Best Rubber Mats For Garage

5 Best Rubber Mats for Garage

Rubber mats are quite handy to have around in the garage. If you work on your car a lot, then having rubber mats installed is a good way to keep oil spills from staining your garage floor

5 Best-Selling Rubber Mats for Garage

Furthermore, if you have several heavy pieces of equipment lying around your garage, it would be wise to have rubber flooring rather than cement or tiles.

Bottom line is, regardless of what you do in your garage, would it be a home gym or workshop materials, it is always a good thing to have rubber mats around for added safety and to keep your floor safe.

Stick around, as we are going to explore the best rubber mats that you can use for your garage which we can easily purchase on Amazon.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Rubber Mats for Garage

1. CLIMATEX Floor Mats

CLIMATEX IndoorOutdoor Rubber Runner ( X 10', Black (9A-110-27C-10))
Product Highlights:
  • rubber runner mat: diagonal texture traps mud, water, sand, and dirt to keep floors mess-free and prevent slippery surfaces – made to withstand frequent use and weather conditions without deteriorating
  • includes: one heavy-duty, commercial grade 27 inch x 10 foot black rubber runner mat - water repellent and made with a proprietary blend of recycled materials
  • indoor use: for use in both residential and commercial environments – perfect for breezeways, garages, workshops, manufacturing facilities, indoor playgrounds, and fitness facilities
  • outdoor use: protect your deck and patio from splatters while grilling, keep sand and dirt outside, and provide traction for wet surfaces on boat docks, tail-gaiting, and camping
  • easy to clean: with no additional backing or fabric liners, simply wash with soap and water – cleaning with hose is recommended

CLIMATEX Floor Mats commercial-grade heavy-duty rubber mat is perfect for your garage workshop. It has diagonal textures on the surface that traps dirt in place while keeping the rest of your garage floor clean. 

This mat is highly durable and is engineered to withstand frequent abuse. It is also weatherproof so you can use this outdoors as well. This mat is also designed to provide maximum anti-slip protection which is important in any workspace. 

This mat comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 27 inches by 6 feet to 27 inches by 20 feet. 

2. Rubber-Cal Rubber Flooring Mats

RubberCal DiamondPlate Rubber Flooring ( X 1.5 Ft Rolls - Black)
Product Highlights:
  • "diamond-plate" rubber protector mats will protect floors or industrial equipment
  • this classically designed rubber matting is made from high quality synthetic rubber products
  • sold in 8 lengths, these rubber floor mats are an ideal outdoor floor covering for slippery walkways
  • "diamond-plate" rubber runners can be installed quick and easy with double-sided adhesive tape
  • suggested uses : treadmill mats, non-slip mats, gym mats, van floor mats, or utility mats

Rubber-Cal Rubber Flooring Mats synthetic rubber mats which are fondly referred to as Diamond Plates are the ultimate when it comes to rubber protection. It is specifically engineered to withstand daily abuse from industrial equipment making it the perfect choice for your garage. 

This can be quickly installed on your garage floor. It can be set in place through adhesives or you can always just roll it out when needed. 

This set comes in several sizes and is a good choice to function as anti-slip mats for your gym equipment, garage tools, or as a cover for your parking floor area. 

3. BalanceFrom Rubber Puzzle Mats

BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat ( 96 Square Feet (24 Pieces Tiles))
Product Highlights:
  • with double-sided high density eva foam non-slip surfaces, the 3/4'' thick premium mat comfortably cushions spine, hips, knees and elbows on hard floors
  • each tile dimension: 24” w x 24” l, thickness – ¾”, tiles quantity – 24, end borders quantity – 48, & coverage area – 96 square feet
  • exceptional resilience allow you to keep your balance during any exercise style. moisture resistant technology makes the mat to be easily washed with soap and water

This BalanceFrom Rubber Puzzle Mats comes in various thicknesses depending on what you are going to use them for. It is weatherproof and non-slip. 

You can use this type of mat for various activities. From using it as flooring for all your garage equipment to using it as an exercise mat. Each set contains 24 pieces of puzzle mats that measure 24 x 24 inches each. 

