Best Smoke Carbon Monoxide Detectors For Garage

10 Best Smoke Carbon Monoxide Detectors for Garage: Safety First!

Installing and maintaining a carbon monoxide detector in your garage can save your life. Unlike other gadgets, they are inexpensive and easy to install. While some cost $20 dollars, others cost as little as 10 dollars. If you want to ensure you are safe and your garage is well protected, investing in a smoke and carbon monoxide detector is a wise decision.

10 Best-Selling Smoke Carbon Monoxide Detectors for Garage

With several of them in the market, you can always choose one for your needs. But first here is a review of some of the best smoke carbon monoxide detectors for the garage.

Reviews of 10 Top Rated Smoke Carbon Monoxide Detectors for Garage

1. First Alert BRK 3120B

First Alert BRK 3120B ( Backup, Dual Sensing Smoke Alarm, 1-Pack)
Product Highlights:
  • hardwired alarm includes battery backup for power outages
  • photoelectric and ionization sensors provide comprehensive fire detection
  • a single button makes alarm easy to test monthly or silence during a false alarm. temperature range: 40°f (4°c) to 100°f (38°c)
  • two latching features help indicate a low battery or the originating alarm in a system
  • optipath 360 patented technology provides 360 degrees of access to the smoke alarm. emits t3 pattern

While smoke alarms come with a lot of features, everything boils down to one job- detecting smoke. Equipped with both photoelectric and ionization sensors, the First Alert BRK 3120B unit is really good at its job. Its dual sensor technology will detect smoke from both flaming and smoldering fires. It also has OptiPath 360 panted technology to allow smoke to get in from all sides.

While it may not be the cutest device out there, it comes with some nice features including interconnectivity and a 10-year warranty. If you are just setting up your garage, this is the right smoke carbon dioxide detector for you.

2. Kidde i12060

As one of the best smoke carbon dioxide detectors out there, Kidde i12060 will not disappoint you. As compared to other smoke detectors, this one costs a lot less but works just fine. It’s a hardwired ionization smoke carbon dioxide detector that has all the main features.

Some of its features include a low battery alarm, a silence button, and an easy-to-access battery. You can also interconnect it to up to 24 devices. While it may not be the smartest or sleekest to buy, it works well for basic smoke and carbon dioxide detection.

3. One Link Smoke Detector

Onelink Smoke Detector And ( Battery Powered| First Alert)
Product Highlights:
  • smoke plus co detection 2-in-1 smart smoke and carbon monoxide alarm alerts you to both types of danger in your home, with a photoelectric smoke sensor and electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor
  • mobile plus voice alerts alarm sends emergency notifications, via your phone, while voice alerts tell you the type and location of danger
  • a home safety network plus alexa interconnects with other online devices (sold separately) to create a smart home safety network, so if one alarm sounds, all will; works with amazon alexa so you can ask alexa to check the status of your onelink alarm (alexa device sold separately)
  • easy battery changes easy-access battery door, for simple battery changes; replaceable 5-year battery
  • compatibility compatible with apple homekit; can be used on both apple and android devices

Coming with electrochemical and photoelectric smoke detectors, One Link Smoke Detector is one of the best gadgets for catching carbon monoxide. Apart from keeping you safe in the garage, it’s fitted with a built-in Alexa Assistant. You can speak to it, play music, get the weather, and set timers.

 The best part is that you can install it anywhere. Just like other detectors, once it connects to your Wi-Fi it will send alerts to you through an app. In case something goes wrong, you’ll know.

4. Kidde KN-COSM-IBA Smoke Alarm

Kidde Smoke Carbon ( Alarm With Battery Backup, Voice Alert)
Product Highlights:
  • fire & co detector in 1 unit with alert modes, led lights, & voice alarm, that states, "fire! fire!", "warning! carbon monoxide!", or "low battery!"
  • ionization sensing technology - hardwired smoke detector detects invisible fire particles, 85 decibel alarm alerts of fire
  • protects during a power failure - combo smoke and co detector operates on a 120vac power source with 2-aa battery backup
  • test-hush feature - silences the unit for approximately 9 minutes; tamper-resistant technology deters removal of the unit from the wall or ceiling
  • ul certified, 10-year limited warranty

As compared to other alarms, Kidde Smoke Alarm is a fairly basic smoke carbon monoxide detector. However, even for a basic detector, it has some of the best features. Apart from detecting smoke and fire, it alerts you anytime there is some threat. If you have people with hearing impairments this can be a great plus.

