Best Pool Table Felt For Garage

5 Best Pool Table Felt for Garage

Getting the right felt for your garage pool table is one way to guarantee a better playing experience. This is because the surface of the pool table influences the accuracy and speed of the balls. 

5 Best-Selling Pool Table Felt for Garage

Having the right kind of material also means that it will last a long time without the fear of wrinkling and premature shedding. With this said, it pretty much sums up the entire quality of the game.

So if you are looking for a replacement or are planning to set a table up in your garage, you don’t have to look further since you can get this item on Amazon. We encourage you to stick around as well since we will be looking at the best table felts that you can purchase online as well as discuss the specifications that make up a good quality felt.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Pool Table Felt for Garage

1. Accuplay Pool Table Felt

Accuplay 19 Oz Pool ( For An 8 Foot Table Gray)
Product Highlights:
  • we now have 19 oz in precut all sizes and colors in stock enter b09v21pg55 into amazon search for the listing
  • accuplay 19 oz meduim / fast speed pool table felt - made of 75% wool, 25% polyamide
  • size of the piece is 66" x 114" enough for table and rails for an 8' table
  • made in mexico - color gray

The Accuplay pool table felt is medium size with a volume of 19 oz. It is specified as a fast-rolling table felt. 

The material is made out of 25% polyamide and 75% pure wool. This table felt set measures 66 x 88 inches and is enough for 7-foot tables including the rails. 

There are also a wide variety of colors you can choose from. 

2. Iszy Billiards Store Pool Table Felt

21 Ounce Pool Table ( (for 8 Foot Table, Standard Green))
Product Highlights:
  • 21 ounce pool table billiard cloth - made of 80% wool, 20% nylon
  • size of felt is 108" x 61" for 7' table enough for table and rails
  • size of felt is 120" x 61" for 8' table enough for table and rails
  • size of felt is 144" x 61" for 9' table enough for table and rails
  • standard green

If you want the best pool table felt of the standard color variation, then this product from Iszy may be the one for you. It is a 21-ounce pool table felt that measures 108 x 61 inches. It is perfect for 7-foot pool tables with enough to spare for the rails. 

It comes in the standard color of green and is made out of 80% pure wool, and 20% nylon. Due to its canvass construction, it is very durable and is guaranteed to last a very long time. 

3. CALIDAKA Pool Table Felt

CALIDAKA Billiard Cloth Pool ( For 7/8/9 Foot Indoor Billiard Pool)
Product Highlights:
  • application: great for holding up in a variety of environments, ​used by many residential customers, bars, clubs, hotels and more.
  • no pilling and won't change color after hitting, which provide better place for playing, for better sports game performance.
  • billiards pool table cloth great for meeting a variety of environments where bars, clubs, hotels and more are hip.
  • billiards pool table cloth can be cut for exact usage, durable in use. designed for indoor billiard pool.
  • package includes: 1 pcs x table cloth + 6 pcs x bottom cloth(total 1 m in length); or 1 pcs x table cloth.

This cloth is great for a variety of uses and it is also perfect to use as a cover for your pool table. It is made from the finest materials and it guarantees that there will not be any pilling nor change in color after every hit. 

This pool table felt comes in a lavish red color, which is widely used in casinos, bars, clubs, and other entertainment establishments. If you want to dress up your garage as Vegas, then this is the perfect table felt for you. 

4. Booshen Billiard and Pool Table Felt

Boshen Billiard Cloth Pool ( Pre-Cut Rails, 3 Fabrics For Choice)
Product Highlights:
  • 【green color】-- favorite color for billiard felt, eyes are less prone to fatigue, corner shadows do not easily affect sight
  • 【no cropping required】-- billiard cloth: 100" x 54"(l x w), strip: 54" x 6" (l x w). pre-cut, you don’t need to cut it by yourselves to avoid cutting errors
  • 【single-sided thickened】-- made of 100% nylon, which is thicker than the ordinary single-faced velvet on the market, and can extend the service life
  • 【high performance】-- our billiard felt is durable, no pilling and won't change color after hitting. high performance provide better playability, superior cloth stretching capability and for fast speed ball
  • 【application scene】-- great for holding up in a variety of environments, can be used to bars, clubs, hotels and more.

There’s a reason why green is the standard color for billiard and pool felt, it is because it does not cause fatigue on the player’s eyes as much as other colors do. This billiard table comes pre-cut and it measures 100 x 54 inches. It also comes with 54 x 6-inch strips that you would need for the rails. 

This table felt is made from 100% nylon making it significantly thicker than any other table felt on the market. Due to its nylon construction, it is also very durable and has a longer service life. 

Due to the different environmental conditions in your garage, this product is perfect for you. 

5. Proline Classic 303 Table Felt

PROLINE 7 Purple Classic ( Table Cloth Felt)
Product Highlights:
  • 7 ft
  • pre-cut rails
  • medium speed
  • 21 oz
  • 80% wool / 20% nylon

This table felt comes in the color purple and is made out of 80% wool and 20% nylon. It also comes pre-cut and can perfectly fit 7-footer pool tables. 

This table felt is good for medium speed accuracy, making it also safer for use at home especially when there are kids around. You don’t want to see a billiard ball fly off a table after it is wrongly hit. 

This product is also engineered to be sturdy and guarantees the utmost durability making it perfect for garage use. 

Buying Guide

1. Purpose

There are different materials that you can use as a cover for your pool table. And the purpose of this guide is to give you an idea of why felt is the best choice to be used. 

The purpose of a table felt is not only for aesthetics, it greatly impacts the overall playing experience. There is also a matter of durability because pool table felt do take much of a beating. 

2. Climate and Direct Environment

Planning how to fit your pool table in your garage is a simple feat. But given that you will be playing in your garage, it is also important that you consider the different climate conditions that your pool set will undergo. 

Our garage, especially when it is not insulated, experience extreme temperature conditions. And with this, will also affect our pool table especially the thin layer of felt. 

That is why in choosing the right table felt for your garage, you must consider its material composition and durability. 

3. Playability

One sure-fire way to increase your overall pool experience is to have your pool table covered with good quality felt. Yes, the surface of the table does matter. This is because it greatly affects how the balls behave and therefore affecting their accuracy and speed. 

You do not want to ruin your shot just because your felt is wrinkled. Always look for quality felt that would suit your needs.

4. Material Composition

High-quality material composition ensures that your pool table’s surface goes a long time without shedding, pilling, or wrinkling. Don’t go cheap when you are choosing the surface for your pool table. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the best material for a pool table surface?

A combination of wool and nylon is always the go-to when it comes to quality surfaces. 

How much does pool table refelting cost?

If you do the installation by yourself, you will spend around $150.

Is the pool table felt the same as regular felt?

Regardless of what it is called, it all refers to the same material. But the difference is its material composition. 

Is reflecting hard?

This process is normally done by professionals to avoid wrong installations. In general, the process is a bit complicated. 

What is the fastest pool table felt?

The fastest felt are those that have a material composition of 70% wool and 30% nylon. 


We already know how important a good quality felt is and how durability should be one of the top priorities. Refelting is not a cheap process as you can spend as much as $300 for the whole replacement.