How Much Does It Cost To Convert A Carport Into A Garage

How Much Does it Cost to Convert a Carport into a Garage

If you’re planning to convert your carport into a garage then it’s necessary to create a lot of planning as this is going to be a major project. You have to take into account all the costs from materials, labor, and also the extra things to let the project finish smoothly.

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In order to help you with your planning, we’re going to show you how much you’re actually going to spend so you won’t overspend when building it.


Costs for Materials

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The expenses that you’re going to need to purchase for the materials will be around $8,000 to $10,000 although this doesn’t still include the costs for labor. 

You also need to take into account the number of cars that you’re going to put into your garage. If you have two cars then the cost of materials is double the amount. 

The type of materials that you want to use for your garage conversion is also going to matter as the premium quality materials for flooring and roofing is going to cost more.

Labor Costs

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Most homeowners who want to save money would prefer to build their own garage by themselves. But if you don’t have the skill to do this then it would be better to hire a professional who can convert your carport into your garage for you.

These builders will usually charge you around $35 to $45 per square foot which already includes the floor and roof section of the garage. Generally, the total labor will be between $12,000 to $16,000.

Seasonal Changes

The cost of constructing your garage will also depend on the season that you’re going to do it. You need to take into account the heaters or air conditioning that you have to install during the winter or summer season. This is needed to keep you or the laborers in a comfortable environment to work in.

When you’re going to convert your garage during these times, you will have to spend on the gas or energy that’s going to use for temperature control.

Extra Cost and Accessories

Aside from the main price of converting your carport into a garage, you’re also going to pay for extra items to keep your workers comfortable when working. This will usually include a porta-potty, dumpsters, and other types of basic necessities.

You will even have to purchase a security lock or lighting and insulation if the laborers will still want to work during the night.

Generally, you’re going to expect a total cost of about $25,000 to $60,000 in order to complete this conversion.

Why Should You Convert Your Carport Into a Garage?

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1. Protect Your Car From The Elements

Constant changes in the environment such as rain, snow, or even extreme heat can cause metallic parts of your car to rust. Placing your car in an enclosed area allows you to protect it from the ever-changing environment which can easily damage your car. 

You can also add insulation such as a heater or air-conditioner to your garage so you can keep it at room temperature. 

2. Prevent Your Car From Being Vandalized

Another advantage of having a garage is that your car is going to be protected from any chances of theft or vandalism. This can also mean a lower insurance cost as there’s a lesser chance of your car being tampered with by anyone.

3. Storage Area

Having a garage can give you the opportunity to have additional storage space to keep things from your home to another safe location. You can build cabinets and shelves to place things such as your tools, seasonal decorations, or even old clothes that you don’t use anymore.

This can allow you to prevent your home from being too cluttered and tight from all the extra things that you don’t usually need. It can also prevent your things from being damaged as it’s going to be stored properly.

4. Workspace

You can also use your garage private workspace if you have a hobby for building or tinkering with stuff. All you need to do is find a specific location in your garage that’s spacious enough for you to move around.

You can build a workstation over there which includes a work table so you can conduct any kind of crafting hobby that you want.

5. Extra Room

Another way of using a garage is to make it an extra room for you to have your own private place that’s detached from your house. You can make it into your own personal man cave and place items like a couch, pool table, and even a TV.

This can let you play games and have fun while also allowing you to have a personal area to invite your friends over. 

You can also turn it into another guest room by placing a bed on it in case you have too many visitors in your house.

6. Increase of Property Value 

Converting your carport into a garage can also increase the property value of your home if you ever want to sell it. Of course, you also need to see if the costs of converting it will actually be worth the increase in value.

If you’re only planning to convert your garage so you can increase the property value then make sure that the costs don’t outweigh its price.

Find someone who can appraise your home and see the increase in price can actually be worth investing your money to convert your carport. 


It’s always important to have proper planning whenever you’re doing something major so you won’t have to waste a lot of money during the process. Make sure that you’ve properly estimated the costs that you’re going to spend during this kind of project.

There are a lot of advantages when converting your carport into a garage so it’s important to invest in this property.

As this is going to cost a lot, you need to make sure that every cent is properly spent so you won’t over budget.