How Close To A Fence Can I Build A Garage

How Close to a Fence Can I Build a Garage

Building a garage will require a lot of planning and there will also be a lot of factors involved, especially when you currently have a small area. This means that you have to make use of the limited distance of your home. 

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Though the problem with this is that there are several laws regarding how near you’re able to build something to another structure like a fence. 

In order to know more about this, we’ll talk to you about the limitations of how close you’re able to build a garage to a fence.

Zoning Requirements

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Your local government requires you to have proper zoning of all of the structures that you’re planning to build on your area. Garages are also required to have proper zoning to all your corresponding areas in order to achieve the necessary safety requirements.

Following the recommended zoning of your local law allows you to have a safer home and prevent your house from looking too packed. Each state has its own necessary requirements regarding the zoning distance between the garage and your fence.

Make sure to follow them in so they can allow you to have a building permit so you can begin constructing your garage.


Fire Safety Requirements

Make sure to follow the proper fire safety code by following the appropriate distance for a structure to be built while still being safe from becoming a fire hazard. It’s important that the garage that your building is at least 3 feet away from your neighbor. 

This can easily be measured by measuring the distance between the side of the fence that’s dividing you and your neighbors land.

Aside from creating the proper distance from your fence and garage, you must also take into account fire safety and prevention. This is necessary for every home when building any additional structures in order to prevent any probable fire hazards from occurring.

Considering Your Neighbors

A factor that will affect the distance of your garage to your fence is about the comfortability of your neighbor regarding a new structure being built on your home. You need to take into account what your construction will become a hazard for your neighbor so you won’t face any kind of disputes later on.

Such as keeping the proper distance to prevent any fire hazard, you should also take into consideration any other factors that may also affect your neighbor. These factors may include any safety issues regarding the way your garage is built such as electrical or its composition.

Proper Drainage for Your Garage

Whenever you’re starting to build any new structure on your land, always take into mind that proper drainage must be properly applied to prevent flooding.

You need to check if the distance between your garage and fence may cause any flooding problems during intense rain.

Also, if there is already any drainage installed nearby the fence, it’s best to build the garage a bit farther. Having any gaps in the foundation of the garage can lead to several issues that can cause the entire building to collapse due to weak support.

Seek a professional for any advice for building a solid foundation for your garage to prevent any issues in the future.

Vehicle Sight Lines

When pulling into your garage, you should be able to have the proper clearance from your garage to your fence so you can easily park your car. Your fence should be easily visible no matter how you’re going to park your car so you won’t cause any probable damage to your property.

A garage door is designed to create a good enough space to quickly park your car without any possibility of hitting the side of the door. This also must be true to the distance of your fence to your garage.

You should build a good distance from your fence to your garage so you won’t have any chance of accidentally hitting the fence when parking.

Building Rules and Regulations

There are several local laws and regulations that you will require whenever you’re planning to build a new structure to your house. When it comes to garages and fences, each of them has their own type of restrictions on how you should build them due to safety reasons.

Creating a Garage

Several states have strict regulations regarding how you should build your garage in order to prevent any possible safety issues in the future. This includes how near you should build it to other structures in your home and where you should build it.

A homeowner can either build an attached or detached garage, but the area that it’s going to be placed and how it’s going to be built needs to go through inspection. 

Most areas require this as they need to pass inspection in order to acquire a building permit to proceed construction.

Regulations for the Fence

The restrictions regarding how a fence is built will depend on how high the homeowner is planning to make it. If it’s just below shoulder level then there’s no need for it to pass through any regulations. 

Homeowners will only need to get a permit and pass safety regulations when the fence that they’re creating will go overhead or higher. They also need to present what they’re planning to create before they can proceed to build it.

Building Permit Requirements

Each state will have its own restriction regarding how near a garage can be built next to another structure. They will only allow you to have a building permit for creating this structure once you’ve passed the planning and inspection stages.

Some laws will require you to build a garage that’s as far away from the fence as possible. Others will allow you to place it anywhere as long as it passes safety regulations.


In general, the distance that you’re able to build a fence will ultimately depend on your local laws and the safety of building one. 

The government wants you to build a structure that won’t fail no matter what happens in order to avoid any possible issues in the future. 

Safety is key to creating a structure as homeowners don’t want to create something that can ultimately fail in the long run.