With its backup battery to keep it running, it’s worth its price. Unlike others, it can withstand up to 95% of humidity. This means you won’t get any false alarms caused by the shower or humid weather.

5. X-Sense Two in One Smoke Carbon Monoxide Detector

XSense 2in1 Smoke And ( Compliant With UL 217 & UL 2034 Standards, SC06)
Product Highlights:
  • combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarm: one alarm to protect against 2 deadly threats, including smoke and carbon monoxide; accurately detects carbon monoxide from any potential source
  • 10-year battery-operated smoke and co alarm: a sealed lithium battery enables the unit to keep you and your family safe and sound for up to a decade with no need to replace batteries frequently; a low battery warning lets you know the unit is coming to its end of life
  • faster response to dangers with loud 85 db alarm: upgraded photoelectric and electrochemical sensors significantly increase the sensitivity of the alarm for a faster response time while minimizing false alarms
  • simple installation & operation: this battery-operated unit can be installed quickly and effortlessly without an electrician; one-button operation allows you to test and silence the alarm with ease
  • premium quality: made from a premium pc material, ensuring exceptional quality and protection; approved by the etl and meets the ul 217 and ul 2034 safety standards;comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, a 5-year warranty, and lifetime customer support

X-Sense smoke carbon monoxide detector for the garage uses dual sensors to detect different kinds of fires so it can minimize any false alarms. Featuring a battery backup, it’s hardwired hence you don’t have to worry about power failure.

With this detector, you’ll say goodbye to any shrieking alarms while cooking or using hot shower. Featuring photoelectric sensors, it’s sensitive enough to differentiate between threats and every day’s activities.

6. Nest Protect Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detector

Google Nest Protect ( Battery Operated , White - S3000BWES)
Product Highlights:
  • smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector that speaks up in a friendly voice to give you an early warning when there's smoke or co in your home
  • split spectrum sensor looks for both fast burning and smoldering, and tells you where the danger is
  • get phone alerts so you know something's wrong even when you're away from home[1]
  • co detector looks out for carbon monoxide and tells you where it's located
  • with app silence you can silence the smoke alarm with your phone in the nest app when there's only a little smoke

Designed to be easy to use, Nest Protect Carbon Monoxide and Smoke detector is a unit that won’t disappoint. Fitted with easy-to-read lights and an automatic mobile Nest Protect App, this detector will ensure your garage is safe when you are away. With its shinning multicolored ring, it will shine when it detects carbon monoxide.

Besides this, it connects to the nest thermostat. This way, it will automatically disable the furnace if it detects carbon monoxide. Designed in the US, it speaks up in a friendly voice to give you an early warning when there is smoke in the garage.

7. X-sense Combination Smoke and Co Detector

XSense 10Year Battery Smoke ( Alarm, Auto-Check, SC01, Pack Of 1)
Product Highlights:
  • 10-year battery smoke and co detector: provides 10 years of continuous power with a built-in lithium battery; saves you from battery replacement
  • 2-in-1 protection: the smoke and carbon monoxide detector is equipped with both photoelectric smoke sensor and electrochemical co sensor that both detect smoke and dangerous co levels
  • practical lcd display: clearly indicates real-time carbon monoxide (co) concentration in the surrounding air, as well as the remaining battery life and working status of the alarm; if a co concentration of 30-999 ppm exists for a certain time period, the screen will be backlit blue, and the led indicator will flash red 4 times every 5.8 seconds
  • simple installation: requires no rewiring; easy to mount this fire and co alarm on any wall or ceiling with the included mounting bracket, screws and anchor plugs
  • premium quality: made from a premium pc material, ensuring exceptional quality and protection; approved by the etl and meets the ul 217 and ul 2034 safety standards

Coming with a built-in electrochemical and photoelectric sensor, X-sense Combination Smoke and Co Detector is one of the best sensors for catching smoldering fires at home. With a battery that can last up to 5 years, it’s been tested to meet all the UL standards. Unlike others, it detects both smoke and carbon dioxide levels.

