How To Add A Bathroom To A Detached Garage

How to Add a Bathroom to a Detached Garage

There are a lot of considerations to keep in mind when adding a bathroom to your detached garage. It might be a too challenging task, but it all boils down on its construction, plumbing, and some extra bells and whistles you might want to install on it.

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Not to mention, you also need to comply with some extra paperwork to make sure it meets the safety standards in your area.

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A detached garage is a sort of like an ‘outbuilding’ with the likes of a barn or shed. And from the name itself, it is a separate garage that sits along with the main building, which is your home

Detached garages are often built near the sidewalk and are bigger in size compared to an attached garage.

So it’s no surprise that homeowners love customizing it such as, for example, installing a bathroom. And if you are part of the crowd who wants to add a bathroom in your detached garage, then this article is for you. So sit down, relax, and continue to read on.

Let The Construction Begin

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Just like any type of construction, you need to follow your state/country’s rules and regulations of installing a bathroom in a garage.

This ensures safety and functionality for a hassle-free upgrade experience. It’s going to be a long paperwork process depending on where you live, but the result will be worth every effort you exert on it.

1. Planning is Everything

Bathroom space differs from your main home and your detached garage. This is because most detached garages vary in size too. That’s why you need to consider how much space will it consume without overtaking almost half of the area. 

First, you need to plan what you want to install inside your garage bathroom. Should you put a tub on it or only a shower? How about the sink? The toilet? Or the mini-window that most bathrooms come along with? 

The designing phase will be the trickiest part of the whole project. That’s why you need to work accordingly with your designer to avoid fewer mistakes you might regret in the end. Thoroughly plan all the details even the small ones as it plays a vital role in the entire process. 

2. Plumbing Matters 

More often than not, you cannot direct the plumbing from your main home to your detached garage.

This is why you have to completely rebuild the plumbing system with the help of professionals. But keep in mind that this depends on the structure of your main home’s plumbing system too.

It might be a bit costly to do so, but at least it gets the work done with minimal effort from you. This is going to be a lengthy process because you have to ensure all the water lines for the sink, tub, and toilet. And it doesn’t end there! Because you have to consider its drain lines too. 

This means cutting the garage floor to install the pipes beneath it. Think of it as having a little makeover for your garage. The time it takes for this step to finish may depend on the plumbing crew too. Not to mention, different weather conditions can affect progress as well. 

3. Need Gas Lines? Then Go For It! (optional)

Before you proceed, we want you to know that this step is optional. But if you want to be extra by putting gas lines on your garage bathroom, so be it. Gas lines are needed for a bathroom water heater.

This water heater will connect to the bathtub or sink so you can have a warm and cozy water to use. But if you want to keep things simple, then it’s perfectly fine to opt-out for this one. It still pays off to build a bathroom garage based on what your wallet allows. 

Advantages Of a Detached Garage

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Now that we’re done with all the fuzz of adding a bathroom to your detached garage, let’s discuss its advantages over a traditional attached garage. 

1. The Bigger, The Better

Most detached garages look like a mini second house. This is because it has its separate land, hence their bigger space. Unlike an attached garage, where their space is limited depending on the size of the main house. 

This is why you can add almost anything to a detached garage, and a bathroom is just the beginning! You can even add a little cozy corner on it where you can chill, or whatever your creative mind can think of.

2. Less Noise, More Productivity

We said earlier that most detached garages are located near the sidewalk. This means you can have your own world filled with peace and solitude in a detached garage.

It allows you to focus more on whatever you want to do inside a detached garage be it wood-crafting, playing with power tools, fixing your car, and among others. Unlike an attached garage where it shares the same wall with your home. This means more noise coming from the main house and less privacy. 

3. It’s Like a Personal Private Space 

This one is like a culmination of the first two points above. Thanks to its bigger space and less noise emitting from your main house, a detached garage is indeed a private haven you can hang out on. 

That’s why we mentioned earlier that you cannot only add a bathroom on it, but also any other extras as you see fit as well. You can even turn it into a mini studio if you have a band. Ever wonder where the term ‘garage band’ came from? Then here’s your answer.


Adding a bathroom to your detached garage is not a walk in the park.

There will be thorough planning, lots of paper works, a little bit of research, and some extra considerations to keep in mind. Not to mention, it will take weeks or even a full month to complete. But as long as you have the money to spend on it, then you are in for a treat.