Best Porcelain Tiles For Garage

5 Best Porcelain Tiles for Garage

Garage tiling could be a bit tricky since basically, your main priority is not the aesthetics of your garage. Many aspects need to be considered when you are choosing the right tiles for your garage.

5 Best-Selling Porcelain Tiles for Garage

For one, it must be of good quality to handle the variety of activities that normally goes on inside your garage.

These tiles should be strong enough to handle the weight of your car, and should not deteriorate when exposed to different hazardous chemicals and other tools and items that are in the garage. That is why when it comes to garage tiles, porcelain is the right choice. 

Porcelain is a very strong material, that is why it is perfect for your garage. With this, we will be looking at the best porcelain tiles that you can purchase on Amazon. 

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Porcelain Tiles for Garage

1. SomerTile Garage Floor Tile

SomerTile FNU14SBB Simbols Blau ( X 14.13" X 0.42", Blue, 8 Case)
Product Highlights:
  • first-quality porcelain tile for floor and wall use
  • glazed slightly textured finish with a low sheen and slight variation in tone
  • p. e. i. rating ii is suitable for all interior walls and light foot traffic such as powder rooms
  • c. o. f. greater than 50 is recommended for standard residential applications and is marginally skid resistant
  • indoor/outdoor.all ceramic / porcelain and natural stone tile within coordinating series may be produced at different times which can cause variation in dye lot (color) and caliber (size) which is authentic to tile

Shy away from the traditional with SomerTile Garage Floor Tile. Its white tiles and get this glazed texture blue porcelain tile for your garage. This tile is recommended for all residential applications both for indoor and outdoor. 

What is good about this tile is that it is skid resistant. This feature comes in handy when you are fond of working in your garage. 

2. Gayafores Porcelain Tile

Gayafores 2011283 Sahara Glazed ( In. X 12 In, Grey, 6 Piece)
Product Highlights:
  • premium quality glazed porcelain tile. sahara grey glazed porcelain floor and wall tiles are waterproof, scratch resistant, and deliver maximum durability. these tiles exceed all national and international standards and are a great solution for moderate traffic in residential and commercial areas.
  • stylish, contemporary, and highly functional. these mosaics feature a smooth texture, visually appealing variations in tone, and a hint of movement inspired in the natural flow of the sand in the desert, to create a look that is agile and visually appealing. their matte finish and low gloss efficiently conceal dirt, grime, dust, and even dried water droplets, making them a preferred choice of designers and contractors.
  • for installation on floors and walls. manufactured for exceptional durability, these 12 x 12 mosaics are remarkably versatile, and ideal for countertop use. they offer optimum resistance to stains and scratches, making them ideal for walls and backsplashes in commercial settings like restaurants and cafes, or a beautiful kitchen at home.
  • great solution for heavy duty use in residential and commercial areas. p.e.i. rating iv suitable for heavy-duty use in residential and commercial area. each box of tiles contains 6 tiles to cover approximately 6 sq. ft.
  • easy to clean and maintain. these tiles retain their distinctive qualities with regular wiping, sweeping and damp cleaning.

If you want a balance of style and durability then this Gayafores Porcelain Tile is for you. This tile is stylishly designed, scratch-resistant, waterproof, and is very durable. 

This product exceeds all international standards and is highly recommended for industrial use. Its low gloss and matte finish are perfect for your garage as they can easily conceal grime and dirt from all your garage work. 

This tile is easy to maintain as well and can be cleaned through wiping and regular damp cleaning. 

3. Dilfart Porcelain Floor And Wall Tile

If you are looking for something strong, sturdy, and that can withstand very humid conditions, then this Dilfart Porcelain Floor And Wall Tile is perfect for you. It is waterproof, and oil proof and can be cleaned easily making it perfect for your garage. 

Its design is simple yet elegant and its white non-glossy color will somehow make your garage look brighter. It measures 4 x 12 x 0.3 inches and comes in 18 pieces per box. It is smaller than your usual 12 x 12-inch tiles making it sturdier. 

You can use these tiles for your walls as well and for other household use. 

4. SomerTile Hex Porcelain Tile

SomerTile Black FCD10BTX Abrique ( Wall Tile, 8.625" X 9.875")
Product Highlights:
  • first-quality porcelain tile for floor and wall use
  • glazed, slightly textured finish with a low sheen and uniform appearance in tone
  • p. e. i. rating iii is suitable for medium-duty residential floors including kitchens, halls, corridors, balconies, terraces and areas used more often with normal footwear and small amounts of dirt
  • c. o. f. greater than 50 is recommended for standard residential applications and is marginally skid resistant
  • indoor/outdoor

If you want your floor to look classy then these hexagonal tiles from SomerTile are perfect for your garage. It has a glazed and texture finish but is uniform when it comes to tone. 

This tile is recommended for general household use including your garage floor and walls. It is waterproof, sturdy, and can be used both indoors and outdoor. This tile measures 8.6 x 9.9 inches. 

5. SomerTile Arte Grey Porcelain Tile

When it comes to stylish tiles that can be used for your garage, SomerTile has some of the best designs for you. It is made from high-quality porcelain which is fit for general house use including your garage. 

This tile is also skid resistant and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is scratch-resistant, waterproof, and oil proof making it very easy to maintain and clean. 

You can choose various designs for this 12 x 12-inch tile on the SomerTile page, 

Buying Guide

1. Purpose

The purpose of this guide is to present to you why porcelain is the right choice for garage use. There are many types of tiles out on the market that is being marketed as the type that can be used for heavy-duty tasks. 

Just be wary of making the right choice. Once you have it installed in your garage and eventually, you will find out that it is not that durable, replacing the whole floor would be very costly. 

It is only feasible that you do it right the first time. Another reason is we would want something that would last a lifetime. This quality is something that only porcelain can achieve. 

2. Why Porcelain Is Perfect For Your Garage Floor?

When it comes to garage flooring, what we would opt for is longevity – which means it would be already permanent and preferably would last a lifetime. Flooring projects aren’t cheap, that is why everything should be planned carefully. 

Porcelain is the permanent solution to your garage flooring ordeal, simply because it has all the right qualities that are needed for your garage. Porcelain tiles are also highly recommended for commercial and industrial use. 

When it comes to high-traffic flooring like in malls and subways, builders always prefer porcelain because it is sturdy, low maintenance, and can easily be replaced. 

3. Porcelain Is Very Sturdy

Technically, porcelain is stronger than granite, or any other stone for that matter. If you look at it, a porcelain tile may seem very thin and you can easily snap it, but it is not. It is engineered to be very dense making it resistant to cracking and chipping. 

These tiles are also rigid. Even if you drop heavy equipment on them, they will not crack nor chip. It would take a great deal to damage a porcelain tile. 

4. Build Quality

Porcelain is non-porous and as previously discussed it is stronger than stone. Due to its non-porous quality, nothing can penetrate its surface making it resistant to water, oil, and other staining agents. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is porcelain tile good for the garage floor?

Yes, it is. Porcelain is the perfect choice for heavy-duty and high-traffic use. 

What is the best grade of porcelain tiles?

When it comes to heavy-duty use, porcelain should be grade 4 and above. 

Can porcelain tiles be installed over concrete?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to install porcelain tiles over concrete as long as all requirements for installation are met. 

Will porcelain crack in cold?

Since porcelain is resistant to water and any type of weather in general, it will not crack in cold. 

What is the hardest grade of porcelain tiles?

The hardest grade for porcelain is level 5. 


As discussed in the guide, we have proved that porcelain is the best choice for your garage flooring project, you can now choose the type of porcelain tile from the choices that we have provided.