It is lightweight, and its interlocking mechanism makes it very easy to assemble. 

4. Rubber-Cal Corrugated Floor Mats

RubberCal 03167WFR15 Fine Rib ( Mats, 3ft X 15ft Runners, Black)
Product Highlights:
  • 1/8-inch by 36-inch wide runner mats are sold in various lengths to fit any space
  • ultra durable corrugated rubber surface scrapes, cleans, and contains debris and dirt
  • fine-ribbed rubber matting is an excellent choice for indoor entryways to protect carpet or wood floors
  • this water resistant floor adds for traction and safety in aisle-ways, outdoor paths, or as an extra long doormat
  • lightweight no slip mats aid in mobility and easy storage for seasonal or event use

Rubber-Cal Corrugated Floor Mats corrugated mat comes in various sizes ranging from 3 x 1 ft to 3 x 15 ft. It is weatherproof, non-slip, and can easily be kept if needed. 

What makes this special is its surface pattern. It is designed to keep dirt in place and to make water flow in one direction in the event of spills. What’s good about this mat is that you can use it together with other Rubber-Cal products to maximize its effectiveness. 

5. Performance Tool Rubber Mat

Performance Tool W88981 AntiFatigue ( (30 Square Feet) Grey)
Product Highlights:
  • surface protection: foam material protects your floors in an office, shop, kitchen, and more from damage
  • convenient: padding is lightweight and easy to clean
  • personalize: cut to fit any size or shape; ideal for any kind of floor space; variety of other uses such as cosplay
  • noise rediction: shock absorbent material that will reduce noise and vibration

Performance Tool Rubber Mat is the ultimate tool for surface protection. When you are looking for a large mat that you can just unroll onto the surface of your garage, then this is the perfect product for you. 

One roll is enough to cover around 30 square feet. No added installation process is required. You just need to simply unroll it on the floor. 

It is highly durable but lightweight and easy to clean. Just wash the surface with soap and water and you are set. 

It is very easy to personalize as well so that you can custom fit it on your garage’s surface. 

Buying Guide

1. Why Do We Use Rubber Mats?

You are probably wondering as to why many people opt to have rubber floorings on their garage floor. Well, for many and especially for men, the garage is the extension of their private space thus many spend a lot of their time there. 

Many people do a variety of things inside their garage, an extension office, a workout space, a home theater, or a garage workshop for hobbies or your cars. All these activities have one thing in common, they all involve a few heavy tools and equipment.

Unlike the other floorings in our house, we rarely give too much attention as to how the garage flooring is constructed. Many people do not even bother installing tiles on the garage floor. But regardless, installing rubber mats is one way to keep everything in place as well as to protect the floor from all our equipment. 

2. Material

Rubber mats come in various shapes and sizes but regardless of their make, the quality that we are looking for is durability. Mats tend to take a lot of abuse daily and we do not want to swap mats if they easily wear out. 

Mats can either be made from synthetic rubber or EVA foam. Either of the two materials is good and durable. 

3. Size and Space

Before you order the mats of your choice, always make sure that you have planned the installation. The first thing you should do is to measure your floor space. This way, you would be able to know how much rubber matting you would need to order online. 

4. Ease of Installation

Rubber mats should also be easy to install and hassle-free.  You can always opt to purchase interlocking puzzle mats or the ones that come in rolls which you can tape in place with a double-sided adhesive. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are garage mats worth it?

Yes, apart from the safety benefits that come with garage mats, it also protects your garage floor from any kind of containment. 

How do you make your mats stick on the garage floor?

Non-slip mats are a good choice but if you feel the need to keep it in place, you can use double-sided tapes under your rubber mat. 

What is the best garage floor mat?

Any mat that is made out of EVA or synthetic rubber is good for garage floor use. 

What is the best way to cover a garage floor?

The best way to cover your garage floor is through the use of rubber mats. 

What can we use to cover the floor from tire marks?

Rubber mats will provide an additional layer of traction as well as a tool to protect your garage floor.