Building Shelf Garage

Building Shelf Garage

Building shelves above your garage door is easy. However, you need to consider the size of the garage door itself and space it’s going to take.

If you love to stretch your budget a little more, you can add some extra bells and whistles as you see fit. This can be a fresh coat of paint, a light source above it, or whatever you prefer.

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The versatility of a garage makes it a worthy addition to your home. That’s why almost all homes in the U.S (and probably other parts in the world) have a garage.

You can customize a garage in so many ways. You can either build a gym on it, use it as your workspace, make it as your relaxation haven, and a whole lot more.

One worthy addition is installing an overhead shelf above the garage door. A garage is considered as a storage space.

And there’s nothing better than to add shelves on it (especially above the door) for maximum storage. So if you are part of the crowd that is looking for a guide to building overhead garage door shelves, then you have come to the right place.

Benefits of Having an Overhead Garage Door Shelf

But before we begin with the tutorial, these benefits below will help convince you to build one. 

1. Less Cluttered Garage

Having shelves above the garage door helps you organize your things efficiently. This means less clutter and more room for your garage. This is ideal for people who love to modify their garage into a mini-gym, unwinding haven, a practice space for golfing, or anything else. 

2. More Room For Everything

Running out of space? An overhead garage door shelf can help you with that. Now you don’t have to worry about where to put those extra tools for your workshop area. Just put them on the shelf at the top of your garage door and then you’re done! 

3. Increases Garage Value

Years from now, there’s a high chance that you will move into a new home. Potential home buyers will explore every nook and corner of your home including the garage. Aside from the usual garage table, a shelf above the garage door will make it more appealing to these buyers.

It’s Time to Build

Now that you know the benefits of an ‘over the shelf garage’, it’s now time to build it. Follow these steps below. 

Building Shelf Garage
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1. Consider The Materials

There are different types of materials you can use for the shelves. We have wood, metal, aluminum, or even steel for maximum durability. However, wood is the preferred material that is recommended by many. Building wooden shelves are safer and easier to modify without the extra hassle. 

But it all boils down to the type of wood you are going to opt for. There are a plethora of wood choices in the market today. So do your research and pick one that suits just right above the garage door. Ideally, it’s best to opt for one that is easy to hammer on to the garage ceiling. 

2. Measurement Matters

You aren’t going anywhere if you don’t do the measurements. So make sure to measure how much space it will take above your garage door.

A good rule of thumb is to measure while the garage door is opened. This gives you an idea about the space of the shelf without it colliding on the garage door. 

Make sure that there is plenty of space for the garage door to slide up when being opened. Do keep in mind that most garage doors have a sliding mechanism that can be operated manually or via a remote.

So ensure that there is enough space not only for the shelf but also for the garage door as well.

3. Let the Building Begin

Now that we are done with the material selection and measurements, it’s time to build the shelf. Doing so is pretty easy. But you can also ask a professional to help you out. However, doing so costs money so you better off building it on your own. 

During the building process, nail the beams first on the ceiling. They act as the ‘legs’ that add support to your overhead shelf.

Think of it as an upside-down table where you have to nail the legs to make it stay put. Next, proceed with the corner connectors, which connect to the wall where the door is located. Make sure to nail them shut so it doesn’t make your shelf wobbly. 

Lastly, put the body of the shelf where you will put the items, and then you’re done! You may have noticed that it’s like building an upside-down table, but only trickier. Just ensure to follow safety precautions to avoid getting yourself into trouble during the building phase.

4. The Extra Bells And Whistles (Optional)

If you want to spruce up your shelf, you can add a few additions to it. Give it a fresh coat of paint, but make sure that it complements the color of your garage to make it don’t look out of place. You can also add dedicated lighting into it to make it even more attractive.

Doing so helps to find items on your shelf much easier during nighttime. Add an extra layer of security by putting glass on the shelf walls to protect it from dust or rodents. Though keep in mind that these extra additionals will add to the cost that may be outside your budget.

An Overhead Shelf Is Just What You Need

Building an overhead shelf above the garage door is pretty simple just by picking the right materials and doing the exact measurements.

Building Shelf Garage
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It is your trusty companion when space becomes an issue in your garage. What’s best is you can also build one on the cheap if you are on a budget.

So what are you waiting for? Time to start building an overhead garage door shelf today.