brands have different ways of building their product depending on the price. 

Better yet, only purchase Crossfit equipment that is important for the training program you are currently following.

Save the other ones for later to keep your wallet from completely going bankrupt. If are building a garage Crossfit on the cheap, then take time to explore brands and opt for equipment that fits your allotted budget. 

3. Additional planning may be needed

Now that you are ready and set, it’s time to let the building begin. Doing so is as simple as arranging them where you see fit. Ensure that the equipment doesn’t block the driveway. Cause if it does, then this is where additional planning will come into play.

If you feel like there is still not enough space to build your garage Crossfit gym, then maybe it’s time to spend a few more bucks for an overhaul. This means expanding your garage like adding a few rooms or raising the ceiling for a little bit. 

But if you want to save cash from such expensive modifications, then try putting some unimportant things from your garage to the attic. This helps free up space without putting a dent on your wallet from making garage modifications. 

Why You Should Do Crossfit

Since we are talking about Crossfit in this article, here are some of its benefits to your physicality. 

1. Improved balance and agility 

Crossfit workouts are miles different from regular workouts. Some Crossfit workouts are composed of moves that you do in everyday life. This is also paired with high-intensity exercises too. This means you’ll get improved balance and agility, which is important to help you get in control of your body.

2. Calories begone

Regular workouts are already good for burning calories. But Crossfit ones will help you get rid of them faster. But keep in mind that this also needs to be paired with a healthy diet as well. Cause what’s the point of doing Crossfit exercises if you are still sticking in your unhealthy eating habits, right? 

3. You get stronger

Crossfit workouts are mostly comprised of multi-joint and high-intensity exercises. This helps you get stronger thanks to improved muscle strength and stamina. So if you want to up the ante of your workouts, switch from regular training to Crossfit training.

Different Types of Gym Flooring

1. Rubber

This is the most common (and probably most used) type of gym flooring of all time. Rubber gym mats are not only affordable but also durable and resistant to heavy impacts as well. Rubber gym mats are also easy to clean and don’t wear off easily over time.

2. Carpet tile

Soft and smooth flooring are two words that best describe this type of gym flooring. If you want your home gym to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible, then look no further with this one. It is durable, easy to install, and comes in a variety of artistic colors too. 

3. Turf

Missing the outside world? Then a turf gym flooring is just what you need. This gym floor type resembles and feels like grass because of its default green color (there are other color options too).

Turf gym flooring has a cushion-like material that is easier for athletes and high-intensity trainers to move around. Not to mention, they are also low maintenance too. So rest assured that this flooring type will last for years with little maintenance needed. 

4. Vinyl

Vinyl flooring is often found in premium gyms. So you better expect that the pricing of this one will put a dent on your wallet. However, its hefty price tag is justified by the benefits it has. Its durability alone can withstand a beating even if it is run over by cars or trucks.

Cleaning is also a breeze too. A little touch of soap and water will suffice and then you’re done! It’s also easy to install with minimal effort needed. 

A Garage Crossfit Gym Is What you Need

Now that you know the benefits of Crossfit, what’s stopping you from building a garage Crossfit gym? Money isn’t a problem if you start investing now. It’s going to be costly for sure, but the health benefits you get are worth every dime you spent on it.