 With different alarm patterns, it will tell whether it’s smoke or carbon dioxide. Sensitive and highly accurate, it has a combination of electrochemical CO sensors and photoelectric smoke that will work independently with each other.

8. First Alert OLCOMBOVFF SCO500B Wireless Smoke Detector

First Alert SCO500B Wireless ( Combo Alarm With Voice And Location)
Product Highlights:
  • battery operated smoke and carbon monoxide alarm can be installed easily
  • wireless interconnect uses radio frequency communication to connect the alarms, without any electrical wiring needed.
  • connects multiple alarms together for wireless safety network (not z-wave compatible)
  • when your alarms are interconnected, they communicate with each other, forming an integrated system of protection for your home
  • when one alarm sounds, all alarms will sound

Simple and battery-operated, you can install a First Alert smoke detector anywhere in the garage. To connect to the alarms, it uses battery frequency. This means you don’t require any wiring to install it. For wireless safety networks, it connects different alarms together.

Once its alarms have been connected they communicate with each other to form an integrated system of protection for your garage. When one alarm sounds all the others sound as well. Plus, with its voice sound, you’ll get a clear indication of where there is danger.

9. Nighthawk Plug-in Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Kidde Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide ( Battery Backup, Digital Display)
Product Highlights:
  • protects during a power failure - carbon monoxide alarm contains a 9v battery backup in case of plug-in failure. temperature range-40˚f (4.4˚c) to 100˚f (37.8˚c)
  • easy installation - plug can be installed in any outlet of your home; or use the attached extension cord to place on a table or shelf
  • peace of mind - when co detection is normal, a red dot appears in the lower right corner & blinks; includes a test button
  • electrochemical sensing technology - co alarm detects the presence of carbon monoxide gas, 85 decibel alarm & memory storage
  • ul certified, 10-year limited warranty

Nighthawk Plug-in Carbon Monoxide Alarm simple and easy-to-install carbon monoxide uses a digital display to clearly display the latest levels of smoke and carbon dioxide in your home. Powered by plugging it into the wall, you can either mount it or extend it using a 60foot cord. To continue working during power outages, it has a backup battery.

To easily read level changes it digitally displays carbon monoxide levels. In addition, it uses LED blinking to ensure its working well. Overall, it’s one of the best smoke carbon monoxide detectors for garage.

10. Carbon Monoxide Alarm Detector with Digital Display

Carbon Monoxide Alarm is a highly sensitive and quick response carbon dioxide alarm detector for the garage. Simple but highly reliable, it uses an intelligent MCU and electrochemical CO sensor to detect if there is any carbon monoxide leak. With its RED flashes and loud alarms, you’ll always be alerted within no time.

As compared to others, it’s fitted with digital LCD screen that displays battery status and CO concentration. Its three LED indicators will show three working statuses. Apart from the garage, you can use it in bathroom, bedroom and even hotel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many smoke carbon monoxide detectors for garage should I have?

You should have at least one smoke detector per room or floor or your garage.

How often should I test my smoke carbon monoxide detectors for garage?

For effective results, you need to test them at least once a month. This will not only prevent false alarms but also make you ready for any emergency

Are smart smoke carbon monoxide detectors better?

While there are advantages and disadvantages to smart smoke detectors, all this depends on your budget and preference.

Are 10-year smoke carbon monoxide detectors better?

Since smoke alarms have a limited lifespan, they should always be replaced after 10 years.


There you have it- the best smoke carbon dioxide detectors for the garage. Since you’ve invested a lot in your garage, getting the right smoke carbon monoxide detector is very important. If you are looking for one, know the size of your garage. It’s also important to know what you are looking for. This way you’ll end up with the best.