How Much Paint Do I Need To Paint My Garage

How Much Paint Do I Need to Paint My Garage

Painting your garage makes it more attractive and appealing to the eyes. However, the amount of paint needed for a garage depends on its size and structure.

A 5-gallon paint will suffice for a 20x22 garage with a 10ft ceiling. But if your garage is bigger than these dimensions, then you probably going to need more paint than that.

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A garage is like a secure haven for your vehicle and your productivity equipment you kept aside in your home. Be it wood crafting or gardening tools, mechanical peripherals, or even some old furniture and cabinets that had already served its purpose.

Having a garage is like an expansion of your home where you can store almost everything. If you take a stroll down your neighborhood, you will notice that most homes nowadays have their very own garage.

But a garage won’t be complete without sprucing it up with some fresh coat of paint. Which is what we are going to talk about today.

The Importance of Painting Your Garage

Paint Roller
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An unpainted garage is unpresentable and not pleasing to the eyes. Just imagine if someone visits your home and goes to your unpainted garage only to be turned off because of its bareness. Here are several reasons why a fresh coat of paint is a must for a garage:

1. It Adds Value

In case you are going to sell your home five or ten years from now, a fully painted garage adds value to make it even more appealing. Homebuyers nowadays will examine every nook and corner of a house, and this includes the garage. 

With a painted garage, it gives these potential buyers a reason to consider your house. Painting it adds an extra layer of value to already beautiful storage space.

2. Makes It More Attractive

An unpainted garage will look like it came straight out from a horror movie. But painting it makes your garage more pleasing to look at. Just because its main purpose is a storage room doesn’t mean you don’t need to spruce it up for a bit. 

Treat your garage just like how you’d treat your home. Aside from a fresh coat of paint, maybe you can also add some extra bells and whistles inside it too. Be it wall decorations, tiles, or even a mini sofa where you can chill and relax.

Understanding Different Paint Finishes

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You cannot just storm your way to the store and pick a random paint as you see fit. Do keep in mind that paints come in various types of finishes too. We have semi-gloss, satin, eggshell, and matte finishes, all coming with different price tags.

For a garage, we highly recommend a matte paint finish. Since a garage is kind of a mini-workshop space, it’s best to opt for paint that doesn’t reflect too much when light hits it. Semi-gloss finish is a big no-no for garages.

This type is too reflective making it a tad distracting and too revealing for a garage. Different paint types and colors also vary in price. A single gallon of paint will cost you around $15 to $20 at most. But if you opt for designer paints that are screaming with quality, it can cost around $100 or more depending on the brand.

Your garage dimensions also play a vital role too. The bigger your garage, the more gallons of paint you need. For a medium-sized garage, you need approximately 5-7 gallons of paint. For larger ones, you may need more than 10 gallons for that, or even 20 if you count the exterior too.

Tips In Painting Your Garage

Painting a garage is not a walk in the park. Some homeowners will even hire a paint crew just for that. But if you prefer doing things on your own, then here are some useful garage painting tips you can follow:

1. Choose The Right Paint Color

Don’t make your garage look out of place from the rest of the house. So choose a color that complements the entire home so they would match together. A garage is an expansion of your home so you better treat it like one. 

Considering that a garage already looks dark and gloomy enough, opt for lighter colors to make it more inviting. Darker colors will only make it more depressing. So make sure to choose colors that highlight your garage in the best possible way.

2. Neutral Colors Suit It Best Too 

Want to make your garage look simpler? Then opt for neutral colors such as beige, ivory, white-gray, or light brown. These neutral colors make the garage feel more spacious while oozing with simplicity. 

What’s more, is that neutral colors fit with almost anything. Which means you can put different kinds of colorful furniture or items without making the garage look out of place. It also attracts potential home buyers too, especially those who prefer simplicity over complexity. 

3. Garage Floor Matters 

Aside from painting the walls and ceilings, it’s also important to include the garage floor too. A garage floor can get greasy and muddy most of the time. But with the help of paint, cleaning your garage floor is as simple as mopping the dirt away in just a few swipes. 

Having a painted garage floor makes it look cleaner and adds extra protection from mold and any kind of mildew buildup. Not to mention, it also makes the floor water-resistant, which is important for a garage because this is where all the repair and cleaning action happens.

4. No Cracks Left Behind

Before you begin painting your garage, make sure that all cracks on the walls are sealed. Leaving them untouched makes the paint uneven. Also, keep in mind that no amount of paint will make these cracks less visible.

So before anything else, seal these gaps with caulk. You can either do it manually or use a caulk gun to make things easier. Keeping these cracks out of sight is a lifesaver and can make your painting sessions hassle-free.