How Big Does A Two Car Garage Need To Be Average Size For Two Car Garage

How Big Does a Two-Car Garage Need to be? Average Size for Two Car Garage

If you have just recently bought a new car and you only have a garage that fits one then it’s time to renovate. Having a two-car garage is essential for people who need more space to fit their second car and avoid it to be exposed to harsh external conditions.

As it’s important that you should extend your garage that’s large enough to fit both your cars, you need to ask yourself how big you should actually get it. The dimensions will vary on what you want your garage to become and also the car that you’re going to place in it.

Here, we’re going to tell you the proper size of your two-car garage so you can get some proper measurements to fit your car while also allowing you to have extra space.

Size of a Single-Door Garage

Single-Door Garage
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The standard size of a single-door car garage usually has a normal width of 13 ft. It’s only meant to fit a single vehicle and is able to let you move around the place to give you a bit of breathing room.

Though the size of your garage will usually depend on the size of your car as 10 ft or 14 ft garages won’t be able to fit large vehicles.

Common garage sizes that housing developers will usually recommend will be around 12 x 24 ft. and 14 x 28 ft. This is able to accommodate larger size vehicles such as SUVs and Pickup Trucks.

Getting the Measurements of a Two-Door garage

Two-Door garage
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1. Width

The minimum width of a two-door garage is usually around 20 feet though it’s a good idea to make it bigger by making it 24 feet. The average width of a car is about 6.5 feet, so if you have two cars then you should then you’d use up about 13 feet of space.

This leaves you a good amount of free space to move around the garage which allows you to play around.

2. Length

As said before, the size of your garage will definitely depend on the on your car and add a bit of space in it in order to make it more spacious. Another benefit of having this space will allow you to store some of your personal stuff and also several additional vehicles like an ATV or a motorcycle.

If you currently think that your garage is too tight then it’s a good idea to check what you’ve been storing inside it and give it a good cleanup. This helps you find ways to regain the space that’s been overrun from the amount of stuff you’ve been storing inside this area of your house.

3. Height

The average height of any kind of garage is usually around 7 feet but you’re going to have to raise it if you’re planning on placing a bigger car like a van. 

Although your car is going to become a factor in your garage height, you need to know that having a higher garage means that you’ll be able to have extra storage space. 

The advantage of having a two-car garage is that it’s going to give you a wider ceiling storage space. You’re able to have the ability to turn your garage into something else than a storage for your car.

Factors Affecting the Size of the Garage

There are several factors that are going to affect the size of your garage. The first thing you need to do is that your car should be able to fit your car. While the other is to make sure that you’re able to have enough space to roam around the room.

1. Car Size

The size of your garage and garage door will ultimately depend on the size of your car. You need to have a garage that’s able to fit the car that you currently have while also having a bit of room space to let you move around.

You need to check the type of car you;re planning to place in your garage and check it’s measurements. Make sure your measurements aren’t lacking as you don’t want to have a difficult time fitting your car into your garage.

2. Car Clearance

In order to avoid damaging your car and your garage door, you need to have a bit of clearance. This gives you a bit of breathing space to park your car without worrying a lot about hitting the corner of the garage door.

The average car clearance that most garage owners have is 2 ½ ft which is a good enough space to make it easy to park. 

How Big Do You want your Garage to be

After knowing the sizes and the dimensions necessary to make space for your car, you should also know what you want in your garage. It’s necessary that you know what you’re going to use in your garage aside from using it as storage for your car. 

If you’re planning on turning your garage as a storage area for your belongings or a workshop that’s filled with power tools, then you should create a larger sized garage. 

Find out what you actually want and make a few adjustments to the measurements of your garage to make it possible for you to fit your plans on it.


Generally, the size that you need for your 2-car garage will depend on the size of the car that you’re using. You also need to have a good amount of space left on all dimensions to make it comfortable and easy for you to park your car. 

Make sure to take into account the door clearance and how wide your car is going to get so you won’t have an extra allowance when you’re not parked properly.

Having extra space in your garage also lets you have the ability to place other items and use your garage as a storage room.

You can create vertical and ceiling storage to make your garage look cleaner and become more spacious.