How To Build A Corner Workbench In A Garage

How to Build A Corner Workbench In A Garage

A corner workbench is your trusty companion in your garage if you’re in the mood to let your mechanic skills shine.

Building A Corner Workbench
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Luckily, building a garage corner workbench is very easy. All you need is to consider the space of the corner where you want to install it, and the material quality you are going to use. There are also customizations too, but that’s considered as an afterthought. 

Your garage won’t be complete without a corner workbench. In fact, having one will make you more productive. What’s more, is that you can also put all your tools and equipment in there to make them more organized.

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And if you are planning to build a corner workbench for your garage, then this article is for you. Today, we are going to guide you on building a garage corner workbench. So without further ado, sit back, relax, and continue to read on.   

Do-It-Yourself Corner Workbench

Building A Corner Workbench
Image Credits: Pexels

Building a garage corner workbench is doable without the need of a professional. But there’s nothing wrong if you prefer hiring someone to do it for you. But with the right equipment and materials on hand, you can create a garage corner workbench by following these steps below.

Step #1: Safety first

There are a lot of tools involved when building a corner workbench for your garage. So make sure to wear safety equipment before anything else.

Use gloves, wear protective eyewear and buckle up with your tool belt. Having trouble? Hire an assistant that can help you out to guide you throughout the process.

Step #2: Plan and sketch

A little planning goes a long way. This is a real lifesaver to prevent further errors during the building process. Should you plan the old school way by drawing it on paper, or via software such as Google SketchUp, wherever you’re comfortable, then go with it. 

Preferably, it’s best to go digital when planning your corner workbench. There are plenty of tools and features that you can utilize when using software. This saves you time from doing it all by yourself manually via paper.

Step #3: Let the measurements begin

Now that we’re done with the planning stage, go to the desired corner of your garage and measure the space your corner workbench would take. This is important when it comes to shopping for the materials later on. You can use tools such as a meter stick or a measuring tape, depending on what you prefer. Jot down the measurements you just made after doing so.

Step #4: Material shopping

A golden rule when shopping for your corner workbench material is not to base it only from its looks, but also the quality as well. If you opt for wood, then choose maple or mahogany as these wood types are durable enough to withstand the test of time.

If you want it to be lighter, then go for plywood instead. Plywood is also more affordable too, which is ideal for those who are on a budget. You can also have a wood + plywood combo if you want to be more creative.

Metal is also ideal if you want durability over anything else. But keep in mind that it’s much costlier than wood. Although more durable than wood, it can be a danger hazard, especially if you have kids running around and accidentally bump into your metallic corner workbench. 

Step #5: Time to build

Start by creating the basis of your corner workbench. This means putting up a wall stud where the working surface will reside. Make sure to follow the measurements you did earlier to avoid further errors later during the process. 

Once done, start building the legs of the corner workbench. This gives more support for the working surface when you start building it. Make sure that the legs are at the same height as the wall stud you just created. 

Build the frame of the working surface based on the height of the legs and wall stud. When done, time to work on the working surface. Ideally, you can opt for a dual-layer working surface for extra durability. 

Step #6: Finishing touches

Your garage corner workbench is done! But you can’t just let it sit there looking bare and dull. So add some paint to spruce it up. Choose a color that matches your garage so it will complement the atmosphere.

If you want to keep it simple, apply varnish instead of paint. Just don’t overdo it to prevent your corner workbench from shining too much. This can be a tad distracting when you’re working on something since varnish is reflective. 

Customize the Way You Like It

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Aside from being a table only, you can also add some extra features to make it even more functional. This includes a drawer, electrical sockets, or even a light source which is direly needed for every workspace.

These customization options will cost you some extra bucks. But it’s a rather good investment which can benefit not only the corner workbench but also yourself as well. You can also pair it by building tool shelves on its walls too.

This gives you easy access to your tools whenever needed, without the hassle of looking for them separately. 

Cabinets are also an ideal additional too as long as it still fits with your budget. If you don’t want your garage corner workbench to look hollow underneath, a few cabinets got you covered. But this also means getting back to the drawing board once again if you want to add these changes.

If that sounds like a chore, you can always hire a professional service team to apply these workbench customizations.

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A corner workbench is part of your garage’s identity. If you take a look at pictures of home garages on the internet, you’ll find these benches in every single one of them.

Always remember that there are various ways of creating or designing a corner workbench as long as your budget allows. You just need to let your creativity shine and have a wallet that supports it.