How Can I Extend My Wifi To My Detached Garage Tips To Extend Your Internet Coverage

How Can I Extend my Wifi to my Detached Garage? | Tips to Extend Your Internet Coverage

Today, we have an increasing reliance on the use of the internet so it’s important for every part of the house to have an internet connection. The only problem is when the detached garage is too far away that the range of the Wifi isn’t able to reach that portion of your home.

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There are a lot of options to extend the Wifi range of your house so it can reach all the way to your detached garage. 

In this article, we’re going to show you a few tips to extend the reach of your Wifi to help you have coverage in your garage.

Reposition Your Wifi Router

Wifi Router
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If your Wifi connection isn’t evenly distributed throughout your house then it’s a good idea to transfer it somewhere else in your home. Find a location for your router which is able to reach each part of your house, including your garage. 

You’ll only need a bit of effort to do this and it’s only going to cost you a bit of your time. 

Another option is to use an ethernet cable to run it from the main signal to another location. The only problem with this alternative is that it’s going to get messy with all the wires that are running around your house.

Get a new Wifi Router

Upgrade your hardware. If your current Wifi signal is too weak, find a router or modem that’s able to cover a bigger area. 

Do your research and find a new model from a reliable brand and check the reviews if it’s actually trustworthy. It’s a bad idea to get one without checking the quality as you might get one that can have multiple issues.

The usual problem with a few Wifi connections is that they’re old or too weak to cover a wider area. Upgrading to a better one can help reach your Wifi signal all the way to your detached garage.

Investing in a USB Antenna

USB Antenna
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If your detached garage is close to your house then a cheaper solution is to use a strong USB antenna. Installing this to your computer and placing it near the edge of your home which is close to your garage will help extend the range of your connection.

Find a high-quality USB antenna so it’s able to give out a strong reception while also having a wider range. You can also position the antenna in a certain direction in order to maximize the strength of your internet connection.

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Check if Your Wifi is Configured Properly

 Another possibility that your Wifi isn’t able to reach your garage is that the software isn’t configured properly. You can tweak the settings of your internet by changing the wireless frequency and set it with one that’s able to give out a stronger connection. 

You can send a technician to help you out with this as they know more about how to set up the connection of your router. Another option is to hire a professional who knows how to set up your Wifi and put it in optimal conditions.

Use Wifi Extenders to Boost Range

Wifi Extenders
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A Wifi extender does the exact same thing as your Wifi router but the main point of having this is to extend the range of your wifi. All you need to do is plug it into your original router and place it somewhere near to your garage so your internet connection can reach all the way over there.

Make sure to choose one that has good quality as the antennas and processors used will depend on the manufacturer. It’s also a good option to find one with dual radios or dual routers to prevent speed loss.

Create Outdoor Access Points

Access Points
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Outdoor access points enable you to have Wifi to areas outside your house such as your garage, backyard, pool, or garage. The benefits of outdoor access points also lets you have the performance that’s the same as an indoor access point.

If you’re planning on having this method on extending your Wifi then you should be ready to spend a good amount of cash. Outdoor access points are more expensive compared to your usual Wifi router due to how it’s so sturdy and waterproof. This allows you to place it in areas where it’s exposed to various weather conditions.

Using a Home Mesh Network

Home Mesh Network
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Adding a home mesh network is another way to improve the coverage of your Wifi. Although its purpose is generally the same as a Wifi extender, it uses different methods. 

The mesh sends Wifi signals to nodes that are strategically located in your house to expand the range of your network. 

What’s great about using this option is that it isn’t prone to any connection issues and it’s able to send out faster network speeds. Mesh networks have also proven to be more stylish and it has become a popular option for homeowners.

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Connecting the Internet to Your Detached Garage

If you have the budget and the need to get a good amount of internet connection to your detached garage then you should just set up a separate connection. This is a more expensive option compared to what’s on this list but it’s going to be the most effective one.

Having a separate connection to your garage ensures that you have good reception. An independent connection also reduces the number of people who are using the internet in order to prevent lag.


In general, it’s better to have reliable hardware and a configured software so you’re able to increase the range of your Wifi. Equipment will always matter for your setup to let you have a much faster and farther Wifi connection.

If you follow these tips to extend the Wifi to your garage then you’re able to have a good connection inside the area.

Once your connection reaches your garage then you’ll be able to hang around your garage with an added connection.