How To Adjust Garage Door Tracks

How to Adjust Garage Door Tracks

Are you having trouble with your garage doors? Then it’s time to make some adjustments on its tracks. Doing so is pretty easy. All you need is to loosen its screws, adjust the track position, to tighten the screws back into place, and then you’re done. 

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Garage doors are very sensitive. And there are different factors why it will sometimes jam or have trouble open or closing. Maybe someone bumped into it accidentally, or its parts have started to corrode over time and a whole lot more.

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That’s why aligning your garage door tracks is a must once you spotted the issue. Don’t fret because doing this procedure is pretty easy. As long as you have the right tools and equipment, then you are ready for action. That said, follow the steps below.

Aligning Your Garage Door Tracks Made Simple

1. Loosen 

There are plenty of screws bolted around the tracks to secure the garage door frame. Loosen them using a screwdriver. Ensure that they are loose enough before proceeding to the next step below.

2. Adjust

Adjust the garage door track position using a rubber mallet. Avoid using a harmer as it can damage the door tracks.

Using the rubber mallet, apply optimal force on the bottom of the door track to correct its position. You can also use a level tool to ensure an optimal position and prevent further errors. 

3. Tighten 

Once done, tighten the screws again, and then you’re done. Repeat the steps for the other tracks when needed. 

As you can see, adjusting your garage door tracks is as easy as following three simple steps. No need to use sophisticated tools or hire a professional that can only take a toll in your wallet. 

But Wait, There’s More!

However, keep in mind that there are different types of problems why a garage door won’t function properly. We said earlier that a garage door that’s having difficulty to function might be caused by damaged hardware. This includes the hinges, bolts, springs, or even the door itself. 

So make sure to make a thorough inspection of your garage door before inspecting. If you spot a damaged material, then replace it as soon as possible to prevent further complications. Always remember that the early you treat your garage door, the fewer problems you’ll have.

Garage Door Alignment Should Never Be Overlooked

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Nothing is permanent when it comes to garage doors. No matter how top-notch the material that’s used, it will gradually lose its quality over time. So always keep your eyes open when your garage door starts to show some problems

Fixing it immediately saves you wads of cash from replacing the entire door itself. There’s no denying that alignment problems are indeed a pain in the head. But by following these simple steps we tackled above, you can finally ward off those garage door problems away.

Other Garage Door Issues

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Another issue when it comes to garage doors is where it rubs against the molding above it. This prevents the garage door from smoothly opening or close, and can lead to further issues if not treated early on.  Luckily, fixing it is as easy as following these three steps too.

1. Locate the track bolts and loosen it

Garage doors have track bolts that are located above it. Loosen the track bolts with a wrench while using little to optimal force as possible.

2. Creating a door gap

Once done, move the tracks either left or right. Doing so creates a gap between the door and the tracks to let it close or open with ease. Repeat if needed if you are not satisfied with the results.

3. Tighten it back

Now that we have a slight gap to let the door function smoothly, secure the track bolts back into place. Ensure that they are tightly screwed to prevent the door tracks from falling apart. 

Tips To Keep In Mind 

To prevent yourself from adjusting your garage door tracks from time-to-time, here are a few things to consider when it comes to garage doors.

TIP 1# Proper planning is the key

Problems like these might be a result of improper planning. Is the garage door too big or too small for your garage?

Or are the materials even fit for your chosen garage door of choice? It could be anything! A golden rule of thumb when choosing a garage door should not only be based on how it looks, but also on the quality of the door itself.

TIP 2# Hire a professional when installing a garage door

There’s nothing wrong if you want to do things on your own. But if you don’t have the skills to do so, then don’t hesitate to hire a mechanic.

Keep in mind that the rate may vary depending on the person you hired. But spending a few bucks won’t hurt knowing that it saves you from further hassle. 

TIP 3# Materials matter

When choosing hardware for your garage door, always choose quality over affordability. Cheap hardware will result in poor performance. So don’t be afraid to extend your budget a little bit more.

Always remember that never settle for less when it comes to garage door hardware, even if it will cost you royalties. It’s a pretty good investment too because you will never encounter any problems if you opt for high-quality hardware.

TIP 4# A lubricant is your best friend

Sometimes, a garage door only needs a little lubricating for it to function well. Garage door lubricants are affordable, so there’s no reason for you not to get one. Aside from making your garage door to function smoother, a lubricant will also make it less noisy. It helps in avoiding further garage door problems at a price that won’t hurt your wallet. 


Taking care of our garage doors is a must. Although aligning its door tracks are pretty easy, it pays off to opt for high-quality hardware to keep hassle at bay. But when things get worse, contact a garage door professional before it does more harm in the